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  1. Defensively we have dropped significantly in Left/Right Range up the middle and this is due to a slower player in Iglesias -1.0 OAA (2020 stats was a +3.0) compared to Simba's 2021 OAA of +16.0 (2021) (Simba had a -1.0 OAA in 2020) (Simba's +16.0 dropped +3.0 from his +19.0 in 2019) Simba is still rated Top 5 in OAA. Which coincides with the differences from last year to this year with the Over shift. **Simba's batting has started the negative creep. Even though he is still considered a solid defensive shortstop.** The main issue with the over-shift is when you are dealing with young arms who are less consistent within the strike-zone. Now, you have your players over shifted and the pitcher misses his spot. But, still gets a ground ball and your fielder can't make the play or attempts a bad throw or boobles on the exchange. (which we saw plenty of this last season with Iglesias). Back in 2002 Eckstein was close to a +7.0 OAA at shortstop... Also, it was a different game and less adjustments to pull/oppo infield shift instead of an over shift. Which also coincided with the Pitching staff who were predominantly veterans who knew how to pitch and hit their spots. Lackey knew how to pitch to contact and KROD simply threw the ball by people or fooled them with his slider. Now, if we are talking 2021/2022 Free Agent Shortstops Carlos Correa is the Best available at a +12.0 OAA with a 79% success rate. Which wouldn't take into affect of any over-shift or lack of consistency within the strike zone from our pitching staff. The MAIN Difference between 02 & 21 is when you get into Line-ups, Injuries, Bullpen and overall pitching staff Consistency within the strike zone. = Less inherited Runners and those Runners Scoring.
  2. It's all the same stuff... People who think they have insider info or just ask questions as statements. Which tend to be more verbal puking while leaning to everyday occurrences of the team while watching the games. While thinking they can surmise what they are actually seeing in front of them quicker than others. Some Articles are better than others! A lot of fluff filled diatribes, that easy the tightness of ones shorts to the eventual release of tension bringing a warm flow of drivel that allows the reader to slip into a post coital nap.
  3. It's on the Google drop down I looked at the headlines... This one Click Baited the Shit out of me...
  4. I actually saw it off Google... Might be a way to advertise AngelsWin.com? The same way to generate some clicks or $$$ ? I don't go into the websites.... Usually, they drop headlines of articles.
  5. Buy-out his NO Trade clause! Done!.... Ship him and 10M with a prospect done!
  6. Either Correa or Semien.... If you are going to fix the defense. You need a few things a player with range left to right! And you need to cut the BS over-shifting!
  7. Different Angel Fan Group page article. I brought it here as there is never any mention of stuff written by other groups.
  8. Outside article another Angel Fan page! In actuality, do any of these posts about trades, FA's, shortstop, etc need their own thread after your statement?
  9. Angels wouldn't be interested in any of these Free Agents! It's what we call Click Bait and I bit..... https://www.google.com/amp/s/halohangout.com/2021/10/11/la-angels-3-free-agents-definitely-pass-on/amp/
  10. I would almost be happy if they pulled a Miami Marlins and bumped it to 75-80M and if it didn't workout trade all of them at the Trade deadline... Including Rendon and J-UP. shed cash and write it all off on the books.... Scherzer, Syndergaard and/or Stroman, Correa, Iglesias a couple set-up men, Cobb and a catcher in a trade! Not my Dinero~ Commitment to Mediocrity! I feel like a Raiders Fan~
  11. Well, to be honest Callaway due to the sexual harassment among other things never got the chance to come to fruition. The Nagy side is meh and the other clown from the Astros was even more so ALT RIGHT/LEFT.. This team is the worst at over correcting!
  12. Pitching Coaches job is still to place each individual in the bullpen and starting rotation in their best spots to be successful so the TEAM WINS GAMES! Bottom line. Bundy's thing last year was a CHANGE IN SCENERY and SUCCESS on the MOUND... Hence the decline this year! It's all relative! If you have never been a part of it. When it goes bad and the stink is there it gets worse!
  13. I understand the durability question. It is more than that. It is a direct relation to the overall setup and current placement of this organization. It falls on Upper Management and Ownership on the coaching hires, and organizational philosophies in hitting, defense, catching pitching even the medical staff! Ability and Durability are different than Health and Execution of said philosophies on the field of play.. **EDIT** Durability & Health are separate from Ability & Execution. And these are how they need to be termed together. It's all relative!
  14. Currently, getting to see some of the kid pitchers figuring it out. Bullpen has some decent arms we need to keep Iglesias and add another! fill the rest out with the kids. Wantz, Quijada, Warren, Herget.
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