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  • ettin

    2020 Angelswin.com Primer Series: Shortstop

    By ettin

    By Robert Cunningham, Angelswin.com Senior Writer Excellence. This is the word that best describes Andrelton Simmons approach to baseball. It is best exhibited in his defensive glove-work which Simba is renowned for across MLB and, very likely, long after his career has come to an end. Although Simmons struggled a bit at the plate this year, he once again led all of baseball in defense based on FanGraphs 'Def' stat on a games played (Def/G) rate basis, in 2019, as seen below:
  • AngelsWin.com

    Angels OF Prospect Jo Adell Talks with AngelsWin.com

    By AngelsWin.com

    Interview by David Saltzer, AngelsWin.com Senior Writer Over the past two years, the Angels organization has taken a giant step forward in terms of its prospect rankings. One of the many players leading to this improvement is Jo Adell, who is considered by most, including AngelsWin.com, to be the top prospect in the Angels organization. Drafted in the 1st round of the 2017 draft (10th overall), Adell has moved rapidly through the Angels organization, and recently was promoted to High-A
  • Angelsjunky

    Angelswin.com's Top 30 Angels Prospects for 2020

    By Angelsjunky

    Welcome to this year’s version of the AngelsWin Top 30 Prospects. As with last year, it is a group effort: the following is a composite list of several AngelsWin.com members and writers, with eight participants this year. The method is simple: the list is an average of eight lists. The benefit of taking such an approach is that not only do we tend to even each other’s biases out a bit, but we also get a range of approaches: from relying mostly on stats, reading other scouting reports, and eye-wi
  • ettin

    2020 Angelswin.com Primer Series: Second Base

    By ettin

    By Robert Cunningham, AngelsWin.com Senior Writer Once again the Primer Series discussion turns to Eppler's core belief in up-the-middle-defense, of which the keystone is a major component part. When you think about Eppler's statement prior to the 2019 season, regarding young players with upside stepping up, you have to believe that second base is a position that could potentially be filled internally for the 2020 season, not only for real production purposes but also to relieve potent
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  • ettin

    2020 AngelsWin.com Primer Series: Introduction

    By ettin

    By Robert Cunningham, AngelsWin.com Senior Writer So I almost didn't write the series this year. A lot of things happened, one of which the company I worked for, Vector-Launch, unfortunately shut down in mid-August due to the loss of our primary financial backer, Sequoia. This was a real loss to me because that was the best damn job I ever had and likely will ever have the remainder of my career. It is rare that you find a position where you enjoy the work so much that you don't e

2021 Angelswin.com Primer Series: Introduction

By Robert Cunningham, Angelswin.com Senior Writer   Special Request from Angelswin.com: This year, after discussion with Chuck, we have decided to tie-in the 2021 Angelswin.com Primer Series with a wonderful GoFundMe effort called “Hope for Education”. This is a focused fundraiser, to help ten needy families in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, obtain laptops for educational use in this challenging COVID-19 pandemic environment. These families are unable to afford these computers


ettin in Blog

Los Angeles Angels name Perry Minasian as their new general manager

The Los Angeles Angels have named Perry Minasian as their new general manager according to Katherine Acquavella of CBS Sports on Thursday. Minasian had previously been the assistant general manager of the Atlanta Braves, a role he had since 2017. Minasian takes over from Billy Eppler, who was relieved of his duties on September 28. Last season, the Angels finished fourth in the American League West with a record of 26 wins and 34 losses. Prior to being with the Braves, Minasian spent n


AngelsWin.com in Blog

AngelsWin.com Interviews Angels Prospect Jose Rojas

Interview Conducted By David Saltzer, AngelsWin.com Senior Writer Here at AngelsWin.com, we have been wondering what life is like for the Minor Leaguers working out at the Long Beach facility. It’s got to be very difficult for those players, going through the same routines, trying to stay in shape, ready to join the parent club at a moment’s notice, all while facing the same players each and every day. One of our favorite stories in the Long Beach complex is that of Jose Rojas. Having


AngelsWin.com in Blog

AngelsWin.com Interviews William Holmes

By David Saltzer, AngelsWin.com Senior Writer To say that 2020 has been a strange year is clearly an understatement. Not only has it dramatically disrupted Major League baseball, but it has all but shutdown Minor League baseball. The long-term effect of that will not be known for years. As fans, we know that the Minor Leaguers are our future. Their development is critical to the success of the Angels organization. To find out more about how those players who are not part of the li

Dave Saltzer

Dave Saltzer

It's a (new) New Years in July

I recently came across an internet meme that said "January 1st, 2020: I didn't stay up late that night for all this shit to happen". And the way this year has gone, nothing could be more true. The good news is that we have baseball coming back. And, thinking about the baseball season, every year, near the end of June, the Angels do a weekend promotion called "Christmas in June". By that logic, that makes it New Years in July!. So, mark tonight down: July 24, 2020. I say we stay up late

