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  1. Saved the late innings guys from pitching tonight, a huge thing.
  2. Yep, nothing but singles and BBs, but still K’d 5 in 3.1 innings.
  3. Imagine how Jared Goff and Matt Stafford feel. Stafford gets rescued, and Goff gets stuck with a bad OL.
  4. As mentioned earlier, maybe this is for the best, to keep his innings around 100-110, after only minimal innings (80) over the past 4 years. This is where the 6 man rotation is truly beneficial.
  5. Or pitch 3-4 great innings, and then give up 6 runs in 2.2 innings. He is the proverbial hot and cold.
  6. The fielding part of the defense was good (just 2 of those?). The Knoblauchs disorder hopefully was just an early season fluke.
  7. If only an associate of Ken Ravizza could reach out to Heaney. Go Halos!
  8. Someone gave me bogus info then. May they have to sit through every Key Middleton pitch.
  9. And then Pasadena CC, where he was then hired away in 1968 by new LBSU AD Fred Miller. Miller hired some great college coaches to LBSU. Tark, Don Gambril, Ted Banks, and Jim Stangeland Miller eventually went on to be AD at ASU.
  10. I remember hearing about Morrison handing out pizzas to students waiting to get into games that first year at SJSU. Morrison was solid wherever he coached (UOP, USC, SJSU), and took SJSU to its’ first NCAAT in 16 years in 1996.
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