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  1. I was 100% wrong. I thought for sure they would work it out at the last second.
  2. Wouldn’t it be great if Detmers just arrives into the Angel rotation today and just sticks?
  3. Look if no deal is made, I will say I am wrong. But they are in the heat of negotiation. Isn’t it almost predictable that the Mets would float out a story that they are OK not signing him at this point? Is that real or is it part of their posturing?
  4. His agent has to be looking at upside versus downside of not signing. His possible upside of not signing is he shows he is perfectly healthy, velocity returns, he dominates and then comes back next year as the #1 pick and gets a couple more million than he can secure right now. The downside is he actually is damaged and needs medical work, or that he gets hurt. . . and then gets drafted in the 4th round next year, and is a year older another year away from free agency. This is stupid. The kid should reach an agreement and move his career forward now.
  5. The Mets offer on the table prices in the damage. I think they reach an agreement.
  6. The Angels have never missed the postseason because of who is playing short. Get some high end starting pitching and a better bullpen.
  7. What a pain in the ass. They have a deal in place for over slot, subject to the physical. Then they discover an elbow issue and the two sides can’t reach an agreement? I don’t see how Rocker not signing helps him. He is either healthy and ready for the next level, or he needs the best medical treatment possible. Either way, that means he should sign. Boras isn’t stupid, so my guess is he is posturing until the very last second to get every dime he can. I think he signs at the very last second.
  8. He doesn’t have to legally guilty of anything for the signing to be a disaster. He isn’t pitching and his teammates don’t want him back.
  9. I am not giving Cobb a dime until the Angels secure a top of the rotation starter. Then maybe he is an added if the budget allows.
  10. Go to the 99 cent store and buy 45 million items. Keep the 45 million pennies for a rainy day.
  11. Can’t wait for the follow up story of how Arte got in the way.
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