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  1. Oakland's pitcher tomorrow has had only one MLB appearance (in 2020), and Detmers will be making his debut. Can't wait!
  2. I'm just glad we weren't swept. I hope Detmers doesn't bother to analyze the standings and realize how important tomorrow's game is. Just relax and have fun in your MLB debut!
  3. Angels have two shutouts this year, both against the A's, who otherwise have owned them.
  4. Very impressed by Barria today. This is Angels Last Stand. Win today and tomorrow and we're still in it. Get Trout, Rendon, and Walsh back and the next two months could be very interesting.
  5. The sun is a killer for me. The last day game I attended I almost passed out from heat exhaustion, and this was a 70-degree day in Oakland. I watched the rest of the game from the concession area. Eric Chavez hit a 3-run blast off Donnelly to tie it, then in the 9th Frankie mishandled the routine return throw from Jose Molina, and Jason Kendall scored the winning run. A miserable day. The smell of garlic fries which permeated the Coliseum was sickening.
  6. JUp needs his rest, and besides, it's hot out there. Heat exhaustion risk is higher in older men.
  7. For me it's easier to take if we get swept this weekend and then buried in August. The alternative such as 1995 or that late September sweep by Texas in 1998 when they knocked us out of the postseason, or the 1986 ALCS, things like that...those are killers. I'd rather be 10-15 games behind the 2nd wild card on September 1st then still in it on September 25th only to have it snatched away at that point.
  8. That's why I put that video up. Then afterwards I watched the entire 7th and 8th innings of Game 6. Peace and euphoria, an antidote to the current reality. I'm ready to handle whatever happens in today's game. Bring it on!
  9. A little dose of euphoria: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FqaIxaa32c
  10. 16 people shot already since last night. Unreal. https://chicago.suntimes.com/2021/7/31/22603202/chicago-weekend-shootings-july-30-august-1-gun-violence
  11. Updating Casey Stengel's famous complaint about his Mets: "Can't anybody here stay healthy enough to play this game?"
  12. Where's Anthony Fremont to wish Bundy into the cornfield? (semi-obscure Twilight Zone reference)
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