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  1. Didn't hurt Andre Dawson in 1987, winning NL MVP for the last place in NL East Cubs.
  2. The Goat Hill Tavern deeply regrets that move by Napoli.
  3. Not my favorite comedy scene in a movie, but I always get a laugh out of it.
  4. Anticipated contract? Four years/$60 million?
  5. Snorrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee Tic toc tic toc Snorrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  6. And the loss of that is why they will need to duplicate their off-season going into 2017, and sign two OL FAs similar to Whitworth and Sullivan.
  7. Even more awesome, Evansville coach is former Kentucky standout Walter McCarty.
  8. Waiting for the first Giants fan to say, up your nose with a rubber hose