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  1. Jimmy Endersby one of my former players signed as an UDFA with the Astros...
  2. He reminds me a little bit of former Halos Farmhand Bob Kipper. 88-92 mph, good change up, good curve, a sluvery slider. Let's see!!! Nice to see some home town area arms get drafted. Since Weaver have we drafted from the home area?
  3. He will be fine like Joe said in the interview he is having a little plate discipline issue up in the zone. Also, probably has a little bit of trying too hard to get his 1st HR out of the way. Which also shows as his minor league #'s when the k's get high he adjusts and the OBP% increases. We call that time. He is an athlete and a nice kid. I watched a couple games last weekend. I will put up some video later today.
  4. Muscle weight is less than fat.... So, he could have dropped 14-15 of fat and added muscle. Where his weight is about the same as last year.
  5. I will be out there 7-10. I will drop some things that I see also.
  6. True, on Adell. However, you are looking at a guy who is attempting to make the BIG team in his 4th season compared to Michael who is just hopeful of having some meaningful AB's in SPT games and who is working on his 7th season. Michael has also played 120 games one season in 3 levels in 2017.
  7. I get your points Ettin. I just haven't seen anything in the BIGS, SPT, or in the few minor league games I've watched him play. To me He hasn't been healthy in what 3 seasons? Averaging approx 89 games a season?
  8. Cant stay healthy! And he's dog shit! You tools, do anything else except jerk each other off? Keep on walking ladies.
  9. I wouldnt include Hermosillo in this group! But, that's me. He's had his shot and has done nothing. Keep him in AAA until other get promoted! Then Waivers.
  10. Those have been bought out with other teams and players in trades. NTC = Money.
  11. True, which is still the same. Or He is packaged with Prospects for the #1 pitcher? To a team that needs offense in exchange. What would his offense look like in Colorado if they add an Adam's and an arm for Gray and Davis/Oberg ?