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  1. ... and a part owner of the franchise to boot! Former Dodger Tony Cingrani is the closer. Kind of an interesting squad, for Indie ball...
  2. Was minding my own business attending a spousal work-mandated Indie League baseball matchup between the Lexington Legends and the Gastonia Honey Hunters, and guess who steps up to the plate? (They define "Legends" a little differently here in Lexington.) Turns out, the key to unlocking his potential was pitting him against sub-single-A-level Atlantic League pitching. Batting .421/.540/.684 over 38 ABs.
  3. Think about the mental toughness needed to overcome not just one but two bullshit balks, a run-scoring wild pitch K, as well as the incredible squeeze this home plate ump is putting on him. Amazing he gave up just two runs there. So impressive.
  4. Today's Angelswin word of the day is: scha·den·freu·de /ˈSHädənˌfroidə/ noun pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune.
  5. @Jeff Fletcher not sure if you're crowd-sourcing questions, but there's mine: About a year ago, it was reported that the Angels were aggressively furloughing employees in Baseball Operations, more so than other teams. Have the Angels struggled to staff back up, and as you staff back up are you (Perry) changing the structure of the Angels staffing, particularly in analytics and scouting?
  6. The four-member search committee was announced today to find Tim Mead's successor:
  7. I think it was this play that was the final straw: https://www.mlb.com/video/alex-claudio-in-play-run-s-to-kevin-kiermaier?q=BatterId %3D [595281] Order By Timestamp DESC&cp=MIXED&p=0
  8. @Jeff Fletcher do you think Quintana might hit the IL with a "phantom injury" sometime soon to help him sort out some of his issues on the back fields? I was a fan of the Quintana signing at first, but something is just not right...
  9. Here's a nerdy question: do the Cardinals get a payout on the insurance policy on Fowler's contract, if he's no longer playing for them?
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