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  1. have you seen the pictures from lollapalooza in grant park?
  2. oh great, white supremacy strikes again.
  3. rory sabatini has become a citizen of Slovakia for the olympics. not really sure of the story behind it, and frankly don't care a whole lot because he's a big doosh.
  4. boy, Matsuyama is playing the par 5 like any of us play it. yikes.
  5. i like Dottie Pepper. I think she does a good job and is fair. not sure if i should admit this or not, but I kinda had a thing for her when she was still playing in the 90s.
  6. as much as i'd like to have Story or Seager, I'd be fine with keeping Iglesias at SS if it means that money was spent on a good starting pitcher. I don't want to see Fletcher at SS, or Barreto or Rengifo. they clearly need to bolster the bullpen. if they're signing the usual suspect kind of guys, then it really won't matter what they do anywhere else if they can't hold a lead. I'm fine with R. Iglesias as the closer and would look to extend him. Same with Cobb.
  7. by my authority, i declare that if xander blows this lead, @ELEVEN owes you another beer.
  8. saw the women's 100m dash final. it was a sweep for the jamaicans. the chick who won must not be very popular with her teammates. she ran about an extra 100m past the finish line and the other two finally showed up after an uncomfortably long absence, gave her an incredibly insincere-looking pat on the shoulder and walked away. it looked very uncomfortable.
  9. congratulations to the five guys that will pass him and keep him from medaling.
  10. and just like that, xander hits his tee shot on 7 in just about the poorest spot possible.
  11. let's hope it's not sunday in tokyo. that hasn't been a very good day for him here in the states.
  12. is there a story about maroon and perry?
  13. well good news! just when you thought there wasn't anymore crazy in this country, the AMA would like to have a word with you. https://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/news/20210616/remove-sex-from-public-birth-certificates-ama-says#:~:text=June 16%2C 2021 -- Sex,Association (AMA) said Monday.
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