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  2. Exactly! We're super due for a couple guys like this to bless our roster with greatness that just came out of nowhere.
  3. There it is. This was better than my comment was going to be
  4. Once it was in his throat he was free to do what he wanted with it.
  5. Is there any chance they do can do a 10-year anniversary of this in 2031, just like they do with a championship team? Bring out all the key people who made it happen while we give each one a standing ovation?
  6. Middle son showed up last week mid-day to hang out in the pool. We weren't even talking work, which is often since we are in the same industry. My other two sons showed up Saturday to hang out, played some video games and later grab dinner when Mom got back from a baby shower. We've agreed we don't have to see eye to eye on very subject but we also agree not to try and shut each other down and listen. One difference between my father and I is he was a great lecturer and an impatient listener. That's why we rarely hung out together.
  7. The season ain't over yet. Thank God AJ didn't write this.
  8. Hell let’s get a fact check on this stuff.
  9. The only possible way it can go is Blarg implying he "assaulted" me. Or dug through my trash.
  10. I will review at a later time. My job gets in the way sometimes.
  11. Agree on Marsh, and agree on OPS for Adell, but maybe not OBP.
  12. While this has been yet another disappointing year, for those wondering what to be happy about, here's a list of things to consider. First and foremost, the performance of Shohei Ohtani. Yes, his bat has been weak for the last two months, but he had a better season than anyone expected and pretty much fulfilled the best-case scenario: healthy and excellent as both a hitter and pitcher, finishing around 8 WAR. The development of Reid Detmers and Chris Rodriguez. Yes, there were bumps along the ay, but Detmers will be just fine, and Rodriguez showed he can handle major league hitters, after not facing anyone above A+. Worst-case scenario and he's a really good reliever. Young pitching, folks. Brandon Marsh and Jo Adell holding their own in the majors. Marsh looked like a major leaguer from day one and while he obviously has stuff to work on, he has the makings of a very good major leaguer. As many have noted, Adell looked completely different his year and should continue to improve. Neither are stars yet, but both should--at least--be quality major league regulars, and maybe more. The emergence of Sandoval and Suarez. Maybe neither will be more than #3s, but nothing to complain about cost-controlled, young #3 starters. Walsh and Stassi have both been pretty good. They might not be stars, but Stassi has the 9th highest WAR (3.0) among all catchers with at least 100 PA, and the highest among all catchers with fewer than 350 PA. Walsh started super hot, then was terrible, then equalized and his overall line is pretty good: a solid, league average first baseman, which is better than Pujols was for years. Or to put it another way, Walsh's 2.3 WAR is better than all but two of Albert's Angels seasons (2012 and 2014). While there are as many disappointments, there have been some positive developments and surprises in the minors: Michael Stefanic, Brandon Davis, Davis Daniel, Kyren Paris, Arol Vera, Edgar Quero, and several others, including a pitching heavy draft that includes Sam Bachman and Ky Bush, plus a bunch of possibly useful pitchers. So it isn't all bad. Obviously there are serious concerns about the team and organization in general, but there are also still reasons to be--if not optimistic--then hopeful for next year and beyond.
  13. I’m convinced Marsh will have a higher OBP and OPS than Fletcher next season. I wouldn’t be surprised if Adell does as well.
  14. It doesn’t go back to college. His injury is in his back. In college it was in his arm. And of course he didn’t pitch a lot of innings in his first two big league seasons. You have been championing the Angels to pitch Ohtani less. Why wouldn’t you be ok with them easing an even younger pitcher into the bigs?
  15. You set that up on a tee but I will refrain from making a comment. Maybe @calscan though.
  16. We are forgetting that Matt Wise was the Angels bullpen coach last year. It is a natural progression to go from Major League Bullpen Coach to Major League Pitching Coach. With the uncertainty of what was going on with Callaway, Wise was the obvious choice. If it wasn’t Wise then it was going to be Butcher, but even then you are bringing someone in that has no knowledge of the pitchers he is working with, oh and doing it either right before the season starts or early in the season. I think there is a really good chance that since Butcher is with the club now in some consulting role we will see him back as pitching coach next season. If he isn’t and it is Wise, then the team thinks he did a good job in the role. They would know better than we would know, since we literally are going off of results and not the process.
  17. Maybe not but I think it does provide some level of security and it does allow the US to keep a closer eye on things that are happening. Like I said, I'm OK with having no presence there as I don't think the impact on us will be anything to concerning.
  18. He was always in this org before 2021. 2018 - rookie and A levels 2019 - A+ and AA levels 2021 - AAA level WHiP was always on the high side throughout the minors. GB/FB ratio was mediocre until 2021. Improved to 1.46 in 2021.
  19. we really need that guy a team like the cards always seem to pull out of their ass. He's the poster child for several guys that the Angels added to the farm with a similar profile. And the biggest common factor among them is being tall. Davis, Mackinnon, Izzy Wilson, Braxton Martinez, Edwin Yon. It's an interesting play.
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