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  1. @Jason are you a gun guy? I've been thinking of getting a shotgun for home defense. Which would be a good one to get?
  2. Buttigieg's husband's name is Chasten?
  3. At least the Braves have a chance, you should be happy!
  4. No Cals will be super-bitter over this one.
  5. If you live in Costa Mesa it's theoretically possible to get up really early and trailer your bikes out to Soggy Dry Lake, avoiding traffic. You can ride your bikes for awhile and then shoot up the 18 to Big Bear for your snowboarding. Finally you can try to make it back down to the beach for some surfing and you'll be close to home.
  6. Just allow 1 hour each for the activities and 4 hours driving time in between.
  7. California average = $4.44 https://gasprices.aaa.com/?state=CA
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