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  1. He's upset that he hasnt been offered a job back in the organization...
  2. Martinez will be right handed power bat. They are heavy left handed. Will play DH and 1st base and probably some left or right field. Arozarena will become the fourth OF'er speed guy can play all 3 outfield spots and he gets on base! Might move Renfroe to DH and Martinez to 1st. So, Arozarena can lead off and play left.
  3. Both Wood and Homer Bailey signed with the Twins on New years eve. Edit Rich Hill...And Homer Bailey...
  4. Ukyah said: as far as the meat of the post, you don't know bo diddley about some made up each roster spot has a specific dollar value nonsense. I was explaining my reasoning of why the roster is built based on AAV and return in WAR by area of the roster. It's been done hundreds of times here as everyone bases it on a suggested budget from Arte and him not wanting to exceed the tax threshold. Everyone on here from their suggested trades, who we should sign in FA include AAV and WAR figures. I'm stating this is exactly how Eppler does it when you base the overall structure of building a roster. Bullpen is the least valuable based on innings, AAV and WAR return on investment and his "Epplers" ability of finding clean peanuts on the cheap to place into the bullpen. Shows this is his roster building thought process.
  5. Which was why we were hot after Cole and Strasburg higher WAR players within that area of the roster than what we had which would had also cost a higher AAV. But, you will pay for that if it gets you a 6+ WAR player across the 10 years of the contract you are in hope of at least gaining a 50+ WAR = Star Player within the life of the contract. My example of 9M for Cahill And 11M for Harvey = 20M. Now we are attempting to gain a combined 4-6 WAR out of those spots of the roster combined at a savings of 15-16M AAV. Vs Cole or Strasburg. Which is why Eppler goes for Clean peanuts in the bullpen as it's a smaller WAR position in value of AAV.
  6. This is basically called the Gini Coefficient it's the spreading of income distribution across a large group of people in this case Roster Building or Roster Management. There is no reason to ever track AAV if you are not building a roster this way if you are also concerned about a salary threshold, salary cap, or budget. You can actually use WAR as your higher WAR players and your higher AAV coincides within the roster. As the players coming up gain experience and get better their WAR usually grows and also their wages increase by Arbitration or salary = AAV. We arent exactly speaking of building a roster as it is called by the name of "Stars and Scrubs" theory. Although mid 2000 Yankees rosters were built on this premise example Jacoby Ellsbury star vs scrub Kelly Johnson. In the end you would like to have a balanced roster with an influx of young "youth" players who have upside and can put up #'s quickly who in the end replace the older/aging players who have basically topped out at their WAR value vs AAV. While adding a star player above a 5 WAR player from time to time in this instance Rendon (6.5 WAR). You deduct Cozarts AAV (-WAR) from the infield while increasing it with Rendon's WAR and increased AAV of approx 20M within the infield or AAV of 32M approx. While having youthful players whose WAR should grow (Fletcher and Rengifo who have a lower AAV today. While also considering increases in WAR from Simba who was hurt and had a down season last year. Same reason within the outfield. Upton should be healthier this season and he should maintain an avg WAR to AAV. Kole's value WAR decreased as his AAV increased as he was an imperfect player generating defense, and his power #'s from last year. But, the bump comes from the thought that if you insert Adell whose WAR will increase as he grows in experience and his AAV increases along the way. You are basically paying for youthful and star athletic ability as your roster churns. This is actually spoken here in depth regarding the use of WAR and AAV in here maybe unknowingly by some of the posters here totdprods uses it quite a bit when we are talking AAV value = WAR output. And our thoughts of a threshold or budget that Arte will or wont go over. It's the base and backbone of this entire fan page! We are all fans of the Halos..The thought of Arte's budget vs The Roster vs the farm system!
  7. Then why wasnt the entire amount for 2019 on that page Mark? You saw the photo I posted from spotrac correct? I went by that. I'm on my phone not my laptop. Actually, I dga$ he is taking Cahill's $ and spot and if/when he doesn't cut it either. You all can say well, we knew he wasnt the guy we wanted. Eppler has placed a dollar figure on each portion of the roster. SP's, everyday lineup, bullpen and bench. The next pitcher they sign will take on the money that he threw at Harvey last year which was what? 11M. As he added Bundy who basically takes Cozarts payroll spot from the bench and increases the starting rotation dollar figure. We were only going to go above 20M in starting pitcher payroll for Cole and Strasburg which we didnt get either.
  8. Hey Lou and Hobbs, Look, I went on Spotrac it says his 2019 salary was 1M.... Not the buyout on the 2020! I even posted a photo. If his 2019 salary was 1M as it is listed and we gave him a 9M co tract that is an 8M over pay. I'm on my phone and also these stupid ads keep popping up and messing with the sight.
  9. Is 1M more than 9M? They gave him 1M to leave. We then gave him 9M to pitch here. =10m received for the 2020 season. Yes, it is less than 12.2M still an over pay. I'm just saying it's the same $$ spot Cahill had last year is it an overpay? Would the Braves had paid him 9M to stay or the 12.2M? Probably neither as they even held him off the Playoff roster. They gave him 1M to walk away. Yes, the exact same thing we did with Kole. Which is why we wont attempt to re-sign him either even to a short term lesser deal... We already gave him his buyout to walk away! Then we wouldnt give him more $$$ to play for us in 2020.
  10. Understand that! He still isnt receiving his 12M from the Braves! They cut him. So, for the year between their buyout and our contract he gains 10M of which 9M comes from us...which is still a high raise from the 1M the Braves gave him to leave! Which for the money 9M was the same we paid Cahill last year. It's almost like a salary spot. Whoever will accept 9M we will throw it at them! To me it shows a breakdown of positional monies thrown at the rotation! He slots into Cahill's $$$ slot. Which means a % of the roster money has a breakdown so who will get Harvey's 11M?.... was it Bundy and we are done?
  11. Looked up on any case Hobbs the Braves gave him 1M to walk away and we gave him 9M to come here!.... hadn't heard much rumbling going on about him on MLB trade rumors... we over paid. If the Braves weren't going to pay him 12M but we will pay him 3/4's of that I still feel it's an overpay.
  12. So, we gave Cahill's Dinero to Teheran!!! So, does that mean Clay Buchholz is going to get Harvey's?... Great signing! Too much for someone who was an Arb cut! We gave a dude who was cut an 8M raise over last year! Screams overpay.
  13. I said from the beginning he was either coming home to CA or playing for his favorite team the same one that he was drafted by in 2008 with the 28th pick in the 1st round of the MLB draft. He almost signed that day but had already committed to UCLA and his father was a staunch believer in keeping your word. Whoever said he was an Angel's fan growing up lied to you. He went to the World Series in 2002 with his parents! That was the extent of his fandom and he was excited when they won! He wore a Yankees hat whenever he left the house on the weekends growing up as a kid. Yeah, it helped that they gave him 30M extra. But, he was also chatted up by Pettite when they drafted him and he said all the same stuff to him about being a Yankee and playing for Championships.... Exception now it was under his control and not where he was drafted.