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  • Is Jared Walsh the answer for 1B?

    Could Walsh be the answer for 1B for now and the future? Another reason to sit Albert Pujols and give Walsh regular ABs.

    Angels 1961
    Angels 1961
    LA Angels | MLB Daily 234

    Something is still off...

    The guys look depressed, but something about their game has been off since about 2010...  Something or everything needs to change maybe.   Who? What? Where? is the culprit?

    LA Angels | MLB Daily 55

    Scioscia for GM

    This could be a good way to bring him back to the organization to recreate the Scioscia/Maddon 2002 dynamic in a new way. Also, he looks damn good in a suit.

    LA Angels | MLB Daily 23

    Angels fire Billy Eppler

    LA Angels | MLB Daily 231

    The Kumar Rocker/Jack Leiter/Jaden Hill sweepstakes

    Halfway through the 60 game season, the Pirates are in front, with the Halos and Red Sux tied for 2nd, .5 game back.

    Angel Oracle
    Angel Oracle
    LA Angels | MLB Daily 200

    Jam Jones for 2B in 2021?

    I know it was only a few games, but from what I saw from Jones was pretty impressive.  He looked a lot like Howie Kendrick up there, hitting line drives including one off a Dustin May 99 mph heater yesterday for two hits.  If he's solid defensively there, we all know he's an athlete who can hit, steal some bases and flash some power. I think he should be considered.  Spend all of Arte's available $$$ on starting pitching and relief pitching this offseason. Maybe some bench depth t

    LA Angels | MLB Daily 12
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    • Gameday Thread: Dodgers vs Angels (9/25/2020)
      Gameday Thread: Dodgers vs Angels (9/25/2020)
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    • Optimism:  The math version
      This may not be everyone's cup of tea.  If you don't have interest in more advanced stats, then look away.  This exercise in only meant to provide a little insight into the future and how things might not be what you think or what you see.  Granted, the outcome of each game is always going to be what's most important because wins and losses are what ultimately what determine whether you make the playoffs.  But sometimes, especially in a 60 game season, the outcomes can be severely impacted by a small sample size and what was 'expected' may not actually align with what happened.  

      So with that being said, I give you 'baseruns'.  This has been mentioned in several threads on the board but I thought it might worthy of it's own discussion.  Again, take it for what you think it's worth, but I find it valuable in helping to assess the future.  

      Here is a link to how baseruns work:


      It a nutshell, it's an exercise of what should have happened vs. what we know happened.  

      The current AL WEST standings would be as follows if things went as expected.  

      Oakland 29-25 .539
      Angels 30-26 .528
      Astros 27-28 .490
      Mariners 22-33 .403
      Rangers 20-35 .370

      So the Angels and Oakland would be in a dogfight for the division title going into the last 4 games with Houston having and outside shot.  The Angels have 5 less wins than they should and the A's have four more wins than they should.  

      The Angels should have scored 5.04 runs per games vs. the 4.96 runs per game they did score.  Not a huge difference.  

      They should have allowed 4.75 runs per game and have allowed 5.32.  A big difference and likely related to poor defense as many have mentioned with @Inside Pitch ringing the bell on this very early.  

      So what do I think this means?  

      To me, it means that we are probably better than we all might think.  Still not great or without needed upgrades but we could improve our record more quickly that it might appear.  What it also means to me is that the A's probably aren't as good as their record shows and that the division is truly wide open for next year.  

      We very well could have an opportunity here to open a window of success for the next few years without needing an act of God for it to happen.  

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    • Gameday Thread: Padres vs Angels (9/23/2020)
      Gameday Thread: Padres vs Angels (9/23/2020)
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    • Joel Sherman: Dave Dombroski a name that comes up voluminously with Angels GM job

      Just posting the article that @khouse referenced in another thread
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    • Revising Active Players and the Hall of Fame
      A topic that resurfaces every so often; I felt like revisiting it. As I see it:

      ELIGIBLE (10+ Years)

      Definites (already in, if they packed it in right now): Pujols, Trout, Cabrera, Kershaw, Scherzer, Verlander, Greinke, Cano.

