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  1. In nature, Krackens and Predators are natural enemies so it stands to reason their fans are, too.
  2. Does this mean I win? Woo hoo! What do I get - a car? Season tickets? Dinner with Ohtani? An exclusive interview with Alex Curry? @Chuckster70
  3. I would assume that if someone breaks into your home, it’ll be at night and your vision will be limited. A shotgun sends out a wider spray (I believe) which would make it easier to hit your target. Factoring in the urgency of the moment, some shaky nerves, and what would probably be a sizable adrenaline rush, a shotgun seems like it would be more effective when you’re in the moment. unless you’re a trained gunman, or were a navy seal or something.
  4. Because in their worldview, no one can ever be forgiven for past deeds or words.
  5. No, but he’s the cabinet member specifically in charge of things like transportation for the nation. How many ships are anchored off our ports right now unable to offload their cargo? This is his area to take care of, and he’s failing so badly at it that sleepy joe has had to step in. Why isn’t he back at work? Still recovering from the episiotomy isn’t a valid excuse.
  6. Didn’t you attend a Lutheran school or the like when you were a lad (or am I thinking of someone else)? If you did, what stopped you from developing your faith?
  7. I think Revelation is for a much broader audience. This is going to be a worldwide issue, not just for one group of people. And I believe that the church will absolutely go through a time of weeding out believers from pretenders.
  8. This is a misunderstanding of the millennium. At the second coming of Jesus, the righteous will be taken to heaven with Him while those who rejected Him will die. The next thousand years will be spent in heaven, not Israel, and not Jerusalem. The ultimate goal is for the total destruction of sin and Satan. When Jesus establishes His earthly kingdom, it will NOT coexist side by side with how life on the earth currently exists.
  9. That covenant ended when they crucified Jesus and the curtain in the temple was torn. The Jews rejected Him.
  10. I imagine all the people who constantly dumped on Trump for all of his golf outings are perfectly fine with mayor Pete staying home since mid August.
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