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  1. Bauer more of a NY type of guy than Anaheim. He loves the spotlight, Anaheim more of a laid back type of town. Bauer like Cole has used halos to get better contract. Let's go get Odorizzi or Walker and some bullpen help.
  2. I'm not a Bauer fan because I think he will cause trouble in clubhouse. That being said he best pitcher out there and that is what halos need. Reason no other free agent signing by Minasian as he waits on Bauer. I feel Bauer's first choice is Dodgers but he cannot get deal he wants from them. If he does sign with Angels I'm sure he will have an opt out after year 1 and every other year he is signed for. Bauer would be extra icing on cake for Dodgers. The Angels it would be just trying to get a piece of cake.
  3. I think he goes 13 and 5 with ERA 3.60 and gets 3 year deal after this year. Plus this spring Albert will come to camp in best shape of his life. Members on Angel win site ask my advice on anything to do with halos.
  4. Maybe Gray was not available or asking price to high, we just do not know.
  5. It's not just about money for Bauer, he wants to be on a contender.
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