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  1. Thanks for the answers @Jeff Fletcher. For anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of how the in-stadium production works this season, I came across a really fascinating interview with a ballpark sound effects operator on Effectively Wild, the Fangraphs podcast. A great listen:
  2. I've been going on the assumption that the crowd noise we're hearing on television broadcasts is heard in the stadium too, but I heard an analyst today talk about how players might be getting better breaks on balls defensively because they can hear the sound of the ball hitting the bat better. So, dumb question: the players CAN hear the same crowd noise we can, can't they? And how convincing is it in a stadium atmosphere? (If you close your eyes, could you be fooled that the ambient noise you're hearing is actual crowd noise?) I have to say, the crowd noise we're hearing on broadcasts -- especially at other stadiums -- is pretty convincing. The A's games have even mixed in sounds of the drummers, horns, etc. No idea how they captured those, but they are present and accounted for!
  3. Seems like no way that should have been a game winning sac fly. But I'll take it!
  4. Fletcher has such exceptional bat control -- I'm not sure you bunt here, maybe just tell him to hit the ball to the right side and trust him to do it.
  5. Buchter and Ramirez look good this year. I had no problems with Buchter's walk. Every pitch had purpose, even the 3-2 slider was the pitch he meant to throw.
  6. This is absurd. We know that COVID has an incubation period during which you test negative. Just because you test negative today doesn't mean you won't be contagious in 2-3 days. Doesn't MLB have anyone advising them who knows this?
  7. As one of the few Angelswin folks in the Eastern Time Zone, I approve of the new extra inning rule.
  8. If Pujols grounds into a double play here... I will officially lose my shit.
  9. Not sure why Maddon is using our closer here. Usually visitors will reserve their closer to pitch the bottom of the inning in extras, wouldn't that be even a BETTER idea if there was a guaranteed baserunner on 2nd in the 10th?
  10. If Ohtani (God forbid) makes the last out here, he starts on second base next inning!
  11. I've gotta say, kudos to the A's field staff for having recorded horns and drums. Don't know how they got that recorded, but it definitely adds to the atmosphere.