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  1. And also built the Dogs farm before going to the Padres. He’s familiar with the head of baseball ops/GM combination, having seen it up the 5 freeway. I am intrigued now with a Dombrowski/White combo. One thing for sure: Carpino isn’t qualified to be in Dombrowski’s spot. Time to move into the new age of Ops/GM combo!
  2. Suarez and Robles both showed up with a significant weight gain, that wasn’t needed. If they get that back in control, and also in Robles’ case fans in the seats, then with Callaway they are candidates for a rebound in 2021.
  3. Ho hum, another scoreless inning for Mayers, 19.1 consecutive scoreless innings now, only 5 hits allowed (2.3 per 9 innings) Only two hits allowed in his past 16.2 innings Still in contention for AL pitcher of the month?
  4. The Halos season is in theirs and the Rangers hands.
  5. And to the pen for 7 shutout innings with 9/1 Ks/BBs
  6. Barria would be used in relief against the Latriners, as Maddon already announced Heaney, Bundy, and Canning for that series.
  7. Sandoval (moreso long innings) and Andrese are candidates for solid work in the pen next season, along with Mayers, Pena, and maybe Bedrosian and Ramirez. Buttrey has a lot of work ahead of him. Robles, if a drastically reduced salary, should be given one more season to see if he comes to ST in better shape and fans are in the seats.
  8. Is Barreto’s shoulder surgery less complicated than Cozart’s? Shoulder surgeries are never fun to rehabilitate from.
  9. As long as ICWT is here, confidence grows in the pitching results. I’d be interested to see what he could do with Gausman.
  10. No, because there is always an adjustment period for a new coaching staff. Bud Black didn’t immediately turn the early 2000s pitching staff around, but eventually they became one of the best by 2002.
  11. It’s a three way race between Stassi, Walsh, and Mayers. Bundy showed signs of this after the 2019 ASB, albeit this was a significant step up for him. Stassi’s 2019 offense was Mathis at his worst, although he exceeded a .700 OPS the year before. Walsh has been a revelation. Quieting his swing allowed his wrists to do their work. Mayers became Mo Rivera this season, even adding Rivera’s money pitch (the cutter). He either threatened or surpassed the MLB record for consecutive hitless innings by a reliever (14.2).
  12. Plus Benboom shows solid work behind the player, and has put up a .700 OPS on top of it.
  13. To be fair, four starters may end up with sub 4.00 ERAs. Short season aside, that is great progress. Now, about that 5th spot?
  14. The two big things are: having a 5th starter that doesn’t pitch like Rudy Stein, and adding 2-3 relievers that also don’t pitch like Rudy Stein.
  15. Short season, but when was the previous Halos season where four starters had sub 4.00 ERAs?
  16. Stassi has a .932 OPS. 2019 must seem like a zillion years ago now. Halos are now 13-6 since starting off 12-25. Too late to make the post-season in all likelihood, but good momentum for 2021
  17. Mayers’ hitless innings streak ended at 14.2 innings. That has to be high up on the all time list for MLB relievers. He does have an 18.1 scoreless innings streak still going, over which his WHIP is 0.38 with 25/3 Ks/BBs. AL pitcher of the month?
  18. Just one in the 4th-6th innings Maybe allowing just 1 run total from two bases loaded no outs spots gave him added confidence?
  19. We had better get the 2019 Rengifo, and not this one. The hitting so far was putrid, except for showing some plate discipline.
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