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  3. while the "influencers" might be morally bankrupt, seems like a good story for the kid 1 - he got out of rural China (was it?) which is supposed to be a step up 2 - he got upgraded on the quality of parents thereafter 3 - loser YT couple got shamed
  4. The BR sim ignored some reality. I believe they had Ohtani and Canning in the rotation all year long.
  5. In the Trumped thread no less.
  6. Latest big hike. San Gorgonio, the highest peak in Southern California. It's a beautiful hike through the forest. The Baldy hike must have helped because while I was exhausted at the end of the hike. It felt nothing like Baldy. And Gorgonio was defnitely harder. I'm thinking of Jacinto next, but cheating and taking the tramway halfway up if it ever opens.
  7. Chuck's gotta lock it down or open it up! THANKS TROBAMA!
  8. Got it. I go to the one off Crown Valley.
  9. I'd personally like to thank my new hero, Donald Trump, for setting me free. I believe Chuck realized he had to remove me from internet jail as a result of this Executive Order. And if you thought shit I said was bad before? Donald Trump just removed any filter I had left. Get ready. Veritas vos liberabit!
  10. Wow. Somebody get the edge gif. He's eating without a mask!
  11. Don't get in your car until your freedoms level decreases enough for you to post photos properly.
  12. Wild Goose in Costa Mesa. I try to support the owner because he was out protesting to open restaurants up way back in the Orange Circle protests.
  13. Heather Ridge right up the street from La Paz.
  14. I feel like I recognize where that is but maybe I'm just confusing the table/chairs with somewhere else.
  15. I saw that. I try to steer clear of the bottles because it takes up too much room in the fridge and all the neighbors will know I'm a huge alcoholic when I take out the trash with all the bottles clanging together. It also had a lager in there so I din't feel like paying for that. Which Laguna Niguel store did you go to?
  16. I trapped a case of cans from there as well. There’s also a Stone variety pack available at the Laguna Niguel store.
  17. I’d post a pic of my freedom boner but camera that was built to take it is still sitting on the launch site at Cape Canaveral.
  18. Picked up a couple more cases of Stone Ipa from Costco yesterday.
  19. When baseball starts back up, I'm going to start posting porn in the gameday threads. For "political reasons."
  20. Tilt your heads a little bit to enjoy muh freedoms better lol.
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