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  1. You are here to troll and the worst part is you are doing a terrible job. You will now be the proud owner of my third block, to go along with Claude and Scotty. Or is it actually a 3rd? Hmmm.... I will never know and more importantly I truly don't give a sh*t.
  2. Exactly! We all know OANN would never be concerned about their integrity and credibility.
  3. Keep spouting nonsense (whomever you are since you are scared to reveal yourself, coward). Keep using hashtags that will never gain traction, LOL. I love my country, unlike yourself. Keep swimming in the deep end of the cesspool.
  4. I find it absolutely hilarious that people get so worked up about someone expressing their free speech, exercising their Constitutional rights, and taking a knee in protest, in support of racial equality and yet they completely ignore the so-called leader of our country who has yet to say a single word regarding Russian bounties on American soldiers, millions in campaign donations funneled to that leader's businesses, and the very ill-intent to subvert American institutions and Democracy. One is infinitely greater and disrespectful than the other could ever possibly be.
  5. I actually see him coming in, in a long extrs innings game or when we're behind by a lot. Sort of a mop up duty role.
  6. He was already practicing at 3B, 1B, and LF. Adding C just increases his versatility and I have high hopes for his bat, the guy has murdered pitchers in the high Minors the last two seasons and I love his on-base ability. I think he can be a productive utility type at the corners (both infield and outfield) and behind the dish. Super utility guy even.
  7. Honestly I'd throw him a RICO indictment.
  8. The shortened season certainly will have an impact on the free agent market but I still believe there is a higher probability that Simmons signs an extension 4-5 years in length for no more than about $70M.
  9. If they don't bring him up immediately and try to gain the extra year of control, are they Stallings for time?
  10. Great fastball velocity and elite fastball and curveball spin rate.
  11. vs. LHP 2B David Fletcher CF Mike Trout 1B Albert Pujols 3B Anthony Rendon DH Shohei Ohtani RF Brian Goodwin LF Justin Upton C Max Stassi SS Andrelton Simmons vs. RHP 2B David Fletcher CF Mike Trout 3B Anthony Rendon DH Shohei Ohtani LF Justin Upton 1B Matt Thaiss C Jason Castro RF Brian Goodwin SS Andrelton Simmons Something along those lines....