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  1. Looks like we found our 1B or OF for 2021
  2. Five players to build around in 2021 Trout, Rendon, Ohtani, Fletcher and Goodwin. Pitchers will come later but these 5 I build around. I know Albert and Upton will be on team but is it time to cut ties with them? Albert will be like 44 next season just release him so we do not have to hear about his workouts in the winter and what great shape he's in. Upton 2 more years on contract maybe 1 more look in spring. So those are my 5 to start with Ohtani, Fletcher and Goodwin come cheap. People can talk about Adell, Marsh, Thaiss, Rengifo, Walsh and Ward maybe they can fill 1 or 2 spots in 2021. So again I say bring up Adell let him play along with Rengifo, Thaiss and Walsh rest of this season. Taylor Ward give him some experience behind the plate as this team with it's bullpen is going nowhere this year.
  3. Even I know this is a dumb post. NO HE IS NOT
  4. No it's more than 800,000 you have to count guinea pigs in South America
  5. Was it In-N-Out, because that's what a hamburger is all about.
  6. Need to use Pena in middle inn, like 6 and 7. Plus let starters go deeper in games Heaney should not have been pulled.
  7. 200 million animals killed each day for food.
  8. You should try mac and chesse pizza kids love them.
  9. Albert hitting HR and single last night not in lineup, wonder if Maddon going to platoon him? Walsh starts at 1B.
  10. Lineup a lot deeper with Rendon and had solid pitching against AAA Mariners.