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  1. Bundy was a guy that had to be a different player to succeed and his only success was during a freak season. Cobb's success is more repeatable, less volatile. I think you have to try to sign him because he actually wants to be here and there is no guarantee that front line starter will ever come. For three years now I've been arguing that the needed to get out in front of free agency and lock up that midrange guy, we never do and we end scraping the bottom of the barrel looking at one year deals. Sign Cobb, then try for the front line guy...what's the worst thing that happens?? You have too many good arms? Yeah.... I'd love to have that problem. You're not resigning Cobb to be a sub 3.00 guy, you're signing him to be a sub 4.00 guy.
  2. The View.... Going on 25 years of being twats...
  3. A bad wheel all season would legitimately have a big impact on a guy whose entire game is built upon his legs. Even the weak contact and constantly rolling over like he has at times would make more sense.
  4. I hope every time they lose it improves their chances at a better draft pick. Same but different.
  5. I hope the Angels make the services open to the public so the fans get a chance to say goodbye.
  6. I voted neither on Perry, but I like that he didn't come in firing everyone and trying to put his stamp on this. He hired guys, seemingly had them do the deep dive thing, and hopefully we get a better look at what the Perry era will be like. But not screwing the team long term was a good move and I'm looking forward to seeing how he navigates this offseason.
  7. Seriously.... Next guy that leaves a game with an injury I hope Maddon answers any question about it with a simple "he's dead". Like Dr McCoy used to do on the original Star Trek.
  8. It's actually just funny now. He's not been slightly off ... It's always like 60 day IL off. Almost like it's satire.
  9. I'm not a Dr., but I've seen enough tv shows about hospitals and doctors where I feel comfortable agreeing with this assessment.
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