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  1. So I guess Occum's Razor would tell us this is just a stupid coincidence and that we're just the victims of bad luck. But is it possible that the Angels' training regimen or some other organizational training/developmental philosophy is detrimental to our pitchers?
  2. *THIS* is why I keep coming back to AngelsWin! Well, tell Gohara he's got some Angels fans pulling for him. Thanks.
  3. Luiz Gohara is a non-roster invitee for us this year on a minor league contract. I remember when he was with the Braves organization I was a huge fan of his potential. He's only 23 years old, made his debut I believe as a 20 year old. But the Injury Gods have not looked favorably upon him. Jeff Fletcher: have you been able to see him pitch at all this Spring? Does he have a shot of making the squad?
  4. Adding Maeda to this deal probably doesn't work for the Angels either. If you add Maeda to a six-man rotation that includes Ohtani, Heaney, Canning, Bundy, Teheran, and Stripling... who do you bump, assuming they're all healthy? I think you could make a strong case that you'd bump one of the guys we acquired earlier this offseason (Bundy/Teheran). I don't think the front office wants that kind of sunk cost. (Plus, I think we all deep down suspect that Sandoval could be good enough to break into this rotation anyway... and may force the issue if he comes out of the gate strong...)
  5. I've been an admirer of Stripling for years. What sticks out (and what comes out in this interview) is his amazing attitude. He has a good case to gripe about the way he's been treated, bouncing back and forth between the rotation and relief roles. (That has been primarily driven by the Dodgers, not by Stripling's health.) He certainly has been good enough to merit a rotation slot on 90% of teams. His attitude has been just "put me in the game, Coach." We have a number of players like this on our team. He'll fit in well.
  6. I’m mystified by all of you who are calling Stripling a #3/#4 pitcher. Have you looked at this guy’s stuff? His stats? His peripherals? All he’s been missing is a rotation spot in a crowded Dodgers roster. I think he’ll be a stud for us this year. Plus, three more years of club control. Great get.
  7. Steamer projects Pages to have 1 plate appearance this year with a .156 batting average. This kid is LITERALLY doing the impossible.
  8. Stripling isn't a free agent until 2023. Two more years of Arb. That would be awesome.
  9. What other "Big League Starters" do they have? Urias? Alex Wood?