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  1. If each season goes as anticipated, we’ll have regular season baseball and the nfl, plus playoff NHL and NBA in September and October (playoff MLB). Plus golf. oh, and hopefully cricket.
  2. The French sent a key to the bastille to George Washington. It’s framed and hanging on the wall inside his home at mount Vernon.
  3. And you’re welcome. My collection of coffee table books focusing on the fine art of vegetable Photography will need a good home. Since we’re on the topic, my stellar collection of Mountain Dew memorabilia, perhaps the finest in the western US, will also need a good home. Anyone interested?
  4. Hey, leave the LA Times out of this.
  5. A guy I grew up with played with the Chisox during this period, a catcher named Mike Colbern. His career ended when the Sox signed Carlton Fisk.
  6. I don’t get why these morons always block traffic.
  7. I’m sure they shot the officers because of income inequality, as AOC told us.
  8. It was discussed but our principal chose otherwise, and the majority of us are on board with him. We discussed a staggered schedule where kids alternate between morning and afternoon, but afternoon is a shorter amount of time for classes after lunch, which is a problem for our high school (we’re a K-12 school). That would also create transportation problems for parents with multiple kids at our school. K-5 would stay in their regular one room all day, which is about seven different classrooms. Grade 6 rotates between two teachers, and jr. high rotates between four teachers. High school has about a dozen teachers and would continue to do their thing. We had a teacher retire in jr. high so we’re still looking to find a replacement. Don’t know how that will be affected by all of this.
  9. Masks for everyone. Disinfect surfaces after each class period. No assemblies. No eating in the cafeteria. Limit of 15 in a classroom. Maintain small groups/social distancing on playground. No sports teams. Not sure what would happen to our band and choir programs. Temporarily suspend our foreign student program with China. of course, now that LAUSD is staying with online learning for the fall, I expect we’ll follow suit. Announcement forthcoming.
  10. Pierre Lebrun is a hockey writer who probably doesn’t have near the amount of autocorrect problems that I have.
  11. Fortunately, we have a good man at our helm. We’ve worked out a plan for how to reopen. No idea if parents will be comfortable with it or how many kids will actually return to campus.