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  1. Thaiss poor fielder at 2B or 3B he could be your super sub not a starter at 2B
  2. Signed last year with Cleveland 6.25 mill after Philly did not offer him contract. With market down this off season he will go cheaper maybe under 5 mill. Not giving up on Rengifo he could be your utility inf. and Barreto out of options coming off shoulder surgery so he's big ? now.
  3. We all know about Fletcher, Rengifo, Jones or Barreto but I'd like halos go after Ceasar Hernandez. Can get him on 1 year deal 6 to 8 million. Good top of lineup player with a lifetime 277 avg and 352 obp. Fletcher to SS.
  4. I hope someone is picked soon after WS, he will have lot of work to do.
  5. Forget about Bauer because he is not coming. Halos sign Stroman who would you take a flyer on. Robbie Ray or maybe a Taijuan Walker?
  6. Robles, Andriese, Anderson and Bedrosian will all be gone. Bedrosian for price and always hurt.
  7. Hip surgery out 4 to 6 months. Another blow to halos now we need a catcher. https://www.mlb.com/news/max-stassi-undergoes-left-hip-surgery
  8. Harvey, Cahill and Teheran I understand. Lindor and pitching.
  9. Would you trade for Lindor? What do you think cost would be? Adell and what else? I know the need for pitching so how about Stroman plus one other pitcher and Lindor?
  10. Should Michigan now ban guns at state capital. Trump could lose by a landslide and he will not leave.
  11. I agree another option. We need a GM, budget going forward.
  12. Artie has spent money no denying that. He went after Cole but fell short and did spend money on Rendon. Pitching is name of game and just hard to come by. Again this winter I feel Angels are close but need 2 top pitchers to push them to the top. Skaggs death and injuries to Ohtani have really hurt. I personally think teams will be cutting payroll this off season because of an uncertain future. Artie will need money to develop land he bought. Maybe Reid Detmers and high pick in this years draft will help. Let's hope they keep playoffs at 16 teams.
  13. How excited we were last off season when he became manager. When managers win they get to much credit and when they lose get too blame. 2002 I got a rescue dog named her angel and to this day gets zero credit for her part for helping that season.
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