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  2. #1, lol #2 the fact that they are even talking about trading him takes him out of the Adell market.
  3. I had been a proponent for the last couple years, but that ship has sailed. The only reason i do it at this point is if we somehow move some combination of Rengifo, Fletcher, Thaiss, Ward could somehow be traded for a top end starter, and i dont think thats likely. At this, someone queue Elsa.... let it go.
  4. Albert Pujols - 98 starts at first base. He started more than 98 games at 1B in an Angels uniform only twice - 118 in 2012 and 116 in 2014.
  5. Stop. If we miss out on Cole then we need to go after Strasburg, Wheeler, etc. Our infield has a ton of depth so enough of this Moustakas crap. We can’t keep falling back on upgrading offense. Clearly that hasn’t gotten us anywhere over the last 10 years.
  6. Not too many politicians care about free speech these days
  7. Moustakas is a barely above league average hitter. Thinking he’s the solution is an even worse idea.
  8. Uzbek food is delicious, maybe that'll be the next trend after Georgian food....hope so
  9. Lol your deal isn’t about some higher fidelity to free speech. This bullshit obfuscating game you like to play will only play with the dimmest shit heads. All these fuckers you pretend are valuable voices being suppressed are all out in the open spreading their filth. No one stops them. Their speech is fully intact. Private platforms aren’t obliged to help them along with broadcasting their shit. You’re so dumb that you don’t even have a basic grasp of what the ideals you claim to care about actually mean. also to be clear, you don’t care about free speech. You care about being able to be a huge asshole unchallenged. That’s about full depth of your purpose.
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  11. You’re right. He will be great
  12. I think relying on La Stella to be good is a bad idea.
  13. You lost m @Chuckster70, I see a treadmill there but you need one? Also, what is that contraption in the right that looks like a lounge chair that says abs? Rest of it looks dope. Free weights and dips are where it's at.
  14. Literal Nazis were not in favor of free speech, or private gun ownership, just like the modern Democratic Party. I don't know why being in favor of the first two amendments of the bill of rights should be controversial.
  15. Had to read thru this Moose thread to make sure it wasn't the one from last year....or the year before.
  16. and they have a Safeway
  17. I like that Brad Pitts character is from Hemet, CA
  18. I never thought I'd hear you use the word respectability, Toby.
  19. I think I'll watch it tonight
  20. Marsh is a great player. He should learn 1B, because the Angels need to keep him.
  21. If that had been a better pun you could have added "Mike Drop" at the end of it, but alas....
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