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  2. And if I’m a cop anywhere, I resign. Why risk it?
  3. This is the point where white people should start rioting. Absolute garbage.
  4. I think if you went to every fan site of every team they say the same thing. You would also find that they too bitch and moan about this or that, have superstitions and moan about injuries throughout the season. As far as I'm concerned we buried our curse in 2002 and then stomped that shit into the depths of hell when we beat the Boston Red Sox for the first time in the playoffs in 2009. Thank you, Vlad.
  5. Snapshots: Dzingel, Lindholm, Pettersson, Stars
  6. If only shadowy entities knew of our powers, they'd kidnap us and force us to use them for evil.
  7. Just got my second Pfizer shot about an hour ago. The pharmacist said the side effects will be worse than previous.
  8. Day 10 after the Johnson and Johnson shot. I can feel my blood getting thicker. You guys suck for guilting me into getting the shot. I'm going to make sure to bite each and every one of you when I fully turn into a zombie.
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  10. My wife wouldn't touch them that way. For her they can have no lumps and need a bit of garlic and gravy for her to eat them. Her mother served some sort of potato, mostly just boiled, almost every night for dinner so she balks at eating them. Me, I can eat them a dozen different ways and properly prepared skin on is delicious. So I either have to wait for guests at dinner or order at a restaurant, which most are crappy at preparing them.
  11. Skins are the best part. Mashed potatoes, isn't it Claim Jumpers that still serves them with skin on? And when I get a baked potato, I eat the skin. Heck, when you get those loaded potato wedge appetizers, I never see people taking the skin off of those.
  12. Nobody wants to drive through any part of Arkansas if they can avoid it.
  13. The patients were coughing up blood, not dicks.
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