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  1. They traded Zach Ertz maybe that's what he wants
  2. Jeff on a scale of 1 to 10 chances Mad Max signs with Angels.
  3. Angel fans looking for internal SS, Dodgers have Trea Turner and have to decide whether they try and keep Corey Seager.
  4. Who can guess mine? Great with coffee.
  5. If Mad Max signs with Angels I will NEVER be on AW again. If he signs with Dodgers Hubs you tell everyone that I was right all along.
  6. Without a doubt he gets a QO. He will not accept it. Halos need to sign him 3 to 4 years.
  7. Dodgers have the money do not care about lux tax and in playoffs every year. They get the big names year after year. I wish he would sign with halos but odds against them. Many other teams will be involved. Dodgers will lose Bauer plus Kershaw always injury risk. Angels need 2 starters among other things. Spread money around.
  8. Mad Max is not signing with Angels. His last contract will want to play for a winner. Dodgers will pay him.
  9. After looking at it again I keep Mayers and Stassi only. Mayers finished strong and was getting better as season went on. I just hope they sign Raisel.
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