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  1. This is all a covert operation for Eppler to get the proper measurements for Jeter. He will come back to Arte so that we can finally have the perfect Jeter statue at the Big A.
  2. I am firmly in the “would love Bauer’s swagger (and arm).” I don’t see swagger being welcome in Anaheim. My belief is that Arte doesn’t like it and Trout doesn’t have swagger. I don’t know that you can bring in a guy who is bigger than life compared to the best hitter in baseball.
  3. Participation trophy at best. The team doesn’t suck that bad to get so incredibly homer over a GG nomination.
  4. I’d love Bauer. But the Angels have a better chance of signing Hank Bauer. Forget Stroman. Douchebag.
  5. I only want Didi if we can balance out the trade by shipping Victor Rojas for Suzyn Waldman in the deal.
  6. The Angels would have been better investing in this company back when they signed the Real Tommy John in ‘82.
  7. I’d also like to add that there’s been a lot more sword fighting in this one thread than the history of the meat locker.
  8. If you’re going on an apology tour, make sure you bring 4 or 5, no wait; bring about a dozen sets of those tits. The crowd will treat you warmer. BTW still waiting for you to eat the pube sandwich you promised to chow down if the halos signed Mang.
  9. It’s incredible these threads don’t get more than 2 or 3 pages anymore n
  10. @tdawg87props to you for waiting this long to burnout. I burned out a long time ago and this dumpster fire of an organization is just on repeat year in and year out. rememebr when they used to tickle our junk and get to the playoffs and then just blow series? we don’t even get that anymore. the burn is good, like a toasted marshmallow.
  11. How about bringing in some Latinos. I want a guy who can get some Mangs in here. Pujols for GM.
  12. I say bring in Jobu for GM, not the poster here, but the original 12” Jobu. The Angels are such a dismal organization. Almost 60 years of failure, with the exception of one winning season and some also-rans. They gave Ryan good lineups and couldn’t win. They gave Trout good support but a horseshit staff and can’t win.
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