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  1. I think as long as he doesn't move the team! Or, trade Trout or do anything completely nutty. He will have a decent to meh overall approval rating by all casual and fanaticals in the fanbase.
  2. I think it has many factors and not just for us, including individual maturity level of the player. We've seen with other kids through the years if they aren't mature enough and they are more about the party instead of crafting their individual games. That their success and ours is lower. A high schooler is immature and can be groomed similar to the military the beat them down and build them back up. Same thought process (how to throw the slider the Dodger way).. Each team has their M.O. of how they do things. Remember we drafted and scouted a ton of Rondon's back in the day slappy middle infi
  3. It's ok, business building is hard for some people to understand. Arte's setup is similar to the Trump LLC setup (all Big Business Men do it from Paul Allen, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Warren Buffet etc) surrounded by the S-Corp. It's all relative, in the end to how much he wants to take out of either his own pocket or another Company to place into the growth of the other and so on. Which is why Carpino is in place he knows a lot about all the businesses and what Arte truly wants to do. He came with him when he bought the team.
  4. I think you would have to look at Arte's overall portfolio of businesses including the sign company, Halos, Land Acquisition, Property Group and anything else he has LLC wise. He will surround the S-Corp by the individual LLC's. And then look into the P&L's of each to look at the actual liquidity potential and cash on hand that he has to be able to fund salaries, and Halo potential of growth either on the scouting side to international growth etc. Even though we understand that everything is an expense that can be written off by the LLC's. Including purchasing land in Dominican Republic to
  5. Also, at the time Glaus was a DP candidate so he got walked a lot to setup a double play!
  6. You also have to remember different kind of baseball....And Sven's reasoning for the productive out and moving runners around. How many times did GA come up with a runner on second and less than 2 outs and hit a ground ball to 2B to get the runner to 3B???.... Many times!
  7. Flop, and that comes from my response above! He did everything so effortlessly. When you tell a kid, to let the game to you and make adjustments along the way. It's what he did his entire career.
  8. GA all the way. Smooth all around player could hit for Average or Power and could adjust mid at bat to adjust to the count. RC29 with more pop! Defensively, he did everything so smooth he could cover gap to gap while playing any of the positions LF, CF, RF and had a very solid throwing arm.
  9. I will say this, it may become something, or he may be a AAAA player! But, that kid can cover some ground in the OF. Does he "Frost his Tips"?....
  10. If you want a chance of winning a Championship Trophy and getting a Ring there is no reason why dual closers should be a problem. Especially, the way we were running arms out there every single day last year and Bullpen games etc. It actually allows you to keep a guy fresh and who says having two 25-30 save guys to shutdown the back end of games. Doesn't help you to get to meaningful baseball in September/October!
  11. This! At some point he will either be Both or a DH/RF but this also allows this year as his return from TJ and inning limit. And if he returns to Japan form then next year is a bonus. Or, they know for sure it's a one way or the other and they can move on, on the pitching side.
  12. I'm not accepting or condoing this inappropriate behavior. But, it does have to make you wonder why female reporters had to be inside the clubhouse post/pregame as dudes are showering, or running around in their jocks, or just walking around naked?
  13. He just replaced Jam Jones! He may or may not be here. Just looking for a Lefthanded hitter who could play a few positions.
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