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  1. Good Luck to you Andrew Heaney wish you nothing but the best. If facing Dodgers in WS shut them out.
  2. This season is over and would leave both Marsh and Adell down . With injuries they both should be playing. I'd put Ward in right over Eaton. Maddon hags on to vets to much, play the kids.
  3. Unless something wrong with Upton do not understand him not being in lineup. He had 2 solid hits last night and lefty pitching today.
  4. I know both are not pitchers but Thaiss and Adell should both be playing now. Let them get some experience for next year. Eaton needs to DFA yesterday
  5. Why do halos not start Thaiss at 1B. Eaton and Lagares will not be here in 2022. Bring up Adell and let him play.
  6. Look at his numbers at SLC. Marsh is up and just maybe they can score a run on Adell's HR
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