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  1. Without a doubt this man deserves to be in HOF. He sacrificed his career to change the game for players. I remember his actions and he stood up for his rights. We have announcers in HOF Curt had as big affect on game as any player. To tell you the truth I thought he was already in HOF.
  2. In starting lineup an obvious showcase for Dodgers, right?
  3. So far 4 possible starters Peters, Barria ,Bundy and Suarez 8 IP and 0 runs. Is it Callaway or too early to know?
  4. Will miss his first spring start with hamstring tightness. Is it starting already, is Stripling still available?
  5. I do not he is but if Eppler asked him could he say no? To me good utility player as OF,3B,1B and emergency catcher.
  6. I know Angels do not have any catching prospects in minors. I know many have thought about Taylor Ward going back to catching. I just wonder how long it would take him to be ready for catching in Majors. Would he need a year in minors or less?. Would he have any say in it?
  7. I like this move Smaardzija, but feel like this be done nearer trade deadline.
  8. They have Nick Tropeano who will end up being an all star, just like Kirby Yates
  9. I saw him dive fir ball came up holding his arm. Wonder why in spring games players dive for balls. Maybe call Dodgers about Pederson.
  10. We are going to the dance, when you get there have dancing shoes on and get out on the floor and LET"S DANCE LET"S DANCE
  11. Angels will get someone better than Stripling have money saved from Joc and still prospects. Watch for Barria to take step up this year.
  12. I think he kicks door open and starts in RF and halo fans forget about Joc Pederson trade