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  • Chris Carpenter joining the Angels organization

    Too bad it isn't 2005.

    LA Angels | MLB Daily 34

    How to realistically encourage a return to "play like it's 1985"

    Maddon's "play like it's 1985" has been thrown into discussions here and there, but how can it be achieved across MLB in an realistic, innocuous way?  First, the term may mean other things but I think at its core it refers to the onset of the 3 true outcomes mindset and the subsequent reduction of action on the basepaths, which some find less exciting than the station-to-station, putting the ball in play, manufacturing runs, dare I say smallball approach.  While that is subjective, its probably

    LA Angels | MLB Daily 47

    Some baseball card fun...

    I just plunked down $540 for a Shohei Ohtani 2017 Bowman Chrome Refractor RC BGS 9.5 (sub grades: 9.5, 9.5, 9.5, 10)... Which is the most I've ever paid for a single card - and I've been collecting since the mid-80's.  I've got cards worth more than this one - some I've purchased individually (Mantle, Jackie Robinson, Trout RC auto, etc - but bought them for less years ago) and many others I've pulled from packs or traded for them... So what's the most you've paid for a card...? Figure

    LA Angels | MLB Daily 61

    Gameday Thread: AL Championship Series

    Figured I'd start a new one for the Red Sox/Astros series.  

    LA Angels | MLB Daily 80

    Rank your order of preference for these free agent starting pitchers for the Angels

    Rank your order of preference for these free agent starting pitchers for the Angels (listed in alphabetical order): Kevin Gausman Clayton Kershaw Robbie Ray Carlos Rodón Eduardo Rodriguez Max Scherzer Marcus Stroman Noah Syndergaard Justin Verlander

    LA Angels | MLB Daily 50
  • Los Angeles Angels Prospect Prospect Hotlist (8/23 - 9/5)

    By Tres Hefter, AngelsWin.com Columnist A slew of late-season promotions continue to shuffle the Angels' minor league deck, but strong performances remain! --Pitchers-- 1) Davis Daniel – RHP, Rocket City AA: You can sort of Davis Daniel is becoming the Angels’ pitching equivalent of Michael Stefanic; both came into 2021 without much hype, both have performed not only extremely well, but extremely well consistently throughout the season, and both arguably are MLB-ready, even with Dani

    AngelsWin.com Today

    The Power of Shohei Ohtani

    By AngelsWin.com's Chuck Richter, David Saltzer When the Angels signed Shohei Ohtani in December, 2017, they knew that they were getting a special player. How special, though, remained to be seen. They knew he had a power arm and a power bat, but no one in a century had combined both in a full season of baseball.  This year, Ohtani is having an unprecedented year. Fans are literally seeing history made every night, whether it’s through his hitting or his pitching. Sometimes it’s with b

    AngelsWin.com Today 3

    Los Angeles Angels Prospect Prospect Hotlist (8/9-8/22)

    By Tres Hefter, AngelsWin.com Columnist An infusion of pitching talent from the 2021 draft began their pro careers over the last two weeks, and a number of familiar names continued to make an impact at the higher levels on the offensive side of things. As the minor league season draws close to its final month, more attention will turn towards which prospects earn promotions to the next level, including some to the major leagues, with the Angels bolstering their youth movement and looking mo

    AngelsWin.com Today

    AngelsWin.com Exclusive Interview with Angels Infielder David Fletcher

    Interview conducted by David Saltzer and Tres Hefter  Who doesn’t like a blue-collar player? A scrapper. A grinder. The kind of player who leaves it all out there on the field and doesn’t get cheated in an at bat. Players like that quickly become fan favorites. They make the team better than their individual stats suggest. Fans connect with them because in many cases, that’s the kind of player they wish that they could be. In David Fletcher, the Angels have one of the best blue-co

    AngelsWin.com Today 1

    AngelsWin.com's Midseason Top-30 Los Angeles Angels Prospects

    By The AngelsWin.com Prospect Posse Welcome to our updated 2021 prospects list. After the tragedy that was a lost minor league season in 2020, we were very excited to see our minor leaguers in action. The big surprise this year is the veritable explosion of pitching, from strong performances by top prospects Reid Detmers and Chris Rodriguez, to the emergence of lesser-known guys like Davis Daniel and Robinson Pina, as well as many fringe guys all of a sudden becoming legitimate major league

    AngelsWin.com Today
  • AngelsWin Interviews David Fletcher

    We recently had the opportunity to sit down with David Fletcher to talk to him about the 2021 season, his thoughts on baseball in general, and life off of the field. We asked questions from fans that we received on our website, www.angelswin.com, Facebook, Twitter, and from our panel of writers.

