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  1. Gawd, he looks terrible there. What's wrong with the right side of his forehead?! I know a 91-year old man who looks younger than Biden.
  2. If I don't show up here anymore you'll know what happened.
  3. Not here. If it did I slept through it. A few sprinkles early this morning for about five minutes. But it's very dark outside now and the clouds don't look good at all.
  4. He went into the hospital at the beginning of the month with COVID. Everyone's dying of COVID now. I'm looking to get vaccinated in a week or so. Hope I can dodge it until then.
  5. Yeah, for one day it did, then 80 degrees and sunny. But this might be four or five days of the heavy stuff.
  6. Looks like the rain is finally coming. Usually does around this time. Four years ago yesterday was the rainiest day ever in Long Beach, 3.97 inches. The usual massive flooding, freeways closed etc.
  7. Age 35-39 seasons: BA .299, OBP .396., SLG .601., OPS .997 162-game average, 48 HR, 120 RBI Only in his final two seasons (age 41-42) was the OPS down in the high .600's.
  8. All-time RBI leader, and the real all-time Home Run Leader. Rest in peace...
  9. As recall from my history, MacArthur wanted to do something like that but was told by Truman to forget about it, then was fired when he complained to the press. Probably would have been a good idea in 1951. Maybe not so much now.
  10. What I don't like is people like Fauci telling us that we'll have to keep wearing the masks indefinitely even after the vast majority of the population has been vaccinated. Actually, I don't like Fauci period. Wish he would retire and go away.
  11. Google: wuhan celebrates new year About 42,100,000 results
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