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  1. Odorizzi, Rosenthal, and Pillar would cost less than Bauer alone for 2021. Rosenthal was lights out in 2020, after a four year period that saw a small number of innings. 23.2 innings, 1.90 ERA, 0.84 WHIP, only two HRs allowed, 38/8 Ks/BBs
  2. Bauer saga, day 91: Today, we find our subject having his shoulder looked at after throwing too many bowling balls towards CF. Edge: Jon Heyman
  3. Gotta love Bryant’s hotel alias being Hamilton Porter. You’re killin me Smalls. Edge: Lowell
  4. They do have Alex Claudio plus Sandoval has the tools to be another solid enough lefty reliever. So if Arte Moreno is willing to exceed the budget/threshold for two seasons tops (2021-22), go for it!
  5. Javier Baez is one of them, FA a year from now and plays a solid SS and supplies lots of power. Main issues with him though are high Ks and low OBP (.309 career so far).
  6. In temperatures set at what, the 50s? ST games are balmy (and outside) compared to that! Get your happy horseshit together, MLB!
  7. This, except for one change For hope: Change 100 innings in 2021 and 150 innings in 2022 to 80 and 110. 110 innings would still be double what he pitched in 2018, and 130 innings would likely be his max going forward after that, to maximize the pitching and hitting.
  8. Ok then, let’s do this. Delay ST to mid-March and start the season around May 1. Start minor league season the second week of May and play 110 games. That should still be enough to gauge progress on the farms. Keep the 7 inning DHs for only 2021, and schedule two per month for every team. That makes it around a 140 game season with normal end of September completion. Pay the players based on 140 games. Hey, I’m a great mediator.
  9. The Kopi assist show continues, now has 9 in 6 games. Kings now 2-2-2
  10. Rookie head coach mistake by LaFleur Legend QB of the millennium vs the heir apparent in SB LV, great storyline And TB finally becomes the first team to play a SB in it’s own stadium. Closest previous were the 49ers in Palo Alto in SB XIX and the Rams in Pasadena in SB XIV.
  11. Making all four #2’s-3’s if pitching at least 150 innings each?
  12. That plus the decreased velocity = Minasian backing off?
  13. Bauer saga, day 90: We find our subject having moved from throwing baseballs from the mound over the CF fence to trying to throw bowling balls to deep CF. Edge: Pio Deportes
  14. Wondering if Minasian was also concerned with Hand’s velocity dip?
  15. Followed by appearances on Merv Griffin, Arsenio Hall, and Letterman
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