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  1. We laugh not only because it is funny, but because it is true.
  2. INO fries is the Coronavirus of
  3. And these are equally as valuable, perhaps more so: Studies have shown that those hand dryers disperse the water droplets from your hands (and anything you didn't wash off your hands) into the immediate surrounding air, filling an enclosed area in mere seconds. Coronavirus droplets everywhere....
  4. Keep making fun of it and I'll take a Mace of Disruption to your azz!!!!
  5. I am curious if the already long inning pitched you said you were having your pitchers throw is being calculated into your injuries for your pitchers?
  6. Getting on a ventilator for one, to help you breathe properly. Not sure if there are any other protocols but your ability to breathe properly is what the coronavirus can impact most.
  7. If Realmuto actually hits free agency (looking more and more likely by the day) the Angels, I think, would have great interest in locking up the best catcher in baseball right now on a 5-6 year deal for $100M-$130M give or take. He is the only catcher, beyond Grandal, that I think the Angels would fork out serious free agency dollars for. Stroman seems like a likely target, too, if the Angels extend/keep Simmons, i.e. keep a strong defensive unit behind Marcus, a heavy ground ball artist. Notably, Stroman seems to be a huge fan of Trout, which may or may not influence a free agency decision on Marcus' part. I could also potentially see Eppler pursue someone like Kirby Yates, too, on a 2-3 year deal, but that is a little less likely considering Eppler's track record in regard to reliever acquisitions. This off-season, if Cole had signed with us, might have been a tipping point in spending over the Luxury Tax but that didn't materialize and in hindsight, with what has happened externally, it may have been a bit of a blessing in disguise. All of this simply means that the Angels could mildly go over the CBT threshold next season by extending Simmons, acquiring Realmuto, Stroman, and Yates, for example, which would compliment a strong core of Trout, Rendon, Fletcher, Upton, Adell, Ohtani, Heaney, Robles, Buttrey, et. al.
  8. I am very curious about this and would potentially be interested in a League.
  9. Hello everyone, My nephew, Dr. Arash Rafiei, a urologist in Florida, sent me this video recorded by Dr. Dave Price, a doctor in one of the top hospitals in New York City, Weill Cornell Medical Center, whose hospital is now nearly exclusively treating COVID-19 patients: I encourage you to watch the video but a few of the most salient points: 1) In an overwhelming number of cases, the virus was transmitted from hand to face, i.e. people touching their faces after some prolonged exposure to a COVID-19 carrier. Wash your hands before you leave your home and, in particular, when you return, being very mindful of what you touch and cleaning all surfaces that were contacted from the moment you enter the door until you have successfully washed your hands, including sink surfaces, handles, door knobs, clothes, etc. Be extremely regimented in this protocol and process. He, of course, carries Purell (hand sanitizer) around with him 2) He recommends becoming a "Hand Nazi" and to actively not touch your face, i.e. always know where your hands are. 3) Also it is recommended that you wear a mask when you leave the home. This mask does not have to be a medical grade mask and the reason they recommend wearing is not because of aerosol-based contraction of the virus (and in fact they believe that you would have to be in a very confined space with an active carrier for that to possibly even happen) but to help you avoid touching your face because you have the mask on. If you feel you may have touched things while out and touched your mask, wash it when you get home if possible. 4) Maintain physical distance of at least 3 feet and reduce overall contact with family and friends when applicable and practical. 5) The doctor recommends that if you are short of breath, you should go get evaluated at the hospital by a medical doctor. If the situation seems to be slipping out of control call 911. He emphasizes that transmission happens primarily via family members or too much regular contact with friends and strangers. He recommends avoiding sustained contact with anyone who shows symptoms or signs or is suspected of being in contact with someone who has exhibited symptoms or is sick. You can hear more but those are some of the big highlights. Some or all of you may be aware of these already but I thought it would be best to share what was discussed in the video by Dr. Price. Be safe, healthy, and wash your damn hands anytime you step outside your residence, before you leave and, especially, after you return home.
  10. I know many of you don't want to hear this but this could conceivably last months, not weeks. I know that may be depressing to many but this is really a massive strain on our medical system and doctors and nurses are desperately trying to save lives and not winning the fight in some cases. Just keep level-headed and protect yourselves, wash your hands, don't go out unless you absolutely have to and just do your best.
  11. I appreciate you Strad, I know this is taking a toll on a lot of people, just know that we love you (well some do... ) and try to take it easy. Three deep breaths.
  12. Usually the first games of the season, most starters don't go more than 5 or 6 innings until they get fully stretched out.