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    • Major League Baseball in 2021
      It's getting close to being the middle of December, MLB seems to have resolved their plans at the MiLB level but they still haven't ironed it anything regarding expanded playoffs, people at games, universal DH, roster sizes ... Just a lot of stuff they really can't resolve because it's out of their control..

      So, with that uncertainty in mind..  Are you guys expecting a full 162 game season?  At this point my guess is they are assuming the end of 2021 will possibly allow for fans to be back at games, particularly if the vaccine takes and they start turning the corner with Covid...   My guess is we may see a shorter season, possible one that starts later and another year of tournament style baseball at neutral sites where the weather is more forgiving.

      But does anyone really expect MLB to start on time and in front of fans?  Do you think they may ask for proof of vaccinations to be able to attend games...   Its likely going to be different state to state, so that too may make for some volatility within MLB.

      Personally, wasn't a fan of the neutral park stuff -- I get why they did it and to be honest it got to where I didn't really notice the lack of fans, but unless it's due to weather, I really do think I'd prefer to see teams who earned a playoff spot get to play in their own parks and the sort..
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    • Hank Aaron has passed away
      Legendary Atlanta Brave and Major League Baseball record holder Hank Aaron died Friday at the age of 86, according to Aaron’s daughter.

      Born in Mobile, Alabama, on Feb. 5, 1934, Henry Louis Aaron was one of eight children born to Herbert and Estella Aaron." – WSB-TV Atlanta

      This one hits me hard, since I grew up as a Braves fan. He was such a kind man, too.  I had the pleasure of meeting him a few times. RIP, Hank.
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    • Angels sign Jose Quintana (1 year, $8 million)
      Quintana pitched just games in 2020, but he has a career 3.73 and he's reunited with former Cubs manager Joe Maddon.

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