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  1. I don't. I prefer calm, mild-mannered, professional Doc.
  2. I kind of liked Selman before this and am vaguely pleased he came over to us.
  3. Doc I am not arguing one way or the other, just stating what is looking increasingly obvious, barring a last minute Trade Deadline deal announcement. I don't have a stake in this, one way or the other, and, in fact, I would not have been at all surprised if they had fully sold off. This was why I wrote about the different scenarios where the Angels buy, sell, or go a hybrid combination, because team morale is another component of this equation that also concerns Moreno and Minasian and they made a decision (apparently) to sell a couple of chits and press forward with the season. I don't disagree that it is a gamble they are a lot more likely to lose than win, but it sends a message to everyone on the roster that they are not giving up, no matter how bad the standings are. For right or wrong, the die is cast.
  4. Andrew Heaney 2021: 5.38 ERA, 20.6% K%-BB%, .257 AVG, 1.35 WHIP, 4.15 FIP, 3.72 SIERA Despite an excellent K%-BB%, Andrew has, unfortunately, not had correspondingly actual results. Part of his issues has been one part bad luck (.328 BABIP), one part letting to many runners score (67.9% LOB%), another part walking hitters (3.04 BB/9), one more part giving up a little to many long balls (1.64 HR/9), and an uncharacteristically bad time against left-handed hitters, which traditionally has been a strong suit. Teams that may have the most interest in Heaney, include the Athletics, Braves, Indians, Reds, Blue Jays, Red Sox, and Yankees. Certainly other teams will inquire, but those just listed are more probable suitors. All of those parts listed above lead to the depression of Andrew’s value, so, unlike Iglesias or Cobb, he is more likely to bring back 1-2 good, but not great prospects if the Angels choose to move him at the Trade Deadline. Some sample trade scenarios are listed below: Angels send SP Andrew Heaney to the Athletics in exchange for SP Brady Feigl and C Drew Millas. This move would give the Angels an interesting arm in Feigl and a possible replacement for Stassi in Millas, who is strong defensively. Angels send SP Andrew Heaney to the Red Sox in exchange for SP Noah Song and SP/RP Aldo Ramirez. Song is an interesting flyer who throws hard, but has been serving in the military and could start as a high-octane reliever and then stretched out over time and Ramirez is a multi-innings type that has the potential to stick in the rotation if things break right. So one of the probable suitors did, actually, come calling and paid an appropriate price of 1-2 prospects. Junk has been improving as of late and Peguero looks like another promising bullpen arm.
  5. So I see you were talking about Raisel. What you don't realize or want to accept is that we have an owner who doesn't want to be a loser, no matter how much he interferes in baseball operations. You have a perfectly acceptable right to believe we should be sellers, but that directly conflicts with what Moreno wants which is to win, even if the odds are not in our favor. I am fine if we do or do not extend Raisel, there are always options to build a bullpen out of, so Minasian can literally go out on the market and steal away another good reliever from another team, rather than re-signing Iglesias (Raisel) at what will likely be a $15M/year type of deal. Maybe they do, maybe they don't, there are always options. Also, "You people"? Define that for me.
  6. I am still pretty stunned at the amount of controllable years, Minasian just picked up in the Tony Watson trade. Really nicely done. Also Janson Junk might prove to be a clever pickup in the Heaney deal.
  7. How is it a fail if no other team actually wanted him? Not Perry's fault if the market didn't develop for Iglesias.
  8. Besides one of the pitchers picked up in the Heaney trade has the last name of "Junk". It is almost like Minasian picked him just for you, AO!
  9. Well I can identify one person who didn't read my Trade Deadline Series (among many others probably).
  10. This should interest @tdawg87, Zach Borenstein might be playing for Israel?
  11. The other problem being the Dodgers, who also don't care about cash. Another thought, too: The Angels could be a third party in a three-way deal, where the Dodgers send, say, Keibert Ruiz to the Angels and we send prospects/players to the Nationals/Dodgers.
  12. The secret with Scherzer is the seven years of deferred money that has to be negotiated in any deal. That is $15M per year and the Nationals will have to eat a lot of what is left to even move Max. The Angels can actually offer to absorb more cash, rather than compete with the Dodgers and Padres farm systems. All that being said it is probably a complex negotiation and one we are less likely to win overall.
  13. So if the Angels are actually contemplating Scherzer and going after a Wild Card spot, they are in a position to be clever with the financials involved with Max's contract which has seven years of deferred money going out to 2028 ($15M per year from 2022-2028). They could be offering to eat more of that back-end money for a lesser return in prospects/players, which would probably intrigue the Nationals. What I am trying to say is that if Arte is willing to go over the Luxury Tax threshold (which he has done, very minimally, before) and eat some of that long-term deferred money, the Angels could actually be seriously involved in this conversation. Is it wise? I have no idea, I don't have access to all of the information that they do. I think if you polled everyone here, a lot would say don't do it, retool for next year. All of us are not Arte though. Curious to see what happens, but the Angels could make a provocative financial case with this particular player.
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