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  1. Any idea what the Pirates are looking for? They seem to need everything.
  2. If the Skaggs situation doesnt happen this year, we dont go after Teheran and the team is playing today.
  3. Like I said, I still got a minor kick out of it. Yep, it's a testament to the stuff he did behind the plate that he lasted this long. Dude will walk away with a full MLB pension and likely transition into coaching. All while sporting a career .194 average over 16 years. It's the 16 years that's amazing.
  4. I doubt this is what they mean when they say consistency is a good thing.
  5. Like I said, I like the Mathis jokes, at least those tend to be funny. This... meh!, but I still got a chuckle. Nice to meet you Lazorko, your namesake was a fun story
  6. My take on the Grienke trade was that he got absolute max value for Segura. That doesnt make it a great trade but it was a great return on what amounted to Segura and two nothings. And I called the other two guys nothings at the time. I don't see Eppler making that trade given Greinke had gone on record as wanting to test FA and go to the highest bidder, but thats speculation and you know the old line about everyone having an opinion.
  7. Me either -- that wasn't my point. The bigger picture is it's very likely Eppler would have gone about it differently. If he doesn't make the Segura trade then maybe Newcomb is still here or used for something else. I think it's pretty much a lock that Grichuk isn't included as a throw in to get a 3B who was good at driving in runs (as per Dipoto). Eppler inherited a wasteland and had zero money. He didn't spend money the first three years on the job and as he walks out the door he leaves the Angels in much better shape than he got them. The next guy will get all the atta boys and ac
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