#28 – July 12, 2019: The Angels Honor Tyler Skaggs with a No-Hitter

If Hollywood hired a writer to write the perfect script for a baseball movie, it couldn’t have done better than what actually happened at Angel Stadium on Friday, July 12, 2019. To set the stage, the Angels were struggling all season long through July 1st, barely holding onto a .500 record. While on the road in Texas, the Angels awoke to the tragic news that their friend, their teammate, their pitcher, Tyler Skaggs had died of an accidental drug overdose in his hotel room. The Angels a

27 for Number 27: 27 Amazing Trout Stats (#26-27: WAR per 162 games played & Summary)

By Jonathan Northrop, AngelsWin.com Columnist #26: WAR per 162 games I’m saving my favorite one for the penultimate entry: WAR per 162 games played. This stat, which for some reason isn’t used by any of the statistical sites, measures quality: that is, how good a player is per 162 games played, measured by WAR. The formula is simple: Career WAR divided by 162 games. With the MLB and MLBPA officially put in place a 60-game regular season with the standard 10-team playoff, the Yankees (+

Shohei Ohtani deadlifts unbelievable amount of weight, proving he's at full strength (Video)

Angels slugger and superstar pitcher Shohei Ohtani dealt with both knee and elbow injuries toward the end of last season, but he appears to have fully recovered from both of those. We say that because there’s one weightlifting exercise that truly involves nearly every muscle in one’s body — with elbows and knees both playing a key part. In part, the knees — as well as one’s back — play a major role in load bearing. The deadlift, as it’s called, is a functional exercise that is a great

27 for Number 27: 27 Amazing Trout Stats (#24-25: Best Angels Seasons and that Mantle Comp)

By Jonathan Northrop, AngelsWin.com Columnist Best Angels Seasons by WAR Let’s face it: the Angels aren’t exactly a top tier franchise. For a brief time from 2002-09, they were one of the best franchises in MLB, but as far as their entire history goes—from 1961 to 2019—they’re pretty mediocre, not only in terms of postseason participation, but superstar talent. Consider that before Trout, only three players had surpassed 8 WAR in a season (Erstad, Glaus, DeCinces), only four 7 WAR (add

27 for Number 27: 27 Amazing Trout Stats (#21-23: OPS, wRC+ and WPA)

By Jonathan Northrop, AngelsWin.com Columnist My apologizes for the two-month gap in this series--extenuating real-life circumstances (and no, I wasn't sick, but thanks for the concern!). Let's continue... #21: On-Base + Slugging Percentage Remember back in the 90s when OPS was the new-fangled stat that only stat-nerds were using? We’ve come along way  from there, with more sophisticated versions, but it was a starting point for looking at total hitting. Like most conventional sta

What “If” Arte Went Big on This Year’s Draft

By @Dave Saltzer, AngelsWin.com Senior Writer I’ve read the same articles that you have about the Angels cutting scouts prior to the draft, and frankly, have been rather upset by that decision. I think it’s a bit penny wise and dollar foolish. So, I’d like to present an alternative idea that I would implement if I ran the Angels. If it were my team, I’d see this year’s draft as a major opportunity to boost the team for the long term, and not a financial drain and would invest heavily i

AngelsWin.com Presents: Victor Rojas' Fireside Chat

Boy has it been a long offseason when you consider spring training was cut in half and the start of the regular season was postponed until a day yet to be determined in the future due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. To say it has been a brutal past couple months is an understatement for everyone involved. Sports always has a way to unite people and especially after a tragedy, but unfortunately because of the times we're living in there has been more division among people that goes well be

27 for Number 27: 27 Amazing Trout Stats (#18-20: Plate Discipline and Slugging)

As has been mentioned already, Mike Trout’s greatness is largely the result of his well-rounded game: he’s a bonafide .300 hitter (career .305 BA, five of eight years above .300), a prodigious power hitter (six of eight seasons of 30+ HR, career .581 SLG), steals bases (averaging almost 25 per season), and is a good defender. But perhaps the key to the entire mix is his plate discipline. Trout is known for his ability to work the count, his pitch recognition, and a rather selflessly patient appr

World Champion Angels | Classic Rewind: April 5th, 2002

APRIL 5, 2002 GAME 4 - ANGELS AT RANGERS   By Joe Haakenson, AngelsWin.com Contributor   ARLINGTON, Tex. -- Scott Schoeneweis did Friday what Jarrod Washburn, Kevin Appier and Aaron Sele could not in the Angels' first three games of the season -- pitch into the sixth inning.   In fact, Schoeneweis went a few steps further, going into the ninth inning and leading the Angels to a 3-1 victory over the dangerous Texas Rangers Friday afternoon before Vice President Dick Ch

