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  1. I agree that would look bad so why would he do that?
  2. The blue areas can expect riots soon.
  3. If I owned a Major League baseball team I would probably meddle.
  4. My expectations were low coming into 2020. Some of the goofballs here will say "that's negative" but really the best way to avoid disappointment is to manage your expectations.
  5. Maybe... or Arte really liked him and gave him a vote of confidence. But in the end decided to make a change and this way Billy gets a golden parachute.
  6. I like it. We're getting the band back together!
  7. I've always wanted to get an MGB, like this:
  8. No thanks I've seen all I need to see of Richards.
  9. So @Blarg a few questions: 1. What did you pay for the Spitfire originally? 2. How much have you spent on it? 3. How much could you sell it for? Thanks.
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