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  • AngelsWin Interviews Logan O'Hoppe

    We interviewed Los Angeles Angels top prospect, Logan O'Hoppe when visiting the Trash Pandas (Sept, 2022). We discussed a variety of topics. Logan O'Hoppe finished the 2022 season with an .283/.416/.544 (.960 OPS) slash line, a 159 wRC+, 26 HR, 78 RBI, 70 walks in 104 games.

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  • AngelsWin.com Interviews Rod Carew

    AngelsWin.com interviews Angels legend and Hall of Famer Rod Carew, discussing his new autobiography 'One Tough Out', stories from his playing career, thoughts on current Angels and modern-day baseball, and further reflections on some of the most challenging and uplifting moments of his life.

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    • Bally Sports Network Bankruptcy

      This is potentially very big news for the Angels and could affect payroll for awhile going forward. They may have to negotiate a lower contract and/or may have to find a different broadcast partner. Maybe I'm wrong, I'm not an expert on this, but it seems like it may be a big story going forward. 
    • What’s your list of things he must do for you to be ok with his decision not to sell?

      Fire Carpino, bring in PBO with track record of success. 

      Extend Ohtani

      Finish the off season with a couple of bullpen moves

      Increase minor league budget so we stop hearing stories about us being cheap 

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    • Arte Moreno announces he is no longer looking to sell the Angels
    • Things You’d Like to See Under New Ownership
      Besides the obvious: a winning team that perennially makes the playoffs and wins World Series titles.

      I’ll start with a couple things:

      • Top down investment in the organization, starting with a President of Baseball Operations being given a huge budget and full autonomy over baseball operations.

      • Bring back a version of these full time:
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    • Los Angeles Angels 2023 Primer (maybe too early, but here's v1)
      By Jonathan Northrop, AngelsWin.com Senior Writer

      Introduction: It Can't Be Worse

      While we just tipped over into the second half of January, which means we're still several weeks away from pitchers and catchers reporting (February 14) and two and a half months from Opening Day (March 30), it is still the new year, and it seems that the Angels are--barring a surprise move--mostly done in assembling their 2023 team.

      How does the team look? What can we expect and reasonably hope for? One thing this post will not be is a Debby Downer rant about worst-case scenarios and the poor moves of past and present management. I will try to be as objective as possible, but err towards the side of how good the team can reasonably be, if more things go right than wrong.

      Injuries happen. Players have bad years. But players also have good years, and it is unusual that a team suffers the almost uncanny combination of bad luck and injury that the 2022 team experienced, essentialized in their 14-game losing streak. Chances are, no matter how bad it gets in 2023, it won't get that bad. And GM Perry Minasian has put a lot of work--and fair amount of money--into preventing a repeat of that debacle.

      The rotation looks, at the very least, quite solid, with the potential to be very good. There are a wide range of outcomes for the bullpen, so it bears watching. But the Angels have a lot of minor league arms to draw from, as well as (hopefully) a healthy Chris Rodriguez and Griffin Canning.

      There are no certainties in major league baseball (or life), but we can at least look at the Angels and say that this team has a chance to be very good - and maybe even better. But the risk is there; they're as likely to win 80 games as they are 90 but, I would say, more likely to win 95 than 75. The talent is there.
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