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  1. The 180 some of you have taken on Adell is funny. No, actually it’s predictable and so AW like.
  2. Load me up with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy and end it all with pie. Don’t need anything else. I like green beans, but I don’t need them on Thanksgiving.
  3. Real Housewives of AW yet again... A lot of wasted energy on a guy who sucks on the field...
  4. Yes! No big signings yet and that seems odd to me. Not even rumors of who might be interested in who...
  5. Started to watch "Prey" a few weeks ago and dropped it after 15 monutes or so. Tried again today and I liked it better this time around. Watched first 2 episodes. Looking forward to more.
  6. Finished season 1 of Whitechapel. It was ok. Definitely different. Will continue watching.
  7. They could cut down the lines by giving out free samples of fries...
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