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  3. A could things..... A) The Postal Service and that album was fantastic for it's time and I bet still holds up. B) Goya black beans are solid when you're tired of refried beans and are very cost effective. No issue with them. C) I think Mexicans and Whites should eat Goya beans while listening to The Postal Service and create babies.
  4. 100% agree with this. These fucking keyboard warriors and their shit talking or put downs need to be addressed. Someone hides behind a keyboard and feels like they can say what they want. You talk shit in my day you got repercussions. Now it's freedom of speech and all sorts of the point they even call you out as a goon because you can articulate a point but didn't go to the same school and learn Microsoft Point. With VPN's people will be ahead of the curve, but I wish people that said foul shit or talked tough on the internet got a visit. If I punch someone in the jaw I'm sure they won't have the bravado to say it to more people. I don't advocate violence and am usually the diffuser. I messed up some people wrestling and have seen shit where some dude punches a dude in a bar and he hits his head on the bar as he goes down and it's manslaughter with 20 years because the other dude was drunk and provoked a response. But I do think people need to get their ass kicked....and not in that dumb jock or bro-is way.
  5. A felony for a fist fight? Between two agreeing men? I think It's Seattle or maybe the state of Washington that has a legit law where if two men agree to fight, they are allowed.
  6. To be in a Dem stronghold and tell everyone the most patriotic he has ever done is vote Dem.
  7. I don’t know this answer so I’m asking. What is Adell supposed to be batting wise? Lead off hitter? Middle of the order slugger? Back of the line up second lead off hitter?
  8. "Please don't cum in me" Little do they know I was planning to cum anywhere but....
  9. Of taking out twats
  10. I'll let this L slide. Like me the team was probably looking forward to the Dog Turds after we won this series.
  11. while i understand the desire to put fletcher in the OF. i think it weakens the infield defense a lot, which is a greater concern imo.
  12. Jason’s gonna do a nickel upstate? word.
  13. Looks like Ivanka and I need to have lunch together.
  14. We got three of them as wedding presents. They were pretty dope.
  15. Sure can! It’s a little known fact that most Equine-Americans understand English perfectly.
  16. We're not allowed to visit this topic until the end of the year.
  17. Has anyone eaten at Munchies Pizza in H.B.? Is it any good? When I was a kid, there was a Munchies right next to my house in Fountain Valley. Eventually I think they changed the name to Minichiello’s, after the owner’s last name (though still the same company). I think they shut down in the mid 90s. The HB location appears related. I am guessing the FV location was a second location that just didn’t stick. Anyway, I remember the pizza being excellent, especially the sauce. I was surprised to just learn that that there is still a location in existence in HB.
  18. Great. Now I’ve had a couple bourbons and I’ve gone down the rabbit hole to the whole album.
  19. Hi @Lou, Walker has an ERA of 4.05 after hurling 6 shutout innings against the Rangers tonight. His ERA based on 3 or more starts (Sandoval excluded) would put him second best to Dylan Bundy among starting pitchers on our team. My point of going after him was that he was cheap, young & high upside. Just to keep you updated my friend. Cc: @Taylor
  20. I guess that is good news/bad news. The owner is a good dude and total beer geek.
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