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  1. Many of the listed players came into the org AFTER Dipoto left.
  2. He definitely got Newcomb wrong. Six years after being drafted as a college junior, he’s still produced little at the MLB level, so-so starter in 2017-2018, and decent reliever in 2019. Eppler essentially turned him into Simba.
  3. Because the one of the few entities more inept than Dumbpoto is the Mess. That was one big stupid trade on the Mess’ part. The M’s still are not very deep.
  4. If any Halos starter (like Barria above) actually goes 7.1 innings in a real game, that would be a very pleasant surprise.
  5. Been working from home these past two weeks, took some adjustment. Face time calls help some with the isolation issue.
  6. I was discussing this with some friends. They could play the ST games in front of no one, although playing outdoors in AZ in June would probably only be possible at 8am in the morning? Then hopefully, by July 1, crowds can begin to return and the season then starts?
  7. Last two home openers that stand out were Ryan’s one hitter over the M’s in 1977, and a 20 innings win over the M’s that iirc stretched over 2 evenings. I left that 20 innings game after about 11 innings to go to work the next morning, and that was also the night that the Kings finished their shocking SC playoff series win over the top NHL team Edmonton Oilers and Gretzky.
  8. This is a tough spot. Eventually, baseball being played could be therapeutic, but at what expense virus wise? Talk about being between a rock and a hard place.
  9. A couple of day-night DHs per month could possibly be manageable. That still only adds 8 games to the season though (assuming a June start).
  10. LB’s 6-11 freshman center Josh Morgan is apparently transferring out. Some 15 Power 5 and MWC schools are interested. He blocked 79 shots as a freshman, while averaging around 8.5 pts and 6 rebs.
  11. 2011 WS game 6 will be fun, just for the Gulf sign LOLs.