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  1. I'm sure there's a bit of satire here, but I'm genuinely surprised that Sosh isn't getting interviews. He had a really good run here. I did find this article about him from last summer (maybe a Craig). Who knew Plashke could write something without coming off like a complete a-hole? https://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-mike-scioscia-angels-retirement-20190622-story.html
  2. Hinch makes more sense to me than LaRussa, especially for a more analytically-minded team. And as far as MLB is concerned, he served his time.
  3. Local CHI media seems a little confused. Not so much because Renteria deserved to stay, but that the move came out of the blue. It's also a team with a lot of upside going forward. That said, the Cubs won the WS two years after firing Renteria. So, there's that.
  4. I was going to ask if we'd need to give CHI anything to take LaRussa.
  5. We'll have to see who does the better Truffle Shuffle.
  6. I would really like to see the team hire Epstein. It just sounds like the working relationship between Maddon and Theo became too toxic in the end. I can't imagine either one is eager to work with the other again anytime soon.
  7. I agree with this, as well as something that @floplagalluded to: Who are they going to bring in that will be better? It will need to be someone who can embrace all of those things laid out here. That's what successful teams across the market-size spectrum have been doing for years now.
  8. That's what I had heard, that it was largely in the Orthodox Jewish areas of Queens. I was listening to a live news feed, though
  9. They let Doc Rivers go. I’m genuinely surprised by this. I know their season didn’t go the way they wanted it to, but Rivers has been so important to turning around everything about that organization. He’s a good coach that guys love to play for.
  10. I would agree, with both you and @Jasonon this. Power is indeed hard to give up. Term limits are also, I think, very necessary. People stay in those positions too long and it all becomes about political gamesmanship, and not about helping the people of your constituency. Too few elected officials are term limited. I mean, notice the proposed term limits only applies to SCOTUS. Why not senators and reps as well?
  11. I do. That's why I said in my post that he was an even better human being than a player. He died on his way to render aid to earthquake victims.
  12. I don't see how Quinlan's number wasn't retired the moment he left the Angels, similar to the White Sox retiring Baines's number as soon as he was traded to TEX. Huge oversight.
  13. Yeah, I think there is actually an interesting discussion to be had on this topic, regardless of where it came from. From last night's festivities in honor of Clemente there has been a movement to retire his number league-wide, similar to Jackie. I don't agree, which takes nothing away from the amazing player, and even better human being, that Roberto Clemente was. I think Jackie Robinson was worthy of that honor, but that's where it should stop.
  14. I met him once at an Angels game. He took some time and talked to my dad and me before the game. I remember being just wowed that anyone wearing that uniform would stop and talk to us. Afterward, my dad would describe him just as you did, and talk about how he played fungo with the players. Great moment, really grounded dude, but worthy of number retirement? I'm not so sure. Number retirement kind of becomes a slippery slope with some orgs, so I tend to set a high bar for that. The Gene Autry one never resonated with me because, to me, number retirements are for on-field accomplishments. There
  15. This is kind of where I am as well. Whenever Carew is pictured, it's most often in his powder blue Twins uniform. That's how he's remembered. That being said, he spent seven seasons with the Halos, and put up really good numbers here, just not as amazing as his MIN numbers, which should tell you just how great he was with the Twins. He was an absolute hitting machine. I can see the retirement with both teams based on the numbers. He was an important part of some great Angels teams
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