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  1. I hope the two wild cards are from NY, Boston, or Toronto. I hate the AL West, but I suspect the odds makers are picking Seattle to pick up a wild card spot due to five of the last eight against the Angels.
  2. Scherzer should not be considered. He will get injured early and be out for the year, or show is age and lose his stuff. The Angels and old free agents has not worked well. With another team, he could contend for the Cy Young, but not as an Angel.
  3. Carney Lansford, Rance Mullinix, Brian Harper, Dante Bichette, Mickey Rivers, Tom Brunansky, Jerry Remy, Jim Edmonds, Bruce Bochte. Darn you Autry!
  4. Having been a fan since 1968, my expectations are pretty much the same every year
  5. The Angels just need to keep on playing their standard brand of baseball and the result will be the same as tanking.
  6. I thought we we supposed to get free medium fries at Mc Donald's after Angel wins. Two locations so far, one in West Covina , and one in Pomona, knew nothing about it. I wonder how many days will go by before I get to ask another location about it.
  7. I have them finishing at 74-88, which is higher than my 70-92 prediction to start the year. I would roughly anticipate, 0-1 vs Orioles 1-3 vs. Padres 0-3 vs. Yankees 4-3 vs. Rangers 2-5 vs. Astros 1-2 vs. A's 2-4 vs. Mariners and 1-2 vs. White Sox, for a 74-88 finish
  8. After a bunch of .500 records, it was only a matter of time before the Angels would stay below .500 for the rest of the year. With all the missing pitchers, and with Texas the only team left on the schedule who is below .500, I would expect .400 winning percentage the rest of the way. With nothing else to play for, seeing how the young guys progress will be the main reason to watch the rest of the games.
  9. When was it known the calf was torn? Why were kept in the dark and left with the illusion he could come back this year?
  10. Did not sell off the farm, and put a strong emphasis on drafting pitchers. They would be within two games of a playoff spot with Trout in there. Although being 13-28 against the three division teams above them, turns my stomach, especially when one considers they have held their own against the Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox, White Sox and Blue Jays with a combined 15 -12 against them.
  11. Scherzer has not declined because he is not an Angel. Just wait and see what happens if the Angels sign him.
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