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  1. The infection rates are very similar which is even more evidence against more lockdowns and masks mandates. Crazy how fauci and cdc supposedly change when the science does. There is plenty of data to suggest masks nor lockdowns did a damn thing
  2. I believe the Swedes death rate is slightly below ours. Good thing we shut everything down And wore masks
  3. They should have 2.5 million corona deaths. That’s a lot to cover up
  4. I have been lonely ever since Jane from State Farm became a black dude
  5. Meanwhile, China has 5k wuhan deaths in a country of 1.4 billion. Now I don’t doubt they undercount the numbers but it would be pretty hard to hide the dead if they were dying at the rate we claim happened here.
  6. Blacks committing crimes and killing each other is a problem. White people harming blacks is only a major problem on twitter
  7. I mean I haven’t noticed a population decline in airports, restaurants, or stores. I have noticed a significant lack of inventory across all markets. It’s time for libs to move on from masks and restrictions. There are available and fairly effective vaccines for everyone. It’s Time to stop worrying about who gets vaccinated. We need to get kids in school and asses to work stocking our shelves.
  8. The problem is our government and media have distorted the facts. Yes this is a bad virus but was severely exaggerated. My wife had two Of her 100 second cousins die. All 13 of her immediate family members caught it and not a single one was seriously ill. I probably know 30 people who got it and not a one was sick. My 55 year old diabetic fat Mexican friend wasn’t even slightly ill. On the flip side I have 3 friends whose 18-20 year old kids committed suicide. In the past year.
  9. We all need to get off our white privileged asses and tweet vaccine incentives to our African American brothers.
  10. Would be crazy if the delta variant was developed and released from a Wuhan lab
  11. The damn libs in power don’t give a shit about vaccinations. If they did the vaccine would be tied to welfare checks or they would partner with KFC as a vaccine location like they did with mail in voting. It makes for good tv blaming cons but minorities are the under vaccinated populations. Politicians are in no hurry to give up the power gained from covid lockdowns.
  12. I’m sure one will get shot by a black man in the near future
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