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  1. I have to say it. Carpino is a acting like a stooge. Arte is acting like it’s a plaything. Maybe it’s time for Arte to sell the team, but keep the stadium and land? Win Win Arte can have fun developing the land, and the Halos can be sold to someone who understands that in baseball the owner signs the checks and leaves ALL other decisions to his president and GM who understand how the game works.
  2. Gotta hope for a Braves miracle and Rays/Skanks beating the Cheaters.
  3. Take it away Rod! ”Tonight’s the night!”
  4. Great 1-2 punch with Wagner in 1962, 63 HRs and 211 rbis combined, playing in a pitchers’ park
  5. I agree. Adding Capela would have obviously meant no AD, due to cap space.
  6. Please tell me we won’t get another Latriners/Cheaters WS.
  7. Definitely not Sandoval, showed promise in long innings role down the stretch, and has lots of years of control.
  8. Walsh figures to finish no worse than 3rd or 4th for AL ROTY.
  9. I originally thought the “Don’t bring me down, Bruuuuce” ELO lyric was “Don’t bring me down, whooosh”.
  10. But wait, there’s more! Newsom is now wanting restaurant diners to wear a mask at the table in between bites. This guy is a total buffoon. No one pushes as much crazy stuff through as he does, unless it’s a plot.
  11. Didn’t the slaves already receive reparations after the Civil War?
  12. I win the “guess the thread bumper“ contest. I win squat.
  13. The one LA team I say this for. Beat the Carpetbagging Latriners!
  14. The highest salary ever for a Halos FA pitcher was Nibs’ 5 years/$77 million. They’ve likely offered others in addition to the reported offer to Cole, though.
  15. And showing up on time each winter (see J. Pierrepont Reagins)
  16. Or Bull the jury science guy
  17. He was mesmerized by him. He was drafted before Albert.
  18. I thought the Giants defense was meh?
  19. What is going on with this team since Friday? Complacency? Defense suddenly sucks! Let Olynek go off the past two games? Really? Really? Really? Really??? Guys, they are missing two of their 3 best players. Wake the }%%% up!!!
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