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  1. The Dodgers got a game winning hit from a dude hitting .165. . . . . . Angel front office now shifts free agent focus to players that hit under .200.
  2. My first comment in this thread was “I don’t care.” That was not to be rude. The reason this is a perfectly appropriate comment in this thread is “I don’t care” should have been an option in the poll. People don’t care because the conversation has been exhausted. People don’t care because the team not winning is not caused by having the wrong manager. It’s the roster. People don’t care because the fact that it was time to move in from Scioscia really doesn’t have much to do with having Madden now. People don’t care because the comparison is, at best, premature since Joe has never had a roster he could possible win with. We have no idea what he could do with a winning roster. I guess if we felt it was possible that the Angels would fire Joe and re-hire Mike, maybe I would be interested in it. But if that isn’t the case, I just think the most accurate answer to the poll is “I don’t care.”
  3. When an all-time great hangs on too long we all, at first, kind of feel bad for them and pull for them and hope they don’t embarrass themselves. I definitely felt that way about Albert for a very very long time. Without rehashing all the Albert details, at some point that perspective changes from “pulling for you” to “you get what you deserve.” If Albert grounded into two double plays and made two errors in the field and was throw out at home from third on a single to left field. . . And created the single greatest example of a legend blowing a game for a team because they stuck around too long. . . . He would DESERVE that embarrassment. If he gets the clutch hit that wins the series as a pinch hitter, so be it. I guess he knew he had one more moment in him. But if the train wrecks its on him and I could not feel bad for him at all. It would be Karma. He used up all of my courtesy to him in multiples over the last two seasons.
  4. If you like a particular 8% IPA and are sure you are going to drink two beers instead of one, here is what I do. . . Open the high alcohol IPA and also an Asahi Super Dry. Mix 50/50 for your first and second beer. Asahi Super Dry is such a clean tasting beer that it will basically disappear into the IPA and you will taste the IPA just as a slightly lighter version of itself. I think you will find it very satisfying and you will reduce the amount of alcohol by about 25%. This assumes the goal is to manage the number of beers you want versus the high alcohol level of some IPAs. Obviously if you want the fastest maximum “get your drink on” then forget this entire post and have at it.
  5. Let’s table this Scioscia vs Madden debate until after they both get breast implants.
  6. Well, we HAVE had two decades of Mike Scioscia discussions. . . I apologize if I think the subject is about as fresh as the Heather Thomas or Heather Locklear debate.
  7. How would I address shortstop? After I fix the pitching. If you can’t land the high end starting pitching, it really doesn’t matter who plays short.
  8. I don’t disagree. But is it an acceptable trade off for reducing the shift and seeing more “normal” baseball? Keep in mind the rule would strongly discourage teams from using extreme shifts, and in doing so the rule would (hopefully) very rarely occur. And also keep in mind that if it happened, the defensive team CHOSE to take the risk. So you can argue that the base wasn’t really just given for free.
  9. Here is a simple rule that would discourage the defense from using an extreme shift: If the defense uses the shift and the hitter gets on base safely, after the play is over the hitter is awarded an extra base. Suddenly a left handed power hitter might want to push a bunt toward third. If he is safe, he is then awarded second base. The scoring would be a bunt single with getting to second being defensive indifference (just as when you steal but the defense doesn’t care and you don’t get credited with the stolen base). I like the criteria being three defenders minimum on each side of 2B but would add that no more than three players be in the OF.
  10. I did not say if we all criticize the Angels it will cause the team to do better. I am saying everyone should reject failure. If they fail, then everyone should act acoirdingly. Read the conclusion again for the jist: ”So maybe it’s time, if the Angels want to be the premium top tier franchise, for the front office to openly accept the non-negotiable obligation to acquire what the team obviously needs with the consequences of failing to do so being you get absolutely lambasted and roasted in the media and by the fans. . . and fired.” Personally I am not going to automatically give the team my money and attention if they are not good enough. It’s time to win, not just hope the team wins.
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