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  2. Ticket prices for Tuesday's Lakers game skyrocket
  3. Yeah, it was tasteless for me to make a joke based on this. I deleted my post.
  4. I believe Trump has done more stupid things as opposed to impeachable ones. Had Ukraine not received the aid then it would be more clear cut. As far as our senators are concerned, very few of them have the integrity to do what is right anymore. Maintaining their party's power is what is most important to them.
  5. Yes, that is pretty ignorant - which means that MLB will probably put it in.
  6. The Snakes announced on Monday that they’ve acquired outfielder Starling Marte from the Pirates. High-upside youngsters Liover Peguero and Brennan Malone are going back in return, along with $250K in international spending money moving to Pittsburgh. The Pirates will also reportedly pay down $1.5MM of Marte’s remaining obligations
  7. And the DH, who is on the team primarily or exclusively to only hit, would not be available to hit in the 7th-9th innings. Ridiculous.
  8. I would like to see them do a type of dual substitution rule where the team can pinch hit for the pitcher without removing him from the game. This would make the DH a more mid to late game strategy where you can continue to use him to replace a pitcher.
  9. The other organizations were instructed not to comment on it.
  10. This makes sense and I trust Rosenthal a hell of a lot more than Bowden.
  11. His point is that he won't be impeached
  12. my mom was an ER nurse, so while we'd mercurachrome at school, we got neosporin ointment at home.
  13. There's an episode in season 4 of The Blacklist titled The Apothecary
  14. I was expecting a higher return for Marte, but good on the D-Backs and Pirates in this case. D-Backs get an all star caliber outfielder that's affordable and still physically within his prime of sorts, and the Pirates get two lottery tickets to dream on. I think the Angels equivalent here would be something along the lines of Alexander Ramirez and Jose Soriano for Starling Marte.
  15. Lol I’m sure that you can still get in with the 800 ticket Pantone group and go boo the Astros with them.
  16. the CDC refused to call it the "d'oh!" virus because they're anti-animation. they're anti-animationites.
  17. chuck has banned us from eating those.
  18. I don't get this logic. Just because we know the republican senators will stay loyal to their party, they should not bother impeaching him, even though he committed impeachable acts?
  19. It just seems like there has been a non stop attempt to remove Trump from office beginning on January 20 2017. Why wasn't the GAO taken seriously before?
  20. leave him alone, sleg. he's trying to improve his apothecary, and he's been doing an admirable job of it lately.
  21. Yeah, losing Payne Stewart was definitely tragic.
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