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  1. Hasn't even played a full 162 games yet. Talk about high risk, high reward. Preller's got balls, I'll give him that.
  2. I've been thinking recently about Pujols' "personal services contract" which most of you know binds him to the Angels for 10 years at $1M per year after he retires. During that period of time, according to this article, Pujols cannot associate himself in any way with the Cardinals. Have the Angels ever specified what services Pujols will provide? Will he be a roving hitting instructor? Minor league mentor? Motivational speaker at Spring Training? Meet and greets at Angel Stadium? Bullpen catcher (if the Angels are feeling at all spiteful)? It's kind of ironic: he's been so ov
  3. This seems pretty team-friendly. A salary of more than $5.5M seems pretty likely in Arb2. It's a minor thing, but doesn't making this a two-year deal create an AAV reduction in 2022? Gives us another million or two in flexibility to come in under the cap...
  4. Looking at the early returns... glad I'm not alone in thinking that MLB.com's answer is crazy.
  5. MLB.com provided their own answer in this article: https://www.mlb.com/news/each-mlb-team-biggest-offseason-acquisition. I won't bias this poll, but let's just say I vehemently disagree with their selection. What would you say is the Angels' biggest acquisition so far this offseason?
  6. I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion but I... don't hate this deal at $2.5M (if that's what we're paying). Minasian just took the job recently. He hasn't had the opportunity to build out his team, create a long-term vision, or really even get to know the team's prospects. What Minasian is doing is playing a long game. Next year's FA class is absolutely stacked, with a ton of high-end starting pitching and four amazing shortstops in the prime of their careers. All of these one year deals, plus the Pujols $30M coming off the books, is going to create a TON of flexibility
  7. The Mets fired Porter by the time we woke up here on the East Coast. I expect the Angels will have done the same by early tomorrow morning. And deservedly so. Not much evidence is needed when there is this much real-time corroboration, text message evidence, and shirtless photos received by multiple female reporters. What more do you need to discover? The biggest winner in this fiasco: Rachel Luba.
  8. I second the motion. The O's are taking Santander to arbitration but whether he ends up at $2.1M or $2.4M (or somewhere in between in a settlement) he'll be their fourth highest paid player. It's his first Arb year. Maybe the O's are looking to dump his salary too? If we were to get Santander that would open up Marsh or Adell to be traded for an ace pitcher. Santander is waaaaaay underrated due to playing in an anonymous market. If he was a Yankee he'd be a household name.
  9. I assume this will be a pure salary dump with nothing of value headed back to Baltimore. If so, fine, I guess... but Alex Cobb is not the answer.
  10. Nice little pickup. Not earth-shattering, but good. Junior Guerra has been consistent and effective for years. Underrated.
  11. Say what you will, this is a gutsy article for Torres to write. She's going waaaaaaaaay out on a limb here.
  12. Not only 4 minor leaguers, but the Yankees' #15, 19, 21 prospects and a guy that isn't even in their top 30. And the Yankees minor league system isn't too much better than ours. This would be like us getting Taillon for four guys most of us have never heard of.
  13. MLB Trade Rumors predicted 2 years/ $18M. What a great signing.
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