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  1. This is one of the more puzzling baseball moves I can remember. I’m glad he’s no longer our problem. Mang out!
  2. I would immediately fire 221 of those idiots. Or maybe the halos front office could send each of them a fruitcake as a way of saying thanks.
  3. The people who keep criticizing Alex Curry, that’s who.
  4. Homeless encampments by the beach right before summer starts and families with children start flocking there? Oh yeah, what could possibly go wrong with this idea?
  5. Says the guy who lives in the Arabian peninsula.
  6. Six years later and this is still pretty darn funny.
  7. my dad always had game. always.
  8. i can vouch for this. gave said info to lou a couple of years ago and now i get daily emails about hot sexy singles in glendale and lots of concern about my reproductive health. it's just dawning on me that maybe lou didn't actually fix my original problem, which was a few unwanted wasps in our backyard.
  9. i love strad. got to meet up with him and the missus in tempe two months ago. we got to chat and watch adell hit a bomb. it was good.
  10. just take a look at this scouting report and you'll know why.
  11. i got it too. figured claude must have launched some kind of attack.
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