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  1. Ticket prices for Tuesday's Lakers game skyrocket https://www.stubhub.com/los-angeles-lakers-tickets-los-angeles-lakers-los-angeles-staples-center-1-28-2020/event/104272713/
  2. because they're all cheating?
  3. Yeah, and during the off-season, nobody would even notice!
  4. Sports fans love to hold grudges. I still hate the Red Sox, for no good reason. There's nowhere to hide for the Astros players. Their lives are going to suck for awhile. For my part, if they apologize, I'll accept that. Sometimes you do things that later you're not proud of.
  5. It happened in the World Series. Shame! SMH
  6. And so begin the apologies. I've been expecting this.
  7. yep you never know when someone might miss half the year with turf toe.
  8. It is a red flag that the Dodgers apparently didn't want Ryu to return.
  9. If we had better pitching the window would be now.
  10. Things I learned from this thread: 1. Mostly everyone agrees the pitching staff is not where it needs to be. 2. You're a pessimist if you think the pitching staff is not much better than last year. 3. You're an optimist if you think the pitching staff is slightly better than last year. 4. You're a an optimist if you don't blame Eppler, a pessimist if you do.
  11. let's see who gets the last word, Flop or Strad.
  12. Essentially yes, I'm suggesting we should wait.