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  1. Joe thinks Kamala has a wife. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden referred to Sen. Kamala Harris’s (D-CA) husband, Doug Emhoff, as “Kamala’s wife” during an interview on Monday with a local news station. In an interview with NBC 5 DFW, Biden responded to a question about the type of effort that his campaign was making in the state during the final week of campaigning. “Well, we put a major effort into Texas to begin with—eight days to go, uh, and, uh—the Lone Star State has a shot of becoming blue again,” Biden said. “You know, uh, we have 17 battleground states across the
  2. Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed! In other news, Hillary Clinton is 73 today.
  3. Biden: "4 more years of George...uh, George..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EMq42gdJQM
  4. LOL, Bellinger may have injured his shoulder on the stupid HR celebration.
  5. Why is it so difficult all of a sudden to figure out how to vote? Is COVID making us dumber?
  6. Biden gets only a handful of people at his 'rallies' and Trump routinely gets thousands, with thousands more waiting outside. Yet we are to believe that Biden is ahead by 10-15 points?? Impossible.
  7. A single bright moment in a dismal year. Bye bye cheaters.
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