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  1. Cole, Taillon, Musgrove, and Glasnow.... all gone. Meanwhile Trevor Cahill is one of the Pirates SPs this year.
  2. Oh the locals would most likely pick "Teheran 2.0" as "least", then turn around and talk about how great Teheran 1.0 looks this season .... Because ERA. Check out Julio's ERA and then look at the predictive stuff.
  3. That was cool, for him, for SD... Great story. The world is better when baseball is being played.
  4. I was going to lead off with that, then recap @Jay's excellent scouting report of the Coors Field cat but, I didn't want people to think I was playing favorites.
  5. Not a Fowler fan but.... Good to hear he's not seriously injured.
  6. LOL.... Sounds like the dude from the "im in a tank and you're not" video. Also -- LOL at Realmuto laughing...
  7. I mean you weren't wrong -- ERA wise, most of the traditional stuff he was far and away the worst performance last week.
  8. With the best FIP... He got BABIPd to death last week...
  9. Its pretty funny how Gubi can't help but LOL when he describes CRod's pitches... It's really pretty ridiculous.
  10. ..... Yes, because a guy that hasn't pitched above High A before this season couldn't use a game like this to try to "develop".
  11. Jerry Dipoto.... leak stuff to the media? NO WAY.. he would NEVERRRRRRRRRRRR do that..
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