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  1. I meant as far as this particular back and forth went .... but overall I liken the situation to coming outside everyday and finding your neighbor's Chihuahua has taken several tiny poops up all over the place. It's easy to avoid and totally insignificant but still annoying it happens everyday. And just like a Chihuahua, he'll keep barking no matter how much you ignore him. The poor thing just wants a little attention.
  2. What an awful read. He seemed to spend more time condemning the whistleblower than owning up to the bs. They might be better off not apologizing than following Keuchel's lead.
  3. I havent seen it -- but if thats essentially what he said .. just wow..
  4. Physician heal thyself. Youre the one barking in every direction like a rabid dog... I stopped caring after Fletcher bitch-slapped you across the room with "whatever you say" So.. Whatever you say..
  5. This is what is called psychological projection. You can no longer separate the voices in your head from the things people actually said. It's troubling, but it's not my problem. Arte has made the I'm willing to spend on the right guy comment more than once. Eppler has said it as well. Feel free to cling to the example you need to... but you're the person here famous for misrepresenting facts. BTW, the article you are referring was a story by Alden Gonzalez, October 5th 2015. If you want -- I can show you where Arte Moreno has said it's never been about the threshold... LOL Calling you out on your bullshit behavior doesn't make me a bully. The intimidation line is cute too.. You know what the most pathetic part about this is -- you know damn well that when you were being pushed out the door I reached out to you and said I had no interest in stifling your opinion. You did your usual I'm sorry, I respect you, I know you're right but here you are playing the victim pretending you've been treated unfairly. It's sad really, but I guess since this sort of fake show has worked for you in the past, you're going to back to that well once again. Seriously. Get a grip.
  6. Yep -- I've said multiple times both guys would be better off punting on the true FB and focusing on their sinkers. Which is why I think the Teheran and Bundy moves tie into something they believe they can tap into.
  7. More spin doctoring... LOL. Just STFU already. Ryu isn't the right player -- he never would be. Ryu is exactly the sort of pitcher you have railed against for years, fragile, wrong side of 30, in need of pitch counts, and expensive for FOUR years . Thats what I called you on, that's what you're trying to deflect away from. Instead of pretending that hasn't been your position why not actually admit to it and say you believe Ryu is the exception to the rule? Whether or not I agree at least it's a position I could respect instead of this gutless display of spin.
  8. I just like Gibson's warts better. Gave up a lot of hits in front of awful Twins defenses -- seriously, awful. GB rate for his career of 51.5% Both guys had k/9 Rates of 9.0 last year, but Gibson sports a career HR/9 of 1.05 to Bundy's 1.67. In the age of launch angle that's a big difference.
  9. And? Who exactly are you arguing with? When have you seen me say the money was there for Ryu? I just said the opposite you dolt, he is not someone Arte would see as "the right guy". The voices in your head are not in any way shape or form anyone else's opinions. Maybe pay attention to what people are actually saying. Out of control indeed.
  10. Well, I didn't want Bundy... I would have much prefered Gibson to Bundy.... I see Bundy are more of a project and a reach than Gibson at 3 years 28 mil guaranteed. I think at one point I said Bundy was one of the guys I didn't want at all. I always worry about guys that are looking to relearn how to pitch after seeing their velocity plummet like Bundy has. There are tons of guys who do just that and go on to have successful careers, I just was hoping for more certainty. I saw Teheran as being the better "project" pitcher and he was my Bundy. Teheran has the much better track record but he too has seen his velocity evaporate and would benefit from moving away from his FB usage. I actually wonder if the Angels targeting them both is due to some in house belief that they can find something to unlock with both their sinkerballs. May just be as simple as thinking the defense will be a huge plus for them -- but, they are just as likely to set records for HRs allowed given their recent histories.