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  1. Great post. It's part of what I've been saying! Also, include the lack of setting up by the catchers and basically placing the glove over the heart of the plate.
  2. It happens, sometimes guys press for one reason or another! Drop him down let him figure it out and get some confidence and then pencil him in again at the top. I actually, always thought he would be a better #2 hitter due to his slappyness. If you had a burner that could get on out of the leadoff spot then you could do more hit&runs. Then with a runner on 2nd you've got the heart of Trout/Ohtani/Rendon coming up to cash them in.
  3. I'm late, how did Ohtani feel about this transaction?....
  4. Well, hopefully, we don't do as some suggested like that previous Josh Lindblom suggested signing 2 seasons ago due to his 20 game winning season in Korea....
  5. Watch the game and strike zone box! I've brought it up previously. They start high and end up glove drifting to the middle of the plate. There is zero location or setup at the catchers knees. Or start at the middle and drift down to the knees. Watch other games and notice how our catchers setup compared to other teams and even the Top teams in each division. This is a coaching issue, organizational philosophy issue with the catchers. Also, that would go to defensive setup and location pitching philosophy. Butera, Bemboom, Stassi do it! Kruger (did it too) Suzuki doesn’t...
  6. Play a full season which he hasn't? 500+ at bats current stats projected. 20+ starts current stats projected. Done! 1st place/last place doesn't matter! It's all about a Full healthy season of play for him!
  7. Meh, he was horrible. But, we included him a huge TRADE for Disco Danny Ford!! He was just a bat off the bench with limited pop. He had a couple decent seasons in PT At bats couldn't even break into the lineup on some terrible Twins teams. Ron "Poppa Jack" Jackson was a better player off the bench and part time DH.
  8. You also have to look at why the regression? Was it purely they slid through the scouting reports? Or, were they rode hard and put away wet... burnt out/injury? I was coached early on by a former starter and World Series winner. Who then became a TOP AL Closer with the Twins. Very cerebral guy and we worked on the Mental side most of the time. Every pitch had it's job to either get an out or set-up the next pitch within the sequence. Rarely did I get into deep counts. 1. Strike One 2. Strike two 3. Chase pitch 4. Spot/movement
  9. And this is part of the problem.... If you remember he always looked through the scrap heap for guys that threw hard (high K Rate and High BB rate) and tried to work with them. Former Major League guys like Petit and Alexander were guys who were away from that cookie cutter and were successful. The drafted arms were usually Starters who had some VELO but had to work on their other pitches. Which is part of the problem. If you don't have kids with the feel for their off-speed pitches they may or may not get it. So, then you are drafting one trick ponies who will flame out as they progress. There weren't many CROD's drafted. What should had been done is a little of both look for starters with 2-3-4 plus pitches and let them sort themselves out. You can tell who get's it and understands making adjustments pretty quickly. You can also figure out who has mechanical issues as they get tired and also don't understand adjustments and those can be your relievers. Also, bring them up quickly! The requirement that they need 4-5 years of minor league development isn't true for bullpen pieces. Unless, they are a true starter for innings. It's been an issue with our Minor League Pitching Organizational Philosophy! We've had old school vs new school and they haven't blended well together! Is Marcel Lachemann still around? Or, just for SPT? I read he is a Special Assistant... What does that mean? Solid pitching man just on the mental side of the game! We talked quite a bit. That's all I did with my high school arms I coached. The mental side will eat you up!
  10. Strad, Quite a few solid opinions on here... So, here is my 2 cents from a purely former Closer/setup /swing man collegiate and independent BB pitcher. 1. For me and many of us back in the day. It was mindset. We wanted that ball and were going to stuff it down someone's throat even if we couldn't break glass. There were games I was out there with a spaghetti arm but once the adrenaline kicked I was the BEST OUT THERE. 2. Either Arm strength or Arm slot. You either threw lights out (like a few guys I played with they were 98mph+ but had no idea where it was going *actual Nuke LaLoosh*). Guys like myself and other's new how to change the arm slot/release point and worked on all of our pitches from each release point. (similar to El Duque). 3. Repertoire and or Grips of the baseball. You either had 3-4+ pitches, threw gas, or knew how to change your grips to allow movement at each arm slot. And you knew where the ball was going! (horrible example the other night was the Alvarez BOMB off Sandavol he threw a 3-2 change up that he turned over where the location was middle down setup by Butera. He should had thrown a regular change up (which would had swept away and down)instead of turning it over to show a screwball action. That if missed it wouldn't run back over the middle of the plate. I had 5 fastball grips (I learned from former big leaguer Steve Rogers each had movement), I threw a slider/slurve, a circle change I also turned it over against right handed hitters, and a forkball/split. 4. How to guess right? Not force pitchers into a pre-made box let them throw to their strengths. Pound the Zone "Down in the Zone" strike one. And some of the analytics need to be thrown out the window (I mean they are fun to talk about). What is really important? OUTS, Inherited Runners Scored, Whip, Spin Rate in the bully is less important. Example: If they have a great slider and it is consistently out of the zone/or the hitter doesn't chase it's still a ball... And the pitcher has fallen deeper in the count. The Art of Pitching & the Mental side are Gone. It's all about VELO & Spin Rate. I was trained by different definition than those of today. I was successful when given the ball. But I also didn't top 89mph. I was also ready to go in 12 throws in the bully.
  11. He will be 35 before he see's MLB at bats.... "Turn the Page"...
  12. There are many issues and position coaching and over analyzing the analytics is many of them! 1. Pitchers still need to pound the Zone! Down in the strike zone. 2. If a Starting pitcher is doing well. Don't pull them with 1 or 2 outs let them finish the inning. You will see that quite a few of the relievers don't do well in the middle of an inning. "Mayers/Guerra". 3. Scrub catchers giving pitchers high location and then glove drift down in the strike zone (if you watch more often than not ends up with the glove over the middle of the plate**watch the strike zone box on tv**).. Is an issue BemBoom, Kruger, even Stassi does this. Suzuki does not. **Haven't watched Butera as of yet** 4. Taking too many pitches early on in the count and then falling behind in the count. 5. Productive and Quality at bats and outs has fallen to the wayside. I only trust really 2 guys on the roster and once in a while Ohtani. His ass slides out way too often. You can see when he doesn't want to be in the box against someone. Looks completely uncomfortable. 6. Constant over shifting of the infielders. 7. Too many deep counts! = Too many pitches thrown! There is more! Catching coaches aren't getting the info across or aren't actually watching the setup, pitchers aren't committing to their stuff and act timid while throwing entirely too many pitches. The infield defensive shifting needs to cease! I would bunt every at bat until I got the bases loaded.... This team needs to grow some S A C K !!! Have a pleasant Day~
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