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  1. Very Presidential 30 for 30 spectacular Failures history that doesn’t suck sports criminals secret societies historical figures the way I heard it with Mike Rowe the ron Burgundy podcast
  2. Yikes, I don’t have time for 4 hour podcasts, though it does look interesting.
  3. I stopped watching because of this. It’s unwatchable for me. My wife’s idea was to put each of them in a glass box and very aggressively control their mics so they don’t interrupt or try to talk over each other. It’s an idea worth pursuing.
  4. If someone does this, they could be drunk by 6:35. Its 6:29 right now.
  5. I made it through ten minutes. This is almost as bad as being on the main forum during a two-game losing streak in April. What a mess.
  6. i met her in the elevator once at south bay galleria. she was funny.
  7. he'd probably have get help from his buddy Corn Pop.
  8. regionally they could use both staples center and the pond, so SoCal should be under consideration as a host city.
  9. yeah, that's not the guy you want in front of little kids.
  10. when does the new season begin? thought i heard january.
  11. i met former commissioner john ziegler once. i'm 6'2 and he came up to about my shoulder.
  12. yeah, that was funny. bettman looked like a little kid. on the plus side, it's probably the first (and maybe only) time he's presented the Cup without a rousing shower of boos.
  13. You’re right. I should have included Noe Ramirez and Cam Bedrosian. Apologies.
  14. I’ll start working the phones, buddy. Gonna have to be careful with that whole tampering nonsense.
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