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  1. I hate Correa but I'd take him in a minute if he were available.
  2. They just went through the graphic of Altuve's hot zone, and the very next pitch is in the zone and sent right out of the park. LOL
  3. Hernandez has 12 hits in his last 4 games. Most in MLB postseason history.
  4. Go Boston!! Feels strange to say that, but I despise Houston.
  5. Kike Hernandez has a lot of postseason big hits. A nice pickup for Boston.
  6. Can he help the pitchers avoid blowing out their elbows/shoulders/etc? That would be nice for a change.
  7. Boston going to spend the evening grounding into double plays?
  8. Hitting and pitching coaches need to go next. As well as the manager. And while they're at it, Arte SELL THE TEAM!!!
  9. He'd make a great fullback for the Eagles, his favorite team. He's built like a tank. Except for the fragile calf, that is. That could be a problem.
  10. Already prepared for next February to hear him say he's sore again after running. Sorry, but at this point the expectations are very low. The whole thing has been a mystery.
  11. The worst thing tonight was watching Trout yuck it up and have a grand old time at the Eagles game. Sad.
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