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  1. Buddy, I can tell you with zero uncertainty that Olivia Newton John in that movie was an uncontrollable but quite conscious change in that 12 year old version of me. Even my Dad was asking me, “What the in hell is going on with you?”
  2. Second Base gave this post some love. Just noting that that’s exactly as far as Sandy would probably go.
  3. I said “adjust” the budget to land Bauer. That would mean the same amount would still be available for the other moves.
  4. Minasian has a budget to work with. If Arte decides he wants to adjust the budget to get Bauer, it is kind of silly to characterize this as Arte “going against” Minasian or as Minasian being “vetoed” by Arte or whatever garbage people are throwing around.
  5. I loved the guy until I quit loving the guy.
  6. I would take my kids there. And I have. But my respect level for what it actually is now probably couldn’t be lower. And this was avoidable if people who voted had just a passable amount of personal discipline and integrity. Again, the irony when they want to personally “punish” people with questionable personal discipline and integrity.
  7. This is why the HOF is meaningless and lame now. Too many things contaminating the whole process that have nothing to do with whether or not the guy was one of the best players of all time or not. And at the center of it is people who vote with the mindset that it is an individual award being given to the player, rather than a museum making decisions on what to include or exclude for historical accuracy. How the individual player feels being voted in or not should be meaningless. It’s not though. They want to personally award and personally deny certain players as personal punishment.
  8. OK. So how long is the list of starting pitchers that don’t have five reasons why there is risk?
  9. “You saw a game where the mound was off by 2 feet? Um, I saw a game where the mound was off by ten feet, I mean twelve feet. Yeah, off by twelve feet, way longer than your two feet.”
  10. Hey tell us the story about how nobody could figure out for a few innings why all the throws were off. They were accidentally using a softball?
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