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  1. Did I say he did? Dipoto was trading from MIF depth that we didn’t have.
  2. Idk Segura turned out to be a pretty damn good lead off hitter, defender, and overall player. He was never going to be an .800 ops Guy consistently. He would have definitely filled the hole at 2nd after Howie left that we failed to fill for years.
  3. Keep pitching to Chapman and it won’t be 2 runs for long.
  4. No Stripling and the beer selection sucks? fire yourself now, Arte!!
  5. Looks like that spongebob episode where he has the inflatable arms.
  6. I’ve been wanting Stroman since the Mets got him. He would be a huge addition to this staff, although his K numbers aren’t pretty. We all know how Eppy loves his high K percentage
  7. Rendon was voted 6th best player in the majors... so.... no.
  8. Yeah that was great production for LF compared to the shit we have had our there for years... it’s was leaps and bounds better.
  9. Just because you have an opinion doesn’t discredit him as a player. He was great in 2018, 2019 was injury riddled. literally no reason to have no faith in him
  10. I mean it’s bizarre to me that you continue to follow a team so closely that you legitimately ONLY complain about. why would you invest that much of your time?
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