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  1. I don’t believe that you think I was taking about his salary. You are a great poster on this board Lou but not buying it. Sorry, there is just no way you think that. You just chose to be cute. And that’s fine it’s your thing. Your best thing actually. But not believable in this case.
  2. Come on Lou. You and I both know there isn’t a chance in hell the Angels (or any team) would make a trade for Calhoun and take on that money. The D’backs would be thrilled to move Calhoun and eat most of that salary.
  3. Calhoun isn’t glamorous, but he probably is a much safer bet to just be functional than other in-house options. And he would come extremely cheap.
  4. I thought saying “all” was prohibited by the left?
  5. Let me put it this way: If I assign a baseline level of acknowledgement/respect for the achievement from one guy pitching a no-hitter at 100. . . Then I would score my acknowledgement/respect for the achievement from a “combined” no hitter at probably 15. It is mostly novelty. There have been like 300 no-hitters in mlb history. How many times has a guy taken a no-hitter into the 8th and then given up a hit? A couple thousand? And then how many times has a relief pitcher pitched two innings of no-hit ball? Thousands and thousands of times? Big deal. So goi
  6. Rules? I think you are confusing rules with statistics. But you are correct statistically. If a team got no hits, then they got no hits. But nobody threw a no hitter if nobody pitched the whole game.
  7. I 100% reject the idea of a “combined no-hitter.” Langston did not pitch a no-hitter. Witt did not pitch a no hitter. I mean nobody would say the two guys that played left field today “combined to hit for the cycle.” Sorry but you have to pitch a whole game by yourself to pitch a no-hitter.
  8. I believe baseball then implemented a minimum height for players. In hindsight, why did they establish a minimum height for the player rather than just establish a minimum size for the strike zone? Whatever the strike would be for a player like 5’2” could be the minimum strike zone, with the strike zone obviously larger for players taller than that. . . Seems kind of dated and weird to have restrictions on the size of the player. Although extremely unlikely, if a really small dude could play talent wise, let them play.
  9. Don't end a sentence (or a rant) with a preposition. Put in a little effort.
  10. No, Heaney is “todays’s special.” It is supposed to really good but it’s not ready yet. Try again later.
  11. Pujols hit everybody pretty well “over his career.” He is Albert Pujols. The question is how has he hit him over the last couple of years?
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