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  1. Is it true there was a players only meeting? Is there truth to the rumor about the frictional, tense love triangle between Simmons, Goodwin and Alex Curry?
  2. Where is Angel Graffiti to spin this into being Arte’s fault?
  3. I agree. I personally don’t care. But tons of people do, including players who want to be the unique answer to questions like, “Name the only three player in history with a .300 average, blah blah, and blah blah.” Maybe he doesn’t care who knows.
  4. I understand the very valid point that unless the Angels have someone who can outperform Albert, then Albert should just play. I don’t think anybody disagrees with that. But at some point if you want to win and the goal is to put the best team possible on the field, the you deliberately go get somebody that would outperform him rather than making the excuse that we have no knowledge that Thais or Ward would do any better. If Pujols hits .179 and Ward/Thais hit .160, do you really just roll with Albert because you don’t have a better alternative in house or do you go get somebody? I don’t hate Albert. Never did. I just want to win and I am not very interested in sitting through the fade. What is funny is in years past it was “The offense isn’t good enough anyway. An upgrade from Albert doesn’t make the difference necessary, so what is the point?” And now I suppose I am going to hear the offense is good enough with Rendon (and Adell on the way) to survive Albert. I think this is worse than the old excuse. Just keeping an inning alive with a potent lineup rather than making an out (or two for that matter with a gidp) can get you another 3 or 4 runs. Anyway, I accept the reality of playing the best player you have but I reject that you can just stay with that if the best you have is hurting you. Go make a deal and address it. It’s time to win.
  5. I know you are correct. Just pointing out what is obvious to me. He needed two seasons of being healthy, batting .240ish, to get to 700. Its not gonna happen now.
  6. Realistically, with all these lost games lost, does it effectively destroy Albert’s chances at 700 homers? Is there any chance he sees this and just retires with his .300 lifetime average? He is not getting to 700 now.
  7. Didn’t need to. They are one of the most active bands touring today to sellout crowds and have made a fortune.
  8. Fascinating legal battle over that song . . . Suit said the verve “stole” it from the stones, but the fascinating part is the admission from the stones that THEY knowingly “borrowed” the core of the song from somebody else without their permission! So how can you admit you stole something and then sue someone from stealing what you stole?? In the end, after winning the case (one that they were not personally driving anyway), Mick and Keith gifted it back to the verve.
  9. Have you read the broadcasting agreement? You have confirmed and know for certain that there there will be no revenue if there are no games right now? I would not assume that either way without confirming.
  10. That’s how dumb this guy is. Most of us just take the phone with us.
  11. If your ever get to Cooperstown, make sure you don’t miss a close look at Jackie Autry’s a-bead collection. The strand with 6 she favored from 1978 to 1982 is impressive.