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  1. You can’t make racially insensitive jokes acceptable by saying “Everyone does it” My love
  2. There was a time where our minor league system was such shit, he was literally the only player worth checking in on a nightly basis. I remember popping into 66ers box scores every so often to keep an eye on him since every other player was just minor league filler. (Turns out he kinda is too)
  3. Not sure if it has been talked about here. I have noticed ever since Nike took over as the sole uniform provider of MLB and Fanatics is now the official reseller of MLB products (to the point they make their own branded MLB hats), the fan gear is complete garbage… the shirts and hat selection they sell now are awful compared to what they used to provide. I used to have to choose between a couple different hats or shirts when it was time for a new one, now I can barely find a single cool design, aside from that they are sold out of anything decent looking 90% of the time. This doesn’t even mention the off the wall designs they come up with (all the all star game jerseys, or the upside down MLB logos) I miss majestic and new era cranking out cool retro stuff with a new spin. Anyways random subject since the season is over for us lol
  4. Him and Wantz, in my mind have earned spots in the bullpen for next year. That’s 2 spots, just need to secure Iglesias and then find 4 other guys LOL
  5. He would have taken at bats from Ohtani and Walsh (until Walsh was on the DL) regardless of his fluke OPS in LA having him in this roster did no good.
  6. Who cares. He was only hurting the Angels. A pointless 2 run homer in in a game we lost by 6 means nothing. It’s not as if we released his ass, he didn’t want to accept a lesser role and stomped his feet like a child, and then accepted the same role for the Dodgers. He could have had a nice send off from the Angels and all of baseball with a cool send off tour like Jeter had, but at this point he’s a shell of his former self and I don’t know how he is not embarrassed to still try to play this game. I guess running into a fastball from a guy making his 2nd big league start is about all you can hope for from Albert these days.
  7. His velocity never really returned after he had that injury with Houston in 19. He throws mid to high 80s now, Giants obviously didn’t think he was worth a roster spot. The Angels are just about at a point where they have too many pitchers worth a major league roster spot that they won’t need to even look at signings like this. hopefully another year or 2.
  8. Those people are ridiculous. It was his 2nd major league start, against arguably the best offense and team in baseball. He got hit around before he could settle in and made a mistake to Pujols. Give him a break, he’s the future of this rotation.
  9. Thanks.. literally anyone but Quintana or Guerra were better options…
  10. Guerra followed by Quintana to ensure we don’t win or even have a chance. Fuck off, Maddon. If he’s gone after the year, I wouldn’t be upset,
  11. Maddon sucks ass at picking the correct relievers. Fuck, why did he go with Guerra there
  12. The Mets do a good job of that themselves.
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