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  • AngelsWin.com Interviews Rod Carew

    AngelsWin.com interviews Angels legend and Hall of Famer Rod Carew, discussing his new autobiography 'One Tough Out', stories from his playing career, thoughts on current Angels and modern-day baseball, and further reflections on some of the most challenging and uplifting moments of his life.

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  • Our picks

    • MLBTR 2022 Projected Arbitration Salaries

      Always a great resource going into the off-season, and usually really accurate.

      For the Angels, Guerra and Barreto are easy non-tenders I would think. Perhaps Barreto is re-signed on a minor league deal. Gosselin at $1.5m is a bit much, especially with our infield depth, so it is likely the Goose is turned loose. Stassi and Mayers almost certainly return, unless the Angels have bigger plans.

      I would closely look at the names for the Rays, Athletics, Guardians, Yankees, Orioles, Braves and Reds. All are tight on salary and looking to trim. The Rays, with 19 arb. eligible players are especially ripe for picking. The Yankees are in the same boat, and I expect arhat team does quite a bit of a shuffle this winter. Lots of players could be of interest to the Halos in trades or as non-tenders.

      The Tigers, Mets, and Twins a bit as well, mostly due to sheer number of arb. eligible players they have, but most are cheaper and less inclined to deal.
      • 26 replies
    • Contenders and Pretenders, and the Problem of Desperation-fueled Consolation Prizes
      I wanted to tease out a specific element from this thread, specifically a remark from Dan O'Dowd that I addressed in a long post on the second page, but had a follow-up thought that I wanted to develop more fully. Dan O'Dowd said:

      "It's not just about spending money in this game, it's about developing an organization that operates wholly, from every aspect to make your big league team good."

      This "holistic approach" is key, and what separates the really successful organizations from the pack. Or rather, I would posit three general types of organizations:

      The contenders: These are the teams that understand the holistic perspective, who are perennial contenders or, at least, go through cycles of contention and short fallow periods between. 

      The pretenders: These are teams that, on paper, should contend--they have the resources and certainly at least make a show of doing so--but for whatever reason, rarely seem to get there, and only for short periods of time.

      The fakers: These are the organizations who clearly aren't really trying, with owners for whom their teams are just cash-cows. 
      • 32 replies
    • MLB Network Segment on Angels
      Agree with a lot of the stuff being said here.
      • 133 replies
    • 大谷翔平 - The Official Shohei Ohtani Thread
      We may need a stickied Ohtani-centric thread.

      I like this one: Ohtani currently leads the majors in Power/Speed, which is the harmonic mean of HR and SB.

      With 7.2 through 27 games he's on pace for 43.2, which is just below the record (A-Rod in 1998 with 43.91). I don't expect him to match that, but still very impressive.
      • 656 replies
    • Early Guide to Hot Stove: A look at the 25-Man Roster and team needs
      We've been doing some of this for most of the season, but I thought I'd scan through the team and update where we are, in terms of what pieces are in place for next year, and what holes need to be filled (gross).

      Bold players are virtual locks for the 25-man roster (assuming they aren't released or traded), and regular are candidates.

      2022 25-Man Roster (Locks and in-house Candidates)

      C Stassi, Thaiss

      1B Walsh

      2B Fletcher

      SS Rengifo, Mayfield

      3B Rendon

      UT/MI Stefanic, Rojas, Wong, Davis, Barreto

      OF Trout, Upton, Marsh, Adell, Ward

      SP Ohtani, Sandoval, Suarez, Detmers, Rodriguez, Canning, Barria

      RP Mayers, Warren, Ortega, Quijada, Wantz, Selman, Tyler, Herget, Diaz, Junk, Naughton, Barria, etc
      • 54 replies
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