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  1. Just curious who will you all complain about next. I assume Arte is number one on the hit list still. I’m too lazy to create a poll. Thanks for your answers in advance. I’ll check back when the season is over. Bob.
  2. Remember when we naively used to brag about our perfect little ball club owned by the Cowboy and we’d curse the vile big teams full of druggies (Skaggs), cheats (Harkins), and lewd creeps (Callaway). Glad to see our big owner brought the Angels to the big time. What a fucking disgrace this organization is. All we need is a few parking lot murders to catch the Dodgers.
  3. Don’t recall seeing her name in our list of finalists. Not too surprised. All she’s done is win. We are 1-69.
  4. Seriously and who is this Fabian guy. And why is Sherman, the Yanks NY Post hack breaking news?
  5. Didn’t you go full Sinead O’Connor on here just like a month ago? Or do I have you mixed up with someone else?
  6. He was an insider and a baseball writer. That’s all. You don’t like him, pick your favorite guy from the past Doesn’t matter to me
  7. That makes it even worse that Rosenthal scooped you on a story in your own backyard. I don’t like that guy, and you’re our hometown scribe. I’d much rather you be the Damon Runyon of Angels baseball breaking news to us.
  8. There are success stories from all walks of life. And Larry Dierker was a radio guy before he was a manager I believe. Erik Spoelstra was a VHS jockey for the Heat and has been their coach for a long while. Success could come from anywhere. But the Angels have historically, especially under Arte’s ownership had bad ones. Our scouting is weak, and our farm system is barely starting to churn again after many barren seasons. We chased away good scouts. Just because Rojas has family connections in the game and grew up on the field, doesn’t make him a qualified candidate for a GM job. Clearly the Angels agreed. PS the grandpa line was good. I don’t think anyone has ever called me that. I may need to change my avatar to the one Slappy Utility Guy uses.
  9. I’m not even sure what this means. Spend less time worrying about me Scott. There’s only one Lou here, it’s not you. He’s at least funny. This is why I only come here once a month. You make it an undesirable place to express an opinion. I’ve expressed this to you before. Way to go gatekeeper.
  10. I Actually thought my response was clever and quite funny. I didn’t mention your company and and all of those finalists have big street cred. Wasn’t trying to be a dick at all.
  11. Strad, when you were a finalist for your position, did they tell you that you were a finalist along with The Hamburglar, the BK King, Wendy, the 8th Karcher grandson? Someone in the org slipped this. We don’t have a beat writer with a good foot in the door.
  12. Watch this guy turn the lowly Mets, aka the east coast Angels, into a winner in 2-3 years. TB Rays have been trolling Arte for years. Arte is coming up on the 20-year mark of failure. But he’s sold a lot of inexpensive, overpriced beer.
  13. 1. I don’t want to hear Arte talking about the positions of players. That’s Maddon’s job. 2. Lodge skus 3. Puff BJ interview for his boss 4. I waited around all day on the Spanish stations for this. No wonder I missed it.
  14. I have to laugh that beyond the Who’s who of this list of finalists - our team beat reporter is constantly confirming other reporters’ info. Fletcher in with the “confirming Rosenthal report...” it would be refreshing to have a beat reporter that actually breaks news instead of getting best by some other national guy across the country.
  15. This is all a covert operation for Eppler to get the proper measurements for Jeter. He will come back to Arte so that we can finally have the perfect Jeter statue at the Big A.
  16. I am firmly in the “would love Bauer’s swagger (and arm).” I don’t see swagger being welcome in Anaheim. My belief is that Arte doesn’t like it and Trout doesn’t have swagger. I don’t know that you can bring in a guy who is bigger than life compared to the best hitter in baseball.
  17. Participation trophy at best. The team doesn’t suck that bad to get so incredibly homer over a GG nomination.
  18. I’d love Bauer. But the Angels have a better chance of signing Hank Bauer. Forget Stroman. Douchebag.
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