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  1. No don’t think that. I am surprised that Christians got caught in the middle. I had always assumed anyone left in Gaza was PLO or Hamas.
  2. Thanks. You have a pretty unique history for sure. I can understand your position on the conflict based on your family history. You are the first non Jew that I have heard their side of the story and it does suck your family was caught in the conflict. It doesn't sound like they are radical muslims
  3. Actually, the garage is for harboring relatives who are illegal aliens
  4. Yes I hope he shares more of his story. I have never heard the other perspective on the conflict. He probably won't change my mind but another perspective is worth hearing.
  5. I appreciate you sharing your story. When did your relatives first arrive in Palestine?
  6. I am willing to compromise with mask. Maybe we can wear mask and bring back sundown laws. Obviously, individual liberties need to be compromised to comfort others. The data suggest crime would decrease and whites would be much more comfortable going out at night.
  7. If you define winning by wealth then, yes. I have a feeling most the military industrial complex will burn in hell.
  8. Are you part of the crowd claiming we stole America from the Indians while supporting Palestinians claim to Israel?
  9. Yes, I swiped it last week when I paid for the Generals lunch.
  10. Well, wasn't that hard to figure out. I man of your intellect and work ethic isn't going to scoop ice cream for $6 an hour.
  11. LOL. I bet you utter those words every time the cashier snickers while you swipe that ebt card
  12. There is a long list of things you can't put into words. Economics and business are near the top of that list
  13. I have more of an issue with someone getting paid to do nothing. You think the shop owner is a dick. What about the woman sitting on her ass with 3 kids and making more money in welfare than a working adult
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