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  1. So first of all I know @Dochalo must be ecstatic! Jose has been a workhorse, most of his career, so in principle I think the signing is sound and at a pretty reasonable one-year salary. Also, acquiring Quintana does not necessarily rule out Bauer, presuming Moreno is willing to exceed the Luxury Tax. However, the odds have now shifted heavily to the Angels trading for another mid-tier type like Velasquez, Gray (not the Sonny), or Rodriguez to round out the rotation and stay at least $5M-$10M under the Luxury Tax line. In fact, I think the Angels, barring the magical Moreno Luxu
  2. I didn't give a comment on Adell but in every interview I have heard him speak he is light years ahead in maturity for his age. Additionally, following him on Instagram and Twitter, you can see he is constantly working out on a regular basis, whether it is weightlifting, agility drills, etc. There is just a sense, from my point of view, that he is doing everything he can to be mentally and physically prepared for the profession he has selected. I, for one, believe he is just waiting to burst out and take the baseball world by storm, he just needs his areas of weakness (K% rate for instance) to
  3. Thank you TG for recognizing that I am part of the hardmen class, unlike the others.
  4. Give @ten ocho recon scout credit. When he shoots, he shoots his whole wad.
  5. May I simply suggest that we not compare Adell vs. Marsh and simply enjoy the embarrassment of riches in the OF and call it a day? Both are quite athletic and can cover ground on defense and although they have different hitting profiles, both will produce in different ways, making this sort of an apples to apples comparison (oops did I compare them?).
  6. You could say that about most Los Angeles coaches.
  7. Even though I constantly use the 'Chavez Latrine' joke, I grew up attending both Angels and Dodgers games with my parents and brother and Lasorda was a Los Angeles baseball icon that will be missed. Rest In Peace Tommy.
  8. I hope Minasian continues to draft with a similar philosophy that Eppler did, which is close to what Doc was describing above. Go for the clearly best available talent with high ceilings and youth and let the rest play itself out.
  9. I know you didn't ask but I think Vera is the better prospect at this moment in time but I will say that Paris seems to have made great strides with his physicality over the last year which has raised him up a notch for sure. Time will tell but I don't think any of us should sleep too much on Arol Vera, he has the potential to be our SS (or 2B) of the future.
  10. I'm starting to get the feeling that Sugano and Kluber are our two acquisitions for SP.... which is okay I think.
  11. The tradition used to be that deals got consummated at the Winter meetings and now both player agents and GM's have realized they should be using the whole off-season to leverage their positions as-needed, thereby taking some of the urgency out of the time-tested path that free agents used to take. Only top free agents will command stupid money and their agents know this and know how to manipulate the market and set the timelines to maximize time spent on the market versus the amount of suitors beginning to dry up. From there it trickles down to the mid- and lower-tier free agents. Some o
  12. Actually I agree, but I was giving the people who want to sign an extra bullpen arm like Bradley a path to that actually happening because of the money that would free up by moving one or both of Heaney and Bundy.
  13. If the Angels were able to sign/acquire 2-3 starters, they could move one or even both of Bundy and Heaney and that might free up enough money to pick up another higher quality bullpen arm. Again another reason why I think this off-season has a lot of paths to victory for Minasian.
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