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  1. Checking in on AW about once a week now. So that's a change.
  2. I see the $2400 stimulus payment has been deposited into our checking account.
  3. Unfortunately we took a 15% pay cut at our company. Not great, but better than some of the alternatives. Other than that it's been business as usual, working from home. When I'm not working there's plenty to do around the house. Keeping busy.
  4. Do Hinch and Luhnow forfeit their salary for 2020? If so it doesn't matter if the games are played or not.
  5. I think he means actual borders not just lines on a map.
  6. Mike Bloomberg Lays Off Entire Campaign Staff And Scales Back Election Spending Plans https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/mike-bloomberg-2020-dnc-181655684.html The billionaire ex-New York City mayor had previously promised to spend “whatever it takes” to defeat Trump in November, and his top staffers regularly promised to mount a massive, unprecedentedly well-funded effort to defeat Trump even if Bloomberg’s presidential bid failed. Staffers were encouraged to join the campaign with a promise they would remain employed through the general election.
  7. I've considered getting a shotgun but never followed through. I'm not a big gun guy and my wife doesn't like them. I still have my Ruger 10/22 (but no ammo) There's a one-state buffer here between Idaho and California so we should be ok.
  8. Where can you even get that? I had some Blanton once. That was the best bourbon I ever had. Totally amazing. I'll say it right here. Anybody with Blanton who is out of work or needs cash because of coronavirus, I'll take it off your hands. Thanks.
  9. Yeah, there's no hope right? No ideas? No chance?