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  1. Sign Gausman and trade for Musgrove sounds good. Musgrove still has 2 years to FA.
  2. Uh Giglio, put Trout in Fenway half of the season and surrounded by more hitting talent. Still think Betts is better? I’ll grant you that Betts is currently the better defensive player.
  3. Hey Glasnow, stop pitching like Nibs! Throw freaking strikes!!!! WTF????
  4. Pelosi isn’t helping any, wanting to add lots of non-related pork to the stimulus bill.
  5. Simply put, it seems that Eppler did as much as he could to fix the farm system, and slowly improve the MLB team. Now, feel free to join the 21st century Arte Moreno. Was Arte a Stratomatic fan growing up?
  6. It was probably not good timing on his part. Best to not pile on after something like that was foiled.
  7. Arte Moreno needs to wake up and join the 21st century!! Or, more and more people will be wanting him to sell the team. Hey, he would still have the stadium and land, which is his true area of expertise. Imagine how many baseball savvy FO folks could have been hired in 2013 for just part of Hackilton’s $125 million.
  8. Knight had a good college football career at UNLV. Maybe he should have gone into casino work instead?
  9. Grits and shrimp are good together, with some sort of spicy southern sauce.
  10. I do wonder where the org ranks in MLB in scouting and development budget.
  11. What is it that causes a team to play so poorly in the first half, week after week, and play well in the second half week after week?
  12. To add on to Larry’s thoughts, hear’s how I arrived at probably voting for Trump vs a 3rd party candidate, after voting for a 3rd party in 2016. I have never, ever seen the media attack a POTUS the way Trump has been attacked. And the media in no way did the same to Obama or W. That right there is suspicious. But the capper was Harris becoming Biden’s running mate. First, they’re at each other’s throats in the primaries, and now this love fest. No way Biden lasts more than a couple of years, no POTUS has ever been 80. He will be two years into a possible term. How is h
  13. Urías has talent, but the Braves made him look like a relief ace. Talk about rolling over. Four freaking runs in the last two games?
  14. It was 13-6 by 1976. Then 16-11 by 1988. Then 16-14 by 2002. It’s Lakers 8-1 after 1986.
  15. Goff looks like a frigging 18 year-old. Bad passes galore 9-24, does NOT get it done!
  16. What kind of F’d up play calling was that, McVay, near the goal line in the 3rd??????
  17. HTFH did Miami beat S.F. by 26????? Miami??????? Really? Really? Really? Really?
  18. Brandon nailed it regarding Goff, when facing the Niners. Hot stinky cat dookie too often against them!
  19. Another near miss for X-man, -6 today, -18 overall and finishing 2nd If not for that +2 yesterday...
  20. Vilardi, Turcotte, and Byfield, a great trio for the future
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