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  1. Moreno is in the running for worst owner in sports for sure. You don’t need to be on my team. I asked a question of what’s going right with this org. Everyone wanted Maddon, he’s here and he dislikes it. I went to one game this year, and it was only because my friend was drafted in the first round and he wanted to go to a game before rookie ball. I’d love to go to more. I wish the Angels are watchable. Ohtani was for a short while. But he’s a .255 hitter complaining now. strad, I know you want me to just bend over and take the Angels pathetic play, but I can’t do that, and I’m not going to be looking up kids that will help in four years. I’m sorry you don’t like my vocal displeasure to this club. We are fans in a different way. everyone sees what the dodgers are doing. Buying everything they need to win. So don’t be surprised when Ohtani moves over to follow Tio Albert if this mess isn’t cleaned up.
  2. Seriously. If there were ever an award for biggest Angels cuck, this might be it.
  3. Another losing season Ohtani talking about wanting to win raising red flags Trout out for almost the whole season They didn’t trade the closer who will walk anyway. Upton is more dead weight in ‘22 We even managed to fuck up our announcing team. Are we back to, at least Arte lowered beer prices?
  4. Please destroy more businesses and put it near the Rio/Palms. That Speedway location is fucking out there. It’s beautiful walking over the closed bridge to the Raiders crib. And for GK games, you just park at MGM and walk over.
  5. Water is wet. Sky is blue. Angels suck. Artie is awful. rinse, wash and repeat for another 60 years.
  6. I think the rite of passage is passing out gum while riding the pine. If you Mathis’d, you’re a HALO for life.
  7. Unfortunately, he hated all the players. He likes the 7,000 man janitorial staff cleaning the piss troughs and shitters at the Big A. That’s the 95%. They still have those black seats that were gargoylian?
  8. It’s so great to see consistency for once in the organization. mediocrity on the field and in the booth.
  9. O’Neal was horrible. Rich is bad but tolerable. Both of them sound like they have boners for their jobs. I would too. But it’s a bit much and I like homer announcers.
  10. What sewer tunnel did you crawl out of? Jinx es un chiste.
  11. Sounds like I’m needed back in the booth.
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