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  1. There's also the fact that the players and essential personnel are assuming 90% of the health risks. Ownership/management doesn't necessarily need to travel or even be at the games. Trout and his wife have a baby on the way. I'm sure other MLB families do too. There are also likely families who have kids/spouses that have compromised immune systems. The money is a huge concern, but I'm sure this goes beyond the money concerns.
  2. He was an honorable mention, but I remember Gary Disarcina was having a great year with the bat in '95. Things started to unravel in the regular season once he got hurt.
  3. Parrish made one ASG with the Angels. He was probably beginning his decline phase when he got here. He was a good catcher in his era: pretty good glove, decent offense. I remember he had a cool nickname: The Big Wheel. I think this list shows that the Halos don't have much good history at that particular position. Also shows how hard it still is to find a good catcher. I have no problem with it except for Downing's inclusion.
  4. As I said in another thread, I think he's borderline but lean toward yes. A lot of what he did was intangible. He inherited a franchise that had built up a long run of plain mediocrity and really changed that culture, completely turned the organization around. Of course he didn't do it alone, but the product on the field and in the clubhouse was his. He consistently got more out of what he was given than anyone expected. That has to count for something. Plus he survived multiple regime changes over the course of his career, which shows how highly he was valued. Also, his Simpsons appearance was legendary. That might push his candidacy across home plate. I'm glad the OP included that.
  5. This is a really interesting question because the contributions managers make tend to be intangible, can't be measured. I think he's borderline and lean toward HOF based on his Angels tenure, which was very successful and consistent overall. If he has a good run with another org, I think he gets in.
  6. Bavasi. It can be debated whether his contributions were more significant as a scouting director or GM. It was largely the talent his department drafted that won in 2002. He also had the foresight to lock the key guys into contracts earlier in their careers, keeping the core group together.
  7. Scioscia, and it's not even close. He did so much to change the culture of the franchise.
  8. I think in the minimum five years, the Rams and Falcons will have a reboot similar to what the Browns and Bucs just did.
  9. And here are the new unis. I know the headline says "unverified leak'" but the Rams confirmed it on Twitter. My take. I love the color scheme. Overall I feel like they saw how terrible ATL's new uniforms are, and Demoff said, "Hold my beer." Fixing their uniform situations was a fat pitch down the middle and they swung and missed badly.
  10. Yes! A lot of people have said the same thing. Not looking like a hated rival may have been another reason to consider going back to the creamsicle look.
  11. Two NBA teams (that I know of) have spoken on this issue. The Mavs have said they’re putting a program in place so those workers can still get paid. No specifics yet. The Warriors said, basically, “thoughts and prayers.”
  12. Basically a Super Bowl-era throwback, these are a major upgrade over what they’ve worn the past few seasons, but I can’t help but be disappointed they didn’t bring back the orange/creamsicle color scheme.
  13. I know we have a couple of actual doctors on this board. What are biological injections? Fletch’s story listed five pitchers who recently had them, only one of whom (Masahiro Tanaka) avoided TJ surgery. So far it doesn’t sound encouraging.
  14. In hindsight, no, it wasn’t nearly enough. The only one who looks like he can stick is Jordan Yamamoto. Maybe the OF, Harrison. But he and the other position players don’t look like they will hit enough.
  15. There is a lot that goes into being the visitor’s clubhouse manager. I’ve read about a few different ones over the years. If you’re interested, @tdawg87, here is a write up on PHI’s visitor’s clubhouse guy and what the job entails. FWIW, Ryne Sandberg thanked CHC’s longtime clubhouse manager in his HoF speech.