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  1. I believe you. A lot of people assume race matters more than it does. When it comes to making money businesses want reliability, productivity, and most don’t give a damn about skin color.
  2. I hear two Doogie howsers with the air supply soundtrack and he’s all in.
  3. Wtf Did he hire Blarg as an administrator?
  4. Systematic like public schools making Hispanic kids take a literacy exam just to start kindergarten?
  5. I wish some of these people would actually go witness poor America. I know you’ve seen it in the courtrooms. These wokesters really have no idea of the human scum that exists of all races. They keep blaming average White working Americans for these scumbags and it’s created Irrational super MAGAs. Now I do have sympathy for the kids and welcome opportunities to help these kids. The reality is this problem can only be fixed by changing the culture of poor communities. Throwing money and woke affirmative action plans won’t fix it.
  6. The reality is a lot of people had it worse than me. We lived in a small house on a dirt road just outside the trailer park. All these people preaching white privilege should see some of the situations these white kids are born into. Many kids didn’t have shoes but their moms and live in bfs were always fully stocked with beer and smokes. The same problems are killing the black community but people make excuses for them.
  7. I can’t wait to see the lakers when quotas become mandatory. We can replace the current big three with jimmy chitwood, ray mysterio, and a lesbian
  8. Yes I did notice the short shorts that made news this weak. I figured they asses must be easier to find than tits nowadays. By yes the huge ink tattoos reminds me of the trailer park
  9. Honestly you aren’t different than most libs in that regard. Quick to lecture others but really lack the life experience to fully understand a lot of things. I doubt you spent a lot of time at the MLK center growing up. I doubt you have had a lot of black neighbors and friends. I’ve lived and worked among blacks for most of my life. I have a lot of black friends and racism does exists. Racism isn’t the root cause of black poverty. If you truly want to help black people you need to tell them the truth. America isn’t rigged against them. Their abandonment of family and faith has destroyed their communities. This article below is from the times back when they would print some truth occasionally. https://www.nytimes.com/1983/07/18/us/income-gap-between-races-wide-as-in-1960-study-finds.html
  10. Income disparity was a lot closer pre welfare than it is today. Fatherless homes in black community weren’t 80% in those day either.the dems basically created a dependent population that became their voting base.
  11. Again you know the Bible teaches that a man should work and his hunger will provide incentive to work. As much as you want Jesus to be a Democratic Socialist he was not. In fact socialism was formed with the very idea to replace God with government. I do give and have sympathy for anyone who is truly trying to achieve and recover. People who can work and don’t are stealing from those who do work. The government rewarding lack of work by over taxing workers is also stealing. My family grew up in a poor southern area during the Great Depression. My younger brother was the first to graduate college. None of us had a free ticket to college. My grandparents and dad worked in the Broyhill plants right beside there blacks. My dad dropped me off at daycare at 5am every morning on a rusted out Chevy luv. Mom worked full time and went to school full time. Paid her own damn way. He worked every overtime hour available and we cut wood in the winter to heat the house . Maybe once every month we might eat at Burger King but we didn’t eat out often. I’ve worn jeans with patches and clothes from yard sales. I was 13 before we moved into a low middle class income. Now dad moved up got into chemical sales and mom started teaching so we moved into the middle class. I started as a damn private in the military and I’ll probably make twice your pay this year. Im not special I’m just willing to work and look at the opportunity this country provides vs play the victim You’re the son of a fairly decent writer and likely had your way paid to Pepperdine I don’t think I’ll let you lecture me about poverty an unfortunate circumstances
  12. This is true. We can probably feed them more effectively at local levels. Any federal lunch will be full of payoffs and waste.
  13. Nothing wrong with that. That’s pretty honorable. If she passed her work ethic on to you and you’re now self sufficient that’s even better. I have no problem feeding kids but way too often welfare has become a repetitive way of life for deadbeats.
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