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  1. It feels like it did when John Lennon and Princess Diana both passed away. So many tributes from the world pouring in
  2. If not mentioned yet on here, every SoCal radio station is having at noon today a minute and eight seconds of silence.
  3. I took solace yesterday at a weekly Beatles tribute in Orange County. Listening to the earliest Beatles hits had me imagining what it must have been like when they first arrived in America in February 1964, two plus months after JFK's passing. How they must have helped to heal a nation.
  4. Let this sink in. Gretz actually exceeded 200 points in an NHL season FOUR times in a five year period, and scored at least 137 pts in TWELVE straight seasons including three with the Kings. His Kings record 163 pts will likely never be broken. And of course, his 894 career goals and 1963 career assists may stand as NHL records forever.
  5. It was legitimate. He shot 44% (22-50), scored the last 18 pts iirc, and won the game to boot.
  6. To practice for a basketball tournament Condolences to all relatives and friends R.I.P. to all 9 who perished.
  7. Holy forking shirt balls! The Good Place method of cursing can be fun.
  8. He could be, but may need as many as 3 seasons to get his workload up to 180 innings. Something like 120-130 in 2020, 150-160 in 2021, and 180-190 in 2022?
  9. Isn't Delusion, AJ Preller's middle name? He uses the J to avoid embarrassment?
  10. This is usually the case. This season is a little different. The East is actually only 20 games under .500 vs the West so far.
  11. I'm content with challenging for a WC spot in 2020. The big picture is the important thing...progress in 2020 and long term success potential maintained.
  12. Jimmy G. will most likely need to attempt more than the 8 passes he threw against the Pack. Chiefs D will definitely be looking for Mostert, after he gained the 2nd most rushing yards ever in a post-season game.