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  1. I’d rather trade Pederson and Marsh to the Padres for Gore and a reliever with options. Let Adell start the year with the big club and take his lumps.
  2. Isn’t it supposed to be “d’starving?”
  3. I loved it. Then I hated myself for loving it. BTW a car that parks itself is pretty cool.
  4. In my head, I read this with a Bostonian accent. "Do knowt rent a cah. There is little tuh no pahking and it will cost you a fahtune. Navigating Bahston..."
  5. That's the guy I would be most interested in trading for Adell. A good old challenge trade!
  6. #metoo Lou I would not hesitate to trade Adell for the right guy. There are dudes all over that can play the outfield effectively and cover until Marsh is ready and Adams after him.
  7. Too bad he couldn't get in on that "juiced ball" shit at Camden Yards. Might have hit 50 or more home runs.
  8. My first thought was that it was a decent offer, but then I remembered that Kluber is 34 in April. Dude's pretty old to be both durable AND effective. Hard to say because he was hurt so much last year.