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  1. There is no possible way we can keep 38 middle school kids in one class 6 feet apart. These kids lose 2-5 pencils PER DAY. Masks? Pffft... Our hallways are approximately 8 feet wide. During passing period, in one hallway, there are 380 kids out all at once. It will be a disaster.
  2. Yep. We watch the Island show. It's a tough job, having to source materials and get it all on a boat with enough lead time. (Kinda feel like he's being a little bit of a dick to his wife, though.)
  3. yeah. I get a bid for a new hallway closet and it's 11k for a 12 foot run. Hell no! We just gave more shit to Salvation Army. Problem solved. My wife and I hate when Waterman uses "rolled linoleum" in the kitchen. Like, c'mon Brett. No one likes linoleum! Take the wood underneath and spit shine it! We noticed the lack of TV. Not normal. I know (as I'm sure you do) why they don't, but you know that behind those overlapping art pieces, there's a TV mount just waiting for the new big screen.
  4. Haha. Yeah. I love Brett Waterman. That dude's a trip. He's done several homes here in Corona, so it's been interesting to see how the homes looked before, immediately after, and now. (Sometimes the homeowner is the issue.) Enjoy Yard Crashers too. I'm bored.
  5. This reminds me of our middle school administrative meeting yesterday about what it looks like to open school in August. Like baseball, it's gonna be a shit show, and will be shut down again.
  6. Thanks. Didn’t do that. But still, idiot.
  7. Whenever this idiot tweets, my first question is, “what’s his angle?” He’s trying to grease the gears for something. It just may not be obvious yet.
  8. Sylmar is a loooong way from Riverside! I liked it here. Small class sizes and the work was manageable. didnt like the religious mixer requirements though. Had a few arguments about that.
  9. I was there in 96-97 for the credential. I transferred from the program at CSUSB cause it sucked. You?
  10. His picture’s on the wall at School of Business, Sports Management.
  11. Haha! Susan totally looks like my mom...except my mom is Hispanic. Same basic shape and hair. (And yes...my mom's name is Susan.) Mom would point at me all the time just like that when I was a kid. "Keep it up! Your father's going to be home soon. We'll see..." Good times getting the belt out! (I wonder if that's why I don't like loud noises.)
  12. BA from Cal State San Bernardino (Teaching Credential from LSU!!! ((La Sierrra University))) MA-National University Seriously thinking about PhD/EdD. USC?