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  1. I was at Fort Benning waiting on my Ranger school to start when i was woken up by my room mate. My first thought was why is Peter Jennings on ESPN? I had fallen asleep watching ESPN apparently. Then it went into anger, and sadness. The sad part is, i am EOD and i know lots about explosions. Knowing it was planes and fuel, Fire + liquid against steel is not a good combo, i had a horrible feeling that those towers would collapse. Then we heard about the pentagon, a building I have visited multiple times and knew some that worked there, I couldn't help but wonder if they were ok. We had been called for muster so we immediately got dressed and assembled. Within 30 mins i was on a plane back to Grafenwoehr Germany to rejoin my unit. We spent almost the whole flight glued to com's getting every bit of information we could, no one slept, the adrenaline was high and every one was pumped we wanted pay back.
  2. Nope, because I do not believe we are going to get any. Not for lack of trying, I do hope I am wrong.
  3. Vlad by far, Haren was nice. Ohtani was a nice surprise.
  4. It was a nice stunt for sure, but he has done more to cause divide in this country than any other. As one would expect from a Russian tool.
  5. Good old Strat. Played this tons. I remember when AAA stealing ability first appeared. Are they playing advanced mode or simple ? I would hope advanced to get the Lefty/Righty thing going. I bet Trout is a 2 Column guy, while Rendon is either a 1 or 3.
  6. Setting up an online league is time consuming, but once setup it pretty much runs itself. Setting up league, rules, minors etc.... thats the fun part!!
  7. Just thought i would share this, This was a hands off Simulation. I ran 5 more after this, and all 6 have the Angels in the playoffs. Looking to join a league or even start one if people around here play this. Fixed the links on this, and it kicked my arse.
  8. So glad to be back in the states once again, first stop?!.... IN-N-Out.... oh how i have missed you.
  9. I would not listen to much, that channel is (and has been for a few years now) the Mets fan club, who cares what they think? those guys are usually wrong anyway.
  10. I will want to see what he will be like after Trout teaches him a thing or two.
  11. C. Downing 1B Carew 2B. Grich SS Burleson 3B. Glaus LF Anderson CF. Trout RF Vladdy DH Baylor SP Nolan Ryan RP Scot Shields Cl Frankie
  12. So glad to see that granny hit off of Rodney, the look on that shit bags face was awesome. Take your crooked hat and shove it.
  13. "Tyler mixed drugs & alcohol and died, but its not his fault, someone gave him the drugs, and they forced him to drink. Lets see how much money we can get" Sounds like millennial reasoning to me.
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