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  1. Lackluster 1st quarter and then 38 straight points 16/4 TDs/INTs for Stafford, still only 6 sacks in 6 games What a difference a change in QBs brings.
  2. Roberts is simply channeling his inner Dumbpoto, trying to be the smartest man in the room. All he did was put the Dogs within two losses of extending their full season WS titleless streak to 33 years.
  3. That’s because they think moving their players around different defense positions won’t hurt them. Speaking of which Maddon, note to yourself: stop doing it yourself! Utility player or two are nice to have. But it’s not necessary to make everyone into one.
  4. Even in defeat, a pretty even game vs the Wild, just a bad 10 minute stretch on defense did them in. SEVEN pts for Kopi after two games
  5. Only one vent: wake up Freddie the Freeloader! Golden sombrero? Are you freaking kidding me? The other 4 batters in the upper half of the lineup went 6-15.
  6. Agree on no more long contracts the next handful of seasons, aside from Ohtani (assuming 2022 a repeat of 2021 for him). Time to get out of the out of house long term FA contracts business. Nothing over 3 years
  7. If they are indeed able to do my plan plus a FA SS, which of Semien and Story would take a shorter deal (say 3 years), since Paris looms on the farm? Semien is really solid on the road (near .900 road OPS the past two full seasons). Story’s road stats aren’t nearly as good. Part of that could be playing 1/3 of their road games in pitching parks SF, LA, and SD? Story is likely looking at a longer deal. Semien has been good in the field and at bat over the past two full seasons, is durable, and even steals some bases. Just saw that Story grew up in Texas, and thus may wind up in Houston anyway since Correa is likely leaving. Houston frees up some $50-$60 million from Verlander and Greinke likely leaving. Semien grew up in CA.
  8. Agreed, that’s why I added putting CRod back in the pen to my original post.
  9. Re-sign Iglesias and Cobb, sign Stroman and a late innings guy, and acquire #2 catcher. That should amount to around $45 million extra, within the budget. Let Rengifo, Mayfield, and Brendon Davis battle for the SS spot. Move CRod back to pen for now, and move Bachman to the pen for now. Ohtani, Stroman, Sandoval, Cobb, Suarez, and Barria/Detmers/Junk Iglesias, FA acquisition, CRod, Mayers, Warren, Quijada, and two from Tyler/Marte/Ortega/etc. with Bachman replacing one of those when ready Finally, have normal team health for a change, instead of having one of the biggest cumulative IL days in MLB year in and year out it seems.
  10. Maybe Suzuki is one of those who can’t do it well in a game, but teach it well? I know, straws.
  11. This times eleventy! Braves are the ONLY team of the four that I don’t have an intense dislike for!
  12. Gabe Morales = the new Angel Hernandez? Worst check/no check swing call I ever saw! Flores BARELY moved the bat!
  13. Rotation needs more than anything a solid starter who doesn’t miss starts. That would be Stroman, who has at least 32 starts in four of the past 5 full seasons with solid stats in those four seasons (including cumulative 3.47 ERA and only 1 HR allowed every 10 innings). Need no more seasons where few starters exceed 100 innings!
  14. Pujols just needs to go away. Talk about foolish pride?
  15. There’s no real reason to keep Gosselin, especially with a lot of space to create on the 40 man this winter.
  16. Webb shut out the Dogs in game 1. Should be a great pitching duel with Urias.
  17. Rengifo had better be working on his SS defense all winter. Either that or move Rengifo to 2B and have Fletcher work on SS defense all winter? If Eckstein can play SS well enough with his questionable arm and decent at best range, then Fletcher can certainly handle SS with a better arm and range than Eckstein?
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