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  1. I lived in Santa Maria, CA for nearly 25 years.
  2. Late to the party, here, but this also allows the Angels to evaluate his performance over the next two years to see how he recovers from various injuries. It is a win-win, overall, and I am sure Minasian and company have told Shohei the very same thing to keep everyone on the same page and to set expectations that the team has for him to show some performance history and for him to earn the contract that the Angels will give him if he does perform.
  3. He will even be in @tdawg87's bunk more often and with more vigor!
  4. Angels 2021: "Give me your tired old players, your poor outfielders, Your huddled masses yearning to play for free, The wretched refuse of your teaming core."
  5. Okay, at the risk of looking stupid at a later date, I have no idea why the Angels made this deal, losing a bench prospect in the process. You were 100% correct, @Dochalo. Have no idea why we couldn't try to sign Archer at $6.5M or even bring back Matt Shoemaker or the like, it is about the same difference, probably. Hope the Angels front office saw or knows something that we don't.
  6. Simmons has a career wRC+ of 90 and Iglesias a career wRC+ of 87. Simmons is the best SS defender in baseball, Iglesias is good but not at Andrelton's level. Now certainly some of the former can be chalked up to lineup placement and opportunities. In the end, $3.5M vs. $10M is probably the right value-play, but I would take Simmons any day of the week over Iglesias in terms of total productivity, if you ignore money. Batting average is a terrible indicator of production by the way.
  7. One thing we can say out of all of this, is that Minasian knows how to cobble together a rotation.
  8. Should the thread title change to, "Maddon confirms Angels still looking at 1-2 more warm bodies that once threw in a starting pitching role"?
  9. @Taylor I am not Internet stalk-ing you by the way.
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