World Champion Angels | Classic Rewind: April 3rd, 2002

APRIL 3, 2002 GAME 3 - INDIANS AT ANGELS   ANAHEIM -- Cleveland Indians starter Chuck Finley was unable to make his scheduled start against the Angels Wednesday night so he could tend to family matters after his wife, actress Tawny Kitaen, was arrested on charges of spousal abuse and battery.   Finley has 189 career wins, while his replacement Ryan Drese went into the game with one. But what looked like a break for the Angels instead worked in the Indians' favor, as Drese out

World Champion Angels | Classic Rewind: April 2nd, 2002

APRIL 2, 2002 GAME 2 - INDIANS AT ANGELS   By Joe Haakenson, AngelsWin.com Contributor   ANAHEIM -- Kevin Appier's first start as an Angel won't be one to tell the grandkids about years from now, but the end result was one the Angels will gladly accept.   Appier, who came to the Angels from the Mets in a trade for Mo Vaughn Dec. 27, bobbed and weaved his way through five innings in the Angels' 7-5 victory over the Cleveland Indians Tuesday night before 20,055 at Ediso

World Champion Angels | Classic Rewind: April 1st, 2002

By Joe Haakenson, AngelsWin.com Contributor    APRIL 1, 2002 - OFF DAY   ANAHEIM -- After a good and relatively healthy spring, the Angels were excited to open the season Sunday night against the Indians. Probably too excited.   The Angels lost, 6-0, but were done in during the first inning. Though settled down after it, starting pitcher Jarrod Washburn was erratic in the opening inning, during which he gave up a leadoff walk and five singles. A miscommunication on a rela

27 for Number 27: 27 Amazing Trout Stats (#14-17: Traditional Stats)

We’re going to come back to advanced statistics in a bit, but for now, let’s take a break for the old-timers and focus on something a bit more vanilla: The Triple Crown statistics--batting average, dingers, ribbies--as well as runs scored and stolen bases. #14: Batting Average (Active Leaders) When you think of what Trout brings to the plate, batting average isn’t  the first thing that comes to mind: he’s never led the league, never hit .330, although has settled in as a solid .300 hit



27 for Number 27: 27 Amazing Trout Stats (#12-13: Peer Dominance and Eight-Year Spans)

We’re not quite done with WAR yet. In previous installments, the focus  has been on Mike Trout in terms of all-time WAR and single season WAR. What about peak era? Specifically, how does Trout match up against his peers over his career, and how does his full-time span of eight  years match up against all-time greats? #12: Dominance Over Peers (2012-19 WAR) Trout has been a full-time player since 2012, a span of eight years. The first Amazing Trout Stat in this installment is 2012-19 WA



27 for Number 27: 27 Amazing Trout Stats (#7-#11)

#7-11: 8, 9, and 10 WAR SEASONS For this installment we'll combine several variations on the Wins Above Replacement (WAR) metric with regards 8, 9, and 10 WAR seasons, each of which deserves its own entry as Amazing Trout Stats. But first, some context. If you want to skip to the five Amazing Trout Stats, they're summarized at the end. 8+ WAR And What It Means Historically One of the things I like about WAR, and probably why it has become so ubiquitous in baseball discussion, is t



#21 - November 12, 2018: Two-Way Sensation Shohei Ohtani Named 2018 AL Rookie of the Year Award

On November 12th, 2018 the Angels RHP/DH Shohei Ohtani was named the 2018 Jackie Robinson American League Rookie of the Year in an announcement made by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. The 24-year-old was the third player in Angels’ history to earn the honor, joining Tim Salmon (1993) and Mike Trout (2012). He also became the fourth Japanese-born player to win a Rookie of the Year Award in the Major Leagues, joining Hideo Nomo (1995), Kazuhiro Sasaki (2000) and Ichiro Suzuki (2



AngelsWin.com Talks Baseball and Life with Victor Rojas

Interview Conducted by David Saltzer, AngelsWin.com Senior Writer Right about now, I'd do anything to hear baseball. Any baseball. While the coronavirus is nothing compared to what previous generations went through with wars, diseases, etc. I would just like some sense of normalcy during these trying times. I am sure I'm not alone in this feeling. While this situation is affecting us all, it is affecting us in different ways. For baseball, there are a lot of issues to work through. For

Dave Saltzer

Dave Saltzer

27 for Number 27: 27 Amazing Trout Stats (#5 & #6)

#5: WAR PACE THROUGH OLDER AGES Here are the top five WAR leaders through the next few years: Age 28: Cobb  78.6, Hornsby 77.0, Mantle 74.8, Trout 73.4, Foxx 71.3 (Trout’s 5.2 behind) Age 29: Hornsby 87.9, Cobb 86.4, Mantle 85.1, Ruth 79.4, Rodriguez 77.7 (Trout -14.5) Age 30: Cobb 97.9, Hornsby 92.5, Mantle 91.1, Foxx 83.6, Ruth 82.9 (Trout -24.5) In other words, Trout only needs 5.3 WAR in 2020 to maintain his lead through age 28, 14.6 (or 7.3 per year)



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