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  1. It’s possible the choice came down to money. Lots we don’t know.
  2. I'm having an Old Fashioned. Buy, mother fuckers. Buy!!!!
  3. Could all be a smokescreen, too. Strategery and such.
  4. Just read Kiley McDaniel's (ESPN) and Keith Law's (The Athletic) final drafts. Interestingly, they both had Will Taylor (CF, Dutch Fork H.S.) as the pick. Furthermore, Law alluded to Taylor's people telling others he has a pre-draft deal in place with a team in the top half. Most think it's the Angels.
  5. They’re a Wild Card team. Infidels.
  6. I'd trade him yesterday if I could find a partner. (And, overall, I like the guy.) I'd pay all of this year's salary and whatever it took for next year's salary in order to "buy" some top tier minor league talent coming back to the Angels. (In whatever form that talent takes.)
  7. If this is true, this message board would be world champions. Nobody bitches like us!
  8. Question: How many of you are truly happy at whatever career you have chosen? (As in, "I can't wait to get to work and see what's happening there!" type career. )
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