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  1. What's funny is that the $15M he agreed to was precisely the option that the Rays just declined. And the Rays were reported to be the runner up. So they hoped to save a million or two and lost Morton...
  2. Alex Anthopoulos is schooling his protege. *This* is how you fill two empty slots in your pitching rotation. (TBF, he caught Minasian from a standing start... still, time to get going if we want to snap up some pitching.)
  3. I'm all for trading a few valuable trade chits for Snell. The thing is though the Rays seem like they've got depth everywhere, hard to know what their needs are. Would Brandon Marsh + Jeremiah Jackson + someone really young like Vera be enough?
  4. One year of Lindor, when the acquiring team pays all salary? I cannot imagine that it would be all that expensive. It'll cost something meaningful, but we're not talking Brandon Marsh here...
  5. With the departure of Simmons, SS is an obvious position of need for the Angels. Would Luis Rengifo or someone of that trade value tier be enough for one year of Lindor?
  6. twitter.com/RawlingsSports/status/1319337752647913473?s=20
  7. I remember about 15 years ago I was having lunch at a restaurant at a golf course in Reno, NV. I heard his distinctive voice at the next table, there was no mistaking it. Looked over and there he was. Couldn't have been nicer when I briefly interrupted his lunch to thank him for some terrific childhood baseball memories.
  8. Barria went exactly once through the order, seemed pre-planned. Clev's early departure "wasn't planned" per press reports. Sounds like he's still injured.
  9. Surely you would remove Posey from that list too, right @Jeff Fletcher?
  10. Hansel Robles shouldn't get to use his intro video if he's not the closer. It seems kinda sad for just some guy in the bullpen to have a hype video like that. Gotta earn it.
  11. I like this move. Maybe I'm in the minority. La Stella is a free agent in 2021 so this is a rental for the A's. We get a long term 24 year old prospect who has had very limited playing time and has a 55 prospect score per Fangraphs. Sign me up. Let's see what this kid can do.
  12. Does no one catch the irony of complaining about no Angels prospect ever panning out while we currently have perhaps the best player to ever play the game on our roster as a home-grown prospect?
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