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  1. Can we please not think about contending, because it ain’t happening! 19-30 vs currently (now) over .500 teams 2/3 of their remaining games are against teams now over .500. I smell another 77-85 type season. Oh, and Maddoning the mad scientist, experimenting with players at different positions belongs on the farm!!!! You have games to win!
  2. Most of those were in non-closing spots. Maddon hasn’t learned yet.
  3. Halos can’t beat contending teams anyway (putrid 19-30 record against currently over .500 teams). They aren’t going to post-season play doing that. Get a decent trade made, and if the money is there and reasonable, re-sign him.
  4. Just stop putting him in non-save spots. Just STOP it! But nooooo, Maddon has to work whatever voodoo magic he wants. You have EIGHT other relievers.
  5. LOL Seems like he’s turning well on inside fastballs now.
  6. Rendon now hitting .227 and falling fast to .600 OPS Great use of $245 million and stuck with him, MARVELOUS Let's see: Wells, Pujols, Hackilton, and Rendon = about $650 million mostly wasted dollars That should spell out who has messed up this franchise since 2010.
  7. Things that will happen before Halos finish over .500: Tyrus (Greg Gutfeld Show) loses wrestling match to 75 year-old Jimmy Hart. O’s get back to the post-season. Portland gets a Nobel Peace Prize for creating peace.
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