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  1. You should watch the videos from Jomboy. Not only are they damning and interesting, but rumor has it he’s hilarious.
  2. The only thing that apology is missing is the ubiquitous “I’m sorry if you were offended.”
  3. i'd like to see the boys finish over .500 AND contend for a playoff spot.
  4. trust me, there'll be a few around here that'd be unhappy with making the playoffs.
  5. then i'd recommend you stay away from the main forum this afternoon.
  6. it's pandering because she's saying billionaires only reap the profits without doing any of the work. it's like saying "hey, why do THEY deserve to be rich when YOU'RE the one doing all the work???" She's inciting a class war with this approach, as is bernie. andy rooney once did a commentary on 60 minutes about this idea and his suggestion was simple: if you want to climb out of your situation, then be the person that invents the next great thing that society needs. you could be the next bill gates, or steve jobs or ray kroc or ron popeil.
  7. it probably sounds as bizarre to non-believers as the idea of life coming from a series of cosmic impossibilities sounds to a christian. i was raised in an adventist christian home, and i was a believer. but i had an experience that confirmed my belief in an interesting way when i was in college. our school had a cadaver that the nursing class students would use for anatomy lessons. the administration decided to get a newer cadaver, and for some reason, i was invited to help prepare his body for viewing. it was my task to separate muscle groups and remove fat from them. while doing this, i was able to look inside his abdominal area and see how everything was perfectly placed and fit in the space given, and how everything that our bodies need is there. it's one thing to see photos or illustrations, but it's quite another experience to see the different colors and textures of the different organs, to see how a heart is different from a kidney, which is different from a nerve, which is different from a set of teeth, which is different from muscles, etc. To believe that those things came about on their own without any kind of supernatural, divine plan and process seems far-fetched to me to in the highest degree possible. Seeing all of that was confirming to me that God is our creator as outlined in the bible. That also strengthens my belief that if that part is true, and if the historical parts are true, then the story of Jesus as our savior and His arrival on this planet to save us from sin and the work of satan is not difficult at all for me to accept. It gives me hope as well that there is a life for each of us beyond this life we have now as discussed in scripture.
  8. this is the main reason Adventists don't consider themselves evangelicals. we are not a political or activist group, though the basic tenets of fundamentalism are things we hold dear.
  9. Seventh day Adventist’s believe in being born again but we do not consider ourselves evangelicals.
  10. Can we just go back to paper ballots and pencils already?