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  1. I might have to call my cardiologist and up the dosage of my meds. My hand was shaking as I went to click on this thread.
  2. from Bloomberg: Our gal Alex wants a 59% top tax rate and taxes on unrealized capital gains yearly, including real estate and business holdings. Watch your home equity evaporate. These people are insane. Certifiable. And dangerous.
  3. Astros are rapidly becoming my most hated team.
  4. Rams have a lot of problems. Running game, offensive line, far too many penalties, etc.
  5. Hey, they won a World Series more recently than we did! But yeah...your point is well taken.
  6. The Phillies have an unforgiving fan base that will turn on you in a hurry if you fail to produce. He may want to consider that in making his decision.
  7. It's a win-win. Not only do we get better, but some of the shine comes off Houston as well. At some point, depending on the rest of our roster upgrade, contending for the division title will be a real possibility.
  8. Maddon can't hit in the lineup and pitch. We still need a major upgrade on the field, especially in the rotation. A manager can't make lemonade out of stale lemons.
  9. One of the longest home runs Mantle ever hit was in a exhibition game at USC in March of 1951, estimated at 550 feet. The ball landed on the football practice field near USC tailback Frank Gifford.
  10. You got it! 1952, Lafayette High in Brooklyn.
  11. After following this team for over 40 years, I'm not disappointed anymore at anything that happens. It is what it is. We DID win a World Series, and Seattle and Texas haven't. I keep that thought in mind during the dark days.