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  1. One bit of bright news: From July 4 through July 6, less than 300 deaths were reported nationally each day, first time since early on. The better indicator will be what they are daily two weeks from now.
  2. Fletcher- 2b; Trout cf; Rendon 3b; Ohtani dh; Upton lf; Simmons ss; Pujols 1b; Castro/Stassi c; Adell/Goodwin rf. When Ohtani not DHing: Fletcher- 2b/of; LaStella dh/2b/1b; Trout cf; Rendon 3b; Upton lf/dh; Simmons ss; Pujols 1b/dh; Castro/Stassi c; Adell/Goodwin rf. Ease Adell in, as the #9 hitter and utilize his speed with Fletcher on deck.
  3. A'th don't need no stinkin cardboard cutouts. Just have Tarpy buy up every seat.
  4. People do realize that Biden will be 78 in November? No POTUS has ever been 78 at any point in their term(s), much less 78 beginning their first term. Can we please get some younger candidates out there, that don't believe in totally redoing America?
  5. Saw it in person, will always be a classic. How often does a team score 10 runs in an inning in an ALCS clinching game.
  6. Plus, more doctors are coming out saying that kids are rarely catching the virus.
  7. More proof that while some share the responsibility for it happening, the ultimate source for the pandemic worsening is megalomaniac Xi, who seems to want to make Chairman Mao look like a tea totaler. The man is a menace.
  8. He'll just tell the Chinese that they aren't Chinese, if they don't obey the megalomaniac Xi.
  9. Let's see how the mortality numbers change over the next 2-3 weeks. Over the past 30 days, the average daily deaths count nationally was around 500-550, which is 1/4 of what it was from April 7-May 6. If by late July, the rate is still around 500/day, then it will be time to consider advancing towards at least the latter part of phase 2 nationally. Maybe as the virus mutates further, it weakens some?
  10. What Newsom should have done last week is to not automatically shut down all restaurants from dine-in. He should have based closures on the best information gathered regarding if the restaurants were observing the rules. Don't penalize all for the actions of some. If any indoor business is observing the rules, why shut them down?
  11. Let’s all take sledge hammers and tear down the main Chinese government building. Thanks for nothing, Xi. Note: Ahhhh, I needed that post.