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  1. Depends on the Agent and the player. Organizations can approach. The Stars. Or, Agents have a list of top homes for each of their clients. And the Agents reaches out to the GM and states that their client is interested in the organization. Boras, has it down to a science from what his client wants to background of the organization and its philosophies. New upper level hires etc. Problem you had was the team droppers that would help bump Boras clients prices. And in the end teams were over bidding themselves.
  2. Meh, I'm not a fan of Toronoto offensive players. Due to the bandbox they hit at. Seems for the most part when they leave the #'s dont adjust short of Donaldson's power #'s his average was still a couple ticks less than his career #'s. And their catchers less. I find it interesting that having been managed for many years by a pretty solid defensive catcher who hit decently when he played. Short of the Molina's, Naps and Mathis overall they have been imperfect players leaning one way or another defense vs offense. We havent really continued to develop any catchers and usually need to go outside the organization. Is that due to drafting players that cant stick to the position (Ward and Thaiss) or due to the instructional side? I might be more interested in one of the Padres kids who hit in a larger stadium. Their avg and power #'s in my opinion would be better in 81 games at home.
  3. I still think it's funny, when you have a differing opinion like the talking heads in here they resort to bashing and name calling! People are allowed their opinions and they can either be backed up by statistical data or real world experience. Not every minor leaguer will stay in the organization. Not every minor leaguer will have a long career. Not every minor leaguer will even get more than a sniff but a handful of AB's in SPT.
  4. Then go lay down! You cant project shit! For anyone until they show a baseline.
  5. Those are projections that never materialized and are mute as he didnt do it.
  6. You cant say he projects out to this or that! Because the stats weren't put up. We deal with real world #'s. You want to hop around and talk projections that's great! Thaiss isnt doing it. Bottomline, he wont have the abs to even remotely come close to your full season projection I always go back to the Juan Rivera projections! See above I edited it.
  7. And when someone starts off hot with 3 home runs on opening day projections says 162 HRS plus! Projections are great! As long as they are tempered with experience. And knowledge of knowing that no one is going to hit 162 home runs in a season. We always come back the JUAN Rivera projections.... if he played 160 games and had 600+ abs he would have hit 40+ bombs and 100 rbi with an avg of 300.
  8. I just think you are overly sensitive due to your minor league reports and possible projections for the system. I didnt like the Thaiss pick when it was done. I still don't like the Ward pick. I'm allowed my view. You can call them wrong. I can say based on my experience in the game and due to the changes from the position there is a lack of instincts and cerebral ability in both if you understand that? Also, you want a ++ hitter that shows extra base, gap power and the ability to hit the ball out of the park. A reach of a catcher who is a line drive hitter to be moved to a power position is a reach and your attempt at saving face and hoping for the best (as an organization).
  9. I'm using everything But, Wins regarding the MadBum vs Ryu... 9-9 vs 14 wins? Where do you even see that? MadBum threw more innings, had more ks had a 3.75 2nd half era, .28% lower than the 1st half. He was a bit of a hard luck starter as Giants didnt score much last year! Also, he threw well against the A's in 2 starts 1 in Oakland and 1 in SF 12 innings 2 runs! Ryu spent time on the DL again with elbow/shoulder issues in the 2nd half. I just dont see him being a 30+ start 200inning guy. He's never done it before. Hes come close. He always needs time away for rest starts!
  10. Ryu, has never won more than 14 games. Hes never pitched more than 29 starts and he has never thrown over 200 innings.(rookie year 192 last 182). Also, he will be hitting age 33. He throws the Dodgers slider that wrecks havoc on elbows! And missed a lot of time with an arm issue after the all star break. MadBum, 30 in 2020, still threw 200+ (207 inng) 203 k's, 34 starts whip of still 1.12 which was his career norm. ERA of 3.90 BAA .245... Giants couldnt score runs last year! 9-9 record. Had a better 2nd half last year 3.75 vs 4.03. He will cost 15-20M compared to Ryu of 20-25M. I would rather have him as a #3. You wont pitch MadBum and Heaney back to back they are very similar. 1. Cole/Stras 2. Ohtani 3. MadBum 4. Teheran/Pineda/Gibson 5. Heaney 6. Canning Bullpen addition....Betances Also, I'm not, Thaiss isnt good. AAAA player.