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  1. First, you're still guilty of making numbers up.... Here are the MLB leaders in K rate last year for qualified hitters...,d All of two MLB players struck out as much as 30% of the time -- Domingo Santana and Roughed Odor. Second... it really really silly to think a guy that is striking out 30% of the time in AAA isn't going to see that number rise .vs MLB pitching and again -- it's not just the Ks... BTW -- here are the PCL leaders in K rate...,1 Edwin Rios, Brandon Snyder, Michael Gettys, and Adolis Garcia are the only guys who got enough qualifying at bats and also posted K rates over 30% The best of that lot -- Gettys, ranks as the 30th best prospect of the Padres.
  2. Grats, now you're making numbers up. Judge's K rate his final season in AAA was 23% -- down from 28.3% the previous year and that in turn was the only full minor league season where he posted a K rate above 25.3%. The 36% you're quoting came in a 5 game rehab assignment.... Now, do you want to talk about his walk rates in AAA? 150+ games 11.3% Acuna -- 22% in AAA. AA it was 23%. Alonso -- 25.9% in AAA. AA it was 18.3% with a walk rate above 15% Bryce Harper played a total of 21 games above High A prior to making his MLB debut at age 19 -- he posted a K rate of 16% Despite becoming what some consider to be a K machine in recent years his career worst K rate in any MLB season was 26.3 -- his career average is 21.8. His career walk rate is 14.7. None of your examples support your opinion. None of them. Again, Adell's k rate is just a starting point.
  3. You don't know what changes will come, stop pretending you do. As far as knowing when a guy is ready or not.. I'd say someone not striking out 30% of the time he steps into a batters box is a pretty solid starting point. We have all seen what he's done in the minors, the times he's struggled he then mastered the level and moved up. So far we have only seen him struggle in AAA...
  4. I'd rather they mic up the field so you hear the game and the players more than piped in fake noise.... Hearing player reactions and smack would be a lot more entertaining ...
  5. I don't know enough about what the taxi squad will be doing to have an opinion on what would best serve Adell's development.
  6. I guess that's why I also said this.... This is the first season since MiLB was founded that there is nowhere for these guys to play. There is no road map in place -- your guess is as good as mine. But you'd think the team would want to tread carefully with the best prospect in the system since Mike Trout and before that, Troy Glaus.
  7. So Teheran spends a few weeks with Maddon in ST and now he's pulling a Jack Kerouac and gone "On the Road". Kinda funny they make it seem like he's just MIA. @Angel Oracle, he's gone full blown Daniel Simpson Day on us!
  8. Meh, that would reflect poorly on them (in my eyes). I get that it's business smart and all that but I want them to make baseball decisions first and foremost. I'm a fan of roster manipulations when they are made for competitive reasons such as Frankie in 2002 and the Dodgers' rotation/DL usage in 2018/19... When I said two weeks in my initial post I was aware of the 6 days but genuinely believe they will keep him down longer than that simply because he still has things to work on. I've been a Jo Adell guy since before he was drafted, I compared him to Trout at one point not as a player but as a guy who's upbringing and personality set him apart from the average player. Both guys have really good relationships with their parents, both see the bigger picture, but he didn't look ready. Marsh actually looked to be further ahead than Adell in the AFL last year despite being the lesser talent and having only made it to AA -- again, IMO. When push comes to shove I just hope they call him up when they believe he's up to the task.. If that's on day 1 of the season, fine.
  9. Btw... All this talk seems premature. Dude went 7-25 with 13 Ks .vs the usual cupcake pitching they see in early ST this year. This after putting up a .676 OPS in SLC last year (striking out more than 30% of the time). Yes, he's mega talented but he didn't look like anyone about to break camp with a MLB team. This is his age 21 season, he's way ahead of the game development wise but again, not ready. In a perfect world the virus finally begins to relent and there's an AFL type situation where guys like Adell get actual development time vs more than the same 7 pitchers. It sucks, I genuinely think this is a bit of a lost season for hitters, you don't get as much out of facing the same guys over and over again. Anyway, I doubt the Angels would play any service time manipulation games, they didn't with Ohtani... But pretty much everything they have said to date is that Adell still has things to work on. If there's an argument to be made for bringing him up, great.... but there are enough performance based facts to question whether it's the best decision.
  10. Swap me out for Brian's roadside pick in AZ.
  11. Nobody has any clue what will happen. Yes, it's one of the topics the players want to talk about after the Kris Bryant situation but nobody has any real knowledge what will happen.