      Maybe-to-Probably (needs to pad stats, or wait a bit for induction): Votto, Molina, Posey, Longoria, Donaldson, Goldschmidt, Stanton, Freeman, Cruz, Altuve, McCutchen, Strasburg.

      Hall of Very Good (no cigar, but good career): Upton, Pedroia, Braun, Gardner, Hamels, Lester, Bumgarner, Wainwright.

      Of the above, the middle category could go either way, depending upon the player. Some of those guys will be voted in years after their five-year eligibility, others never.

      NOT ELIGIBLE (<10 Years)

      Definite (once get to 10 years, barring catastrophe) : Betts.

      Maybe-to-Probably (has a decent or better chance, but too soon/need to see how career goes): Machado, Harper, deGrom, Rendon, Arenado, Lindor, Ramirez, Sale, Bieber, Yelich, and lots of younger guys.

      Mookie is a great player and will make it once he earns eligibility in 2023, when he'll be entering his age 30 season with over 50 WAR. If Trout is Mantle, Betts is DiMaggio - he's that good.

      Probably missing some guys that deserve mention.
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  • AngelsWin.com Interviews Angels Prospect Jose Rojas

    Interview Conducted By David Saltzer, AngelsWin.com Senior Writer Here at AngelsWin.com, we have been wondering what life is like for the Minor Leaguers working out at the Long Beach facility. It’s got to be very difficult for those players, going through the same routines, trying to stay in shape, ready to join the parent club at a moment’s notice, all while facing the same players each and every day. One of our favorite stories in the Long Beach complex is that of Jose Rojas. Having

    AngelsWin.com Today

    AngelsWin.com Interviews William Holmes

    By David Saltzer, AngelsWin.com Senior Writer To say that 2020 has been a strange year is clearly an understatement. Not only has it dramatically disrupted Major League baseball, but it has all but shutdown Minor League baseball. The long-term effect of that will not be known for years. As fans, we know that the Minor Leaguers are our future. Their development is critical to the success of the Angels organization. To find out more about how those players who are not part of the li

    Dave Saltzer
    Dave Saltzer
    AngelsWin.com Today 1

    It's a (new) New Years in July

    I recently came across an internet meme that said "January 1st, 2020: I didn't stay up late that night for all this shit to happen". And the way this year has gone, nothing could be more true. The good news is that we have baseball coming back. And, thinking about the baseball season, every year, near the end of June, the Angels do a weekend promotion called "Christmas in June". By that logic, that makes it New Years in July!. So, mark tonight down: July 24, 2020. I say we stay up late

    Dave Saltzer
    Dave Saltzer
    AngelsWin.com Today

    #28 – July 12, 2019: The Angels Honor Tyler Skaggs with a No-Hitter

    If Hollywood hired a writer to write the perfect script for a baseball movie, it couldn’t have done better than what actually happened at Angel Stadium on Friday, July 12, 2019. To set the stage, the Angels were struggling all season long through July 1st, barely holding onto a .500 record. While on the road in Texas, the Angels awoke to the tragic news that their friend, their teammate, their pitcher, Tyler Skaggs had died of an accidental drug overdose in his hotel room. The Angels a

    Dave Saltzer
    Dave Saltzer
    AngelsWin.com Today

    27 for Number 27: 27 Amazing Trout Stats (#26-27: WAR per 162 games played & Summary)

    By Jonathan Northrop, AngelsWin.com Columnist #26: WAR per 162 games I’m saving my favorite one for the penultimate entry: WAR per 162 games played. This stat, which for some reason isn’t used by any of the statistical sites, measures quality: that is, how good a player is per 162 games played, measured by WAR. The formula is simple: Career WAR divided by 162 games. With the MLB and MLBPA officially put in place a 60-game regular season with the standard 10-team playoff, the Yankees (+

    AngelsWin.com Today

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