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  2. Story came out today that S. Korea had some 50 plus people reinfected....
  3. This is the first step, IMO. My total retard, blue collar solution for the short term. Incubation period on this is like 2 weeks? Maybe less? Lock everyone the F up for 2 weeks. Zero tolerance. Work miracle to develop manufacturing locations for masks. 2 weeks later, with ZERO tolerance, this thing should be more or less contained. Now we relax restrictions to where we are today... essential things are fine, fun shit out. This should give roughly a month for masks to get produced in numbers that cover everyone. Perhaps unrealistic, but looking at WW2 manufacturing, I dont see why it couldnt be done. This gives us a month of pain, but likely takes care of this thing to the point where its no longer going to overwhelm the population. And gives the medical industry needed time to clear out what theyre already dealing with, and to stockpile a bit more of whatever drugs seem to work best.
  4. You hit on two solid points here that are gaining traction or being monitored. The amount of asymptomatic people that show no signs are becoming higher or becoming an issue. No symptoms, but spreading it and not knowing. I'm curious about the reinfection rate, too. I think NY had one of their first cases get it again and end up back in ICU or the ER. I haven't read or see many reinfections elsewhere, but know it's going to be an issue.
  5. Just think, I'm sure Alyssa Milano is posting on a message board right now about that time she was at Staples Center, and nearly ran into Tank.
  6. Just got the new Tower of Power album a couple of days ago, just beginning to listen to it. They never cease to amaze me, after 50+ years.
  7. how about a one album wonder. better?
  8. while i'm sick of hearing about this virus. i'm glad i don't have to listen ad nauseum to bernie and biden each day. it may be the one good thing to come out of this mess.
  9. Jesus Christo, Lawrencio. Mas bourbon, por favor.
  10. This is Just wrong. Boston a “one hit wonder”? Come on man.
  11. I think pneumonia deaths are up significantly so far this year. When this is all over people with probably take the total amount of deaths this year and subtract it by the annual average amount of deaths to get an idea of how many people this virus killed. Of course a new war could throw all of that out the window.
  12. upon further review, my sources have lied to me. alyssa milano is a hockey fan (i've seen her at staples center and nearly ran into her).
  13. i'm starting to hate "old time rock 'n roll" because of how frequently the commercials for domino's pizza have been played. talk about overkill.
  14. @gotbeer, I read this because you mentioned reading it, so had to see what you were getting at. I have no idea what the numbers are. And for all I know, yes, like the headine here reads, there could be some loose basing on cause of death. But two things. Number 1, the blunt reality. We arent doing autopsies. So if someone is in ICU with covid, and you die of a heart attack, like the attached article suggests here, the two are likely related. Again, that may be loose here... but nobody has the time to suit up and cut open rib cages to weigh organs right now. Similar to how nobody dies from AIDS. You die from one of several diseases. The cause of death is still AIDS, not pneumocystis. And second, as I said in a post a few days back, those people who are being found dead in their bed or on the couch, who were suffering from symptoms but werent tested, arent tested after they die either. So whereas, sure, some people may be getting over counted, I can attest that its also not being tracked outside of the hospitals, either. The number could actually be a lot higher than reported.
  15. This is why i try not to come to the politics thread on here. Everyone argues, and we're all guilty. The problem is, while arguing, we miss important posts. Did nobody else f*cking realize these were all on the SAME PAGE of a more than 100 page thread? Sometimes this site is genius, and we dont even know it.
  16. Biden beats Bernie in Illinois 59% to 36%. That's about it for the communist.
  17. Today
  18. I never thought I'd see the day where I wish I could be watching Pujols play everyday.
  19. The people instituting the lockdowns will still get a full paycheck every 2 weeks. So I wouldn’t be too optimistic that we aren’t going to completely self destruct by August.
  20. Damn that’s crazy. At least a few people will still get a check for now.
  21. Nope, the bottler went for another top that doesnt fit too well, and than some massive healthcare company paid about $5 a bottle. While that price might be highway robbery 4 months ago, in this case it was also hardly any profit for anyone. The micro brewer had to retool like crazy to get it made and the bottler burned all sorts of time and energy with his plant being otherwise shut down. However, people who were employed continued to get paid, which is what we are after at this moment.
  22. Ashley Judd completely Renée Zellwegerd her face. What a waste.
  23. An interesting note about Tamiflu is that all the trials were carried out by the manufacturer which were pretty much fraudulent. Tamiflu is now shown to be pretty worthless in real studies (doesn’t reduce hospitalizations or death). The WHO downgraded it in 2015 and more and more doctors are choosing not to prescribe it. It’s funny how Obama peddled Tamiflu for H1N1 and there wasn’t a huge campaign by the MSM to discredit it. All of the “pro science” libs were all on board.
  24. Test, test, test, test, test. The most informative thing we can do is test the hell out of people for antibodies. The government should pay for it and test as many asymptomatic people as is possible. It has the potential to help us get people back out there. If it turns out that a metric crap ton of people have had it, it can inform our decisions, and in short order. If it turns out that not as many have had it as we suspect... well, fudge. We also need to know about reinfection rates. There's so much that we don't know and a lot that we do.
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