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  1. I love all beef hot dogs. Great to eat at a game. It’s my one vice. Vegetarian hot dogs have greatly improved in the last five years, but we’re still far behind you.
  2. I’ll fight you after you’re done with your one month ban for “un-American activities.”
  3. In our home our sweet potatoes are different than what’s in the picture. It’s more like sweet potatoes in a brown sugar sauce. That’s just how my mom always made them and I can’t picture thanksgiving without them. I’ve had sweet potatoes with marshmallows before, but it’s not as sweet as I’m used to and the marshmallows are a waste. I’ve never tasted turkey. In fact, I have no idea what it even smells like. I’m curious what it tastes like. I’m keeping the rolls for sentimental reasons. When I was a kid, we always used margarine/oleo. Thanksgiving was the one single time of the ye
  4. Who hurt you, poozy? How is it possible to dislike mashed potatoes?
  5. Trebeck was the grandfatherly type that we loved. Huge shoes to fill. I’m okay with them auditioning a few different people and see who clicks. I think I’d be okay with Jennings, but going from contestant to host may be a tall order for him to fill.
  6. I eat a reasonable amount of it. Sadly, we don’t have nearly as clever a saying about it. Roots to leaves - Would that work?
  7. I’m tossing the Mac ‘n cheese. Just don’t see it as a thanksgiving food.
  8. No doubt we all have a variety of foods we eat on this day. But I saw this and thought it could be something interesting to do here. you have to get rid of one of these. Which one are you dumping from the menu?
  9. EGREGIOUS! OUTRAGEOUS! there should be an investigation.
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