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  1. Keith Law had the Angels system ranked 7th last spring. How's our trophy for 7th best farm system in 2019 compare to the Mariners 2020 9th place trophy? This year he's got the Angels at 18, the Mariners at 11 FWIW. The only thing anyone will give a shit about in two years is what team is best positioned to win.
  2. The Met's current GM is the same guy that negotiated Cano's contract. Dude traded for his own (former) client basically.
  3. We'd have to ask him. I don't know either but I have heard of it being the case with many who left the island.
  4. I don't know what TBW meant when he wrote the lack of English impeded his grocery shopping.... not sure how it could. But I do wonder if it wasn't a case of being reminded of everything his family didn't have and had to go through for something as basic as foodstuffs.. Something akin survivor's remorse if you will.
  5. Probably a Cuban frita... They mix Spanish chorizo into the hamburger.
  6. Up until the fall of the Soviet Union canned food from Russia was pretty common.... all Russian labels etc etc.... Then the "Special Period", started.... That's what they called it when there wasn't anything at all. Seriously, imagine a world where canned goods and the sort don't exist.... That's the world he knew.
  7. I actually get this.... This is something that is kinda common among Cubans that never saw the world pre-Castro. See, while a lot of U.S. politicians throw praise at Cuba and how it made life better for many Cubans (lol), or whatever the mythology is, reality is Cubans haven't seen a supermarket since 1961 or so... No local bodega, no 7-11 or convenience stores... Those don't exist for actual Cubans -- just for tourists, and those stores won't even accept Cuban currency. Instead of being able to do something as mundane as shopping for groceries, they have to hope the goods become available. Cubans get everything rationed, they are given a booklet they bring with them along with an actual container to a government dispensary where they stand in lines hoping to actually get the item in question.. One day it might be rice, the next it might be dairy, just make sure you get there early because once they run out you're assed out... and if your ration of whatever never comes .... too bad, you don't get a rain check or get to swap it out for an item they do have. "Viva la revolucion! Viva Fidel!!" It's pretty common to hear stories of Cubans first entering into a supermarket then breaking down and crying... So, it's likely just a case of him not even grasping the concept of a store full of food just waiting for you to show up and get what you want... I don't care what your politics are guys... be thankful for all the simple liberties we enjoy. And in conclusion.... thanks again, Jerry.....
  8. For #1 I picked 5.. I'm neither feeling good nor bad, mostly I'm just bored. I pretty much try to avoid all opinion pieces regardless of the medium and I find that is working really well for me. Waiting this out is annoying enough without having to put up with people trying to use it for political gain or gamesmanship. I hope you are all doing well.
  9. The hype guy in the back is hilarious.... "Jesus Flav".
  10. They don't make them like that anymore. Deeply sorry for your loss.
  11. Deferred money so he gets it all. Greatest contract ever.
  12. If they aren't playing by July, there is no 2020 season IMO. They need to start looking at 82 game season options... this full season BS isn't going to happen. Obviously the only reason for a full 162 game season it ensure that the players get paid for 162 games.
  13. This thread and the Chris Sale thread should be required reading.