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  1. There is no perfect solution players know the risk.
  2. Reports from CBS Sports players and owners are far apart on the money. If the season is canceled baseball will suffer for many years. With virus all sports are going to suffer for some time.
  3. 2 errors first game hit a robust 122 and was let go.
  4. Stanton was an OF, best year with halos in 1975. Drafted by Seattle in 1976 expansion and had his best year in 1977,
  5. How soon people forget Fritz Brickell, halos opening day SS in 61
  6. Good move unless your the one to take a hike. Not all teams doing this be a loyal employee until owner does not need you.
  7. How many remember that Del Rice had a 385 OBP in 1961, I still think that is a halo record for catchers.
  8. Del Rice. Ed Sadowski Earl Averill Tom Egan Hank Conger
  9. Who's got the gatorade bucket