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  1. Re-sign Icklesias and Cobb. Sign DeSclafani. Trade for a solid enough SS, hopefully with 2-3 years remaining on contract. Sign one late innings reliever. Sign backup catcher.
  2. Give credit where it’s due. A 4-4 road trip against solid competition, including 6 games against two teams battling for HFA in their likely ALDS meeting Feeling better about the next 10 games in 10 days, all at home
  3. Hey, LaDrunka, you went 2-5 against the Halos! Take that and shove it along with the damaged phone up your drunken arse!
  4. When Marte and Warren activated, buh bye Guerra (plus Peguero back to AAA)! Over 6.00 ERA and over 1.70 WHIP, in 65 innings Never understood what Maddon saw in Guerra.
  5. LOL Fun game so far: Rengifo is now hitting over .300 since being recalled on September 4. Rojas homers. Cobb with 3 good innings so far, only 37 pitches
  6. 564 PAs and 115.1 innings might be enough to shut him down from pitching and limit him to 10 DH starts (out of 17) the rest of the season. Still gets him to 600 PAs to go with 115.1 innings on the mound. Next season, full 27 starts in 6 man rotation (one more season) to possibly get to 162 innings minimum for pitching leaders qualifying, and only DH starts when not pitching (max 135 DH starts).
  7. Wonder if Perry had to bribe Maddon with wine and weed to let him DFA Patricia. Maddon used him often enough, and usually with failure.
  8. Concur Add Mayers to those coming back. Outside of a horrid May, has been solid enough. May: 11 innings, 7.71 ERA, 2.06 WHIP, 20/7 Ks/BBs Otherwise: 54.2 innings, 3.40 ERA, 1.20 WHIP, 62/15 Ks/BBs Re-sign Iglesias. Bring back Mayers and Cishek (no inherited RISP for Cishek). Keep Warren (and maybe Wantz) up here. The rest is up in the air.
  9. They didn’t want Bonilla to feel lonely.
  10. Maddon treats his starters most of the time like they are fine china.
  11. Two people actually approve of Moreno and Maddon, the Mediocre M&Ms. Moreno is an odd duck. Maddon is goofy.
  12. Houston, coached by Helton’s dad. Great coaching genes in that family
  13. This franchise has become a royal custer fluck. 5-13 the rest of the season
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