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  1. Not gonna lie -- if I were Quintana I'd look into purchasing a bubble wrap suit...
  2. Some of which they may be able to fill in house -- thats the benefit of the one year deals and not throwing away the farm system because "OMG TROUT"....
  3. Small, kinda puny actually... which is what made the entire thing so funny. But I guess he watched some motivational video and got all pumped up, went all Wonderdog and jacked his shoulder up.
  4. Five guys 23 mil, and AP 30 mil... all coming off the books next year when the new GM has had a full season to gauge the farm system and decide which way to go. Throw in Heaney and Bundy -- that's a significant lump of money that will be opening up, even after guys get raises.. Payroll flexibility is a good thing.
  5. I've heard that version as well. But most people cite the other version.. 1990 - Glenallen Hill Hill showed up at the ballpark on crutches in early July, with bruises, cuts, and rugburn on his feet, legs, and elbows. The night before, he claimed to have had a nightmare, "I have a phobia about spiders. In the nightmare, I was trying to get away from spiders. In his sleep, he ran out of his bedroom, crashed through a glass table, and "bounced off a wall." He woke up on his couch with his wife screaming. He was placed on the disabled list. The previous year, Jays pitcher David Wells ha
  6. Carl Pavano lacerated his spleen while shoveling snow... Steve Sparks separated his shoulder trying to rip a phone book in half... But the greatest (funniest) injury of all time has to be Glenallen Hill falling through a glass table after having a nightmare about spiders.. Not a pitcher I know, but still just LOL funny.,
  7. Heaney, Canning, definitely, Ohtani. All three are injury risks, adding a guy that if nothing else has managed to avoid non dishwashing injuries is a plus.
  8. It would suck. Of all the one year SP contracts the Angels have signed in recent years, Quintana to me looks like the least volatile. I just want him to actually be what he's been and not find a time machine to when he was 25, or a FB that's deserted him, or a pitch that he actually has success with. Id consider 170 innings of 100-105 ERA+ baseball to be quite the success at this point.
  9. Of all the FAs in FA history that I had no clue where he would end up going Bauer is at the top of the list. No effing clue.
  10. if it means we don't have to bring someone up who isn't ready to start games then it's actual improvement. But yes...
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