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  1. Question: How many of you are truly happy at whatever career you have chosen? (As in, "I can't wait to get to work and see what's happening there!" type career. )
  2. So two local options. Att and spectrum? No streaming app?
  3. shit. I'm confused. Isn't the Bally Sports App going to be available to watch Angels Games? Or is this not an option...Can someone please explain this to me? Thank you.
  4. Eliminate the draft. Each and every kid is declared a free agent at age 18 and all teams are free to negotiate. That’s pretty much it.
  5. Brice (and his sisters. All of them super athletic) was one of my students. Good kid. Super respectful and positive.
  6. So what are the options for watching the Angels? I cut the cord and two weeks in, Hulu stopped carrying FSW. What are the options now? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. This Cone of Silence shit made me laugh every time. Well done.
  8. Are you in a Zoom meeting pretending to look interested, but on BTV instead????
  9. I'm thinking all these one-year deals might also have something to do with the expiring CBA. Maybe they also have something to do with potential lockouts/strikes and a general hesitancy to hand out multi-year contracts, especially if the next CBA changes the financial structure of the league in a dramatic fashion. Having one-year deals allows for maximum financial flexibility for the team to pivot in the event of lockout/strikes, changing contracts, service-time changes to the CBA, mid-season trades, salary dumps, and/or restocking the farm by trading expiring assets.
  10. Where's the pole? Keep Adell. Superstar. They're not my outfielders.
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