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Astros punishments: suspensions, firings, team gets over, everyone is pissed.

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I’ve been pretty confident the Angels weren’t illegally stealing signs, but here’s a thing if anyone’s interested:   

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5 minutes ago, Second Base said:

The MLB punishment should've been....

- Lifetime ban for the GM. 

- 3 year unpaid ban for the entire dugout staff.

- Loss of first round and second round draft picks for 2020 and 2021.

- Loss of international bonus slots over 10k for 2020 and 2021.

- Loss of video replay booth for two years. 

Plus player suspensions... without that its meaningless IMO.  

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I would have liked to have seen even harsher penalties, but all things considered - I'm glad MLB did SOMETHING. I think the penalties are pretty stiff - maybe not stiff enough for us fans, but still significant.

Kudos to Crane for firing both Hinch and Ludnow. From a PR perspective, he didn't have much choice, but good for him just the same.

Many on here thought MLB would let it go on some level. That certainly didn't happen. 

The Astros legacy has certainly been tainted and you can't put a price on that.

I hope Hinch and Ludnow never work in baseball again. Time will tell.  One would think their careers are forever damaged and might be over, but again - time will tell.


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You know, if you asked me for a perfect scenario before the start of the 2017 world series, this would probably be it.


Astros v Dodgers, they go back and forth throughout, then the dodgers lose in heartbreaking fashion and the Astros are later revealed to have cheated and they get harsh penalties for doing so.



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The Astros' GM, manager, and pissant/asshole quant guy have all been fired since the team appeared in the World Series.  Can you guys just be satisfied for one goddamn time?  With the players union active and strong, they just were not going to be suspending players.

The commissioner made a pretty substantive action here.  And since the PA isn't involved, it isn't going to drag on for 18 months with, eventually, no resolution.  Let's enjoy this.


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