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  1. Halos finish just three games back of the Cheaters, despite being swept by the Latriners. Andddd, if they lose Springer, Reddick, and Brantley to FA, they are in a world of hurt in 2021. Currently, their 2021 rotation is 37 year-old Greinke, Valdez, Urquidy, and whoever. Whitley has very limited minor league innings plus a questionable health history in the minors.
  2. Bundy should still have a #3 starter like season in 2021, assuming he sticks to this season’s pitch repetoire.
  3. And Upton a year after that, meaning $45 million AAV freed up by two years from now. A ticket of President of baseball ops Dave Dombrowski and GM Logan White would be the best result. Combine building a MLB winner with building a solid and consistently enough producing farm system.
  4. Isn’t that like choosing between soap in your mouth and drinking that liquid prep for a colonoscopy?
  5. “Any winter meetings I should arrive late to?”
  6. How about Lucious Harris fans? Did play for the Nets against the Lakers in the 2002 Finals, and all time leading Big West scorer.
  7. Winner, if going over the total doesn’t matter: JAHV76, off by only 1 run Winner, if not allowed to go over: Back Up The Truck, off by just 5 runs Since nothing was offered, you get squat.
  8. Wrong Kansas school, but LB beat #1 ranked Kansas by 15 at Kansas in January 1993.
  9. The Cards fortunately did not need to make up those two missed games with the Tigers. Even if they were to lose them, they’d still be in the post-season. I’m amazed that with the earlier CoVid cancelled games, those were the only two MLB games not played. The 7 inning DH games no doubt helped. Still don’t like it going forward though.
  10. Dombrowski as VP of baseball operations and White as GM, if Arte finally agrees with the new FO setting.
  11. He sure wasn’t a good 2nd string in L.A. No worries, original was just meant as a humor post.
  12. This, as he was kicking AA’s pitchers’ butts when promoted to AAA in 2019. Give him at least half of 2021 in AAA. His history is struggling at first at each level, and then kicking butt before being promoted. Blarg’s point is well taken. Only 222 minor league games so far, basically almost just 2 seasons, out of HS. I am actually going to predict that he starts solidly at AAA in 2021, then by May/June kicks butt and is called up for good by July at the latest.
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