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  1. Gallo is interesting, if I was a GM in Colorado or Cincinnati I think he would be a consistent 40+ HR guy. I actually believe his #'s would be inline with .250 AVG and .370 OBP similar to his 2019 #'s. He doesn't have enough protection in the Rangers Lineup.
  2. What I wouldn't mind seeing. Free Agents/Non-tenders SP - Walker, Paxton/DeScalfani/or Tyler Anderson, Jon Gray (if Non-tendered)/ or Mike Soroka (if Non-tendered) RP - Hand, Rosenthal, **Grant Dayton (if Non-tendered), AJ Minter (if Non-tendered), Tyler Matzek (if Non-tendered) - Depends which of the Braves Lefties stay and are non-tendered. believe Minasian plucks some arms from the Braves, Giants *Wandy Peralta*, Nats due to family.**. Super Sub - Enrique Hernandez/or IF - Johan Camargo (if Non-tendered) SS - Semien/Ha-Seong Kim - sounds like a grinder like Flecther... I
  3. Dude has done nothing to be in a conversation even up against a possible non-tender like Camargo.... What did he show you Post trade, earlier in the Covid shortened season, or previous Big League seasons that he will do anything remotely better than be a 4AAAA player? Awesome career slash line... .175 .207 .342 Barreto has a better chance of being outright released for the next SPT pitching peanut.
  4. Oh, Hell Nah, he puts together great talented FO's if they are taking out/or changing Carpino's title.. I consider it. But, there may be some bad blood with Joe. So, probably, not. Joe is the type of player communicator that the Bench has missed since he left. SVEN was a do it my way or the highway and Ausmus said nothing!
  5. Some opportunities that could be out there: 1. Johan Camargo 2B/3B/SS/LF/RF - Played Bold in 2019 2. Kris Bryant LF/RF/3B/1B/DH - If he gets non-tendered he will be less than 18M and Joe loved his position flexibility. 8-10M to play with one of his buddies Mike Trout? He becomes the 1st baseman when AP#05 leaves next year. Maybe, replaces JUP ***Cubs will trade him before they non-tender him though***... 3. Eddie Rosario LF/RF - Becomes one of your corner starters and allows Adell & Marsh another Minor League season. 4. Brian Goodwin LF/CF/RF - Welcome back and once a
  6. 100% agree and goes with what I've stated here for many years. Our organization has for a better word/statement for it has become "Complacent, with Hope of a Better Future" once certain Starting Pitchers on our ML Roster have gone out and the time for them to come back from their annual arm, lat, oblique injuries is winding down. Our Front Offices and our fan base included have always said well, this guy, that guy are coming back. It is all relevant, to work with what you have "Today" and what you "End up with" may either be another hole to fill or a strength to deal from in the future.
  7. It, was all about the Sweet waves Bro~ Perry, Don't surf...
  8. I go after plan A Bauer (whether or not he accepts). Plan B while in negotiations with Bauer. (BAUER balks) Contact Starting pitchers: Paxton, Walker, Tanaka, DeSclafani, Ray & Richard's. (Sign 3). Plan B2 while in negotiations with the above. Contact relief pitchers: Rosenthal, Hand, Hendricks, Treinen, McGee, Rondon, Yates, Watson (sign 4) I'm tired of not having enough arms. I'm tired of AAAA projects, I'm tired of pitchers throwing well elsewhere and fall apart here. We cannot place all the eggs in the Basket of Ohtani. He comes back! Great, if not? Then you have ot
  9. Nobody cares....See it even took me a month to come back and read this....
  10. Well, that was expected Nate... I actually, wish I didnt get the # correct!....But, oh well, off to 2021.... 93 Wins...
  11. Same reason why I voted "No" this has the ability to be a complete shitshow. But, it wasnt unexpected!...
  12. Definitely, picking a Catcher! Who will then be moved to SS...
  13. Agree with everything stated here exception the •wildcard in the rotation. We always lay up short of the green and always hope one or two of our starting pitchers comes back from injury in hopes of better days in the future. That has crushed us for the last 5 seasons if it isn't GRich, it was Skaggs, or Heaney, or Ohtani etc... If you want to be a serious contender you "never count on the unknown entities" if they comeback? Great! It becomes an area of strength to deal from to address another position! This has been our issue for years maybe its the budget? Maybe, its just that our
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