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  1. I do not listen to him and I haven’t listened to him in over 10 years (hence unlistenable)
  2. It was post game and other players were out there signing and he walked right past the kids. They were yelling his name and looking at him and he just went on his way with a scowl on his face and no acknowledgment whatsoever! this seems to be in line with most of the other narratives on this board about him.
  3. He completely ignored my son and other kids waiting patiently for his autograph after a game.Dude is a complete AHole!
  4. And he also gets a dorm room and his meals, things these players do not receive!
  5. Gary Lucas was the pitcher that replaced Witt who was still dominating at that point. The announcer stated that Gary Lucas has not hit a batter this year and he promptly plunks the next batter. You know the rest.
  6. Except for that one damn time in 86, i’m still pissed about that!
  7. Rendon is hurt more than my wife’s feelings!
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