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  1. I don’t see him saying that. I see him saying it’s not that difficult to follow the protocols. That’s exclusive of those who opt out.
  2. I don’t think Maddon is talking about Trout. I think he’s saying that if you’re going to be a shithead and not follow the rules, don’t come here.
  3. This season isn’t happening.
  4. Don’t you wish all women only gained in the right places?
  5. enjoyed Witt’s perfecto and then Sutton’s 300th last night Tonight is the Langston/Witt no-no Who in hell is working the crawl at Fox Sports? Not sure why the photo quality is bad. But I can’t wait to see Winfield’s feat tomorrow.
  6. We need to get back and make that happen when the Shitstorm ends. @Lhalo is always in too. Did @Schildog drop off this site? Haven’t seen him in the locker in a while. Also, we need to get @Victor out of retirement.
  7. I think you picked me about 6 rounds too high but I value that. Tank was on our team at least one year, I think 2. I only played 2 I think.
  8. Reggie before he arrived - 77 series Dick Allen smoked in the dugout during games. Rickey Henderson - talked about himself in 3rd person. Arod Ichiro
  9. You guys have never met? I just figured this feud all stemmed from a bad slide into second during the AW annual softball game, where not only the two dudes at the bag got hurt, but half of the old overweight guys just watching the play on the field and in the dugout. God I miss those games.
  10. Sadly @yk9001, by using soccer in your defense, you’re waving the rainbow flag with most in this group. But this type of intelligence is always welcome in the Meat Locker - still running strong after all these years.
  11. I’d PPV this shit. Some hall of famers of this type here.
  12. @Stradling and @yk9001 I come here so infrequently. Can you give me some point / counterpoint on the Korean Baseball League. Please feel free to include personal digs in your positions. As for Albert, the signing was the greatest thing. Best thing he did with the stick. Got me motivated during a hot stove. Dude broke down. Im not bitter (about that.)