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  1. Where's the pole? Keep Adell. Superstar. They're not my outfielders.
  2. A kid (8th grade) tried to get into my wife's Fourth Period class. She caught on quickly because he named himself, "PeePeeMayo."
  3. He's either very very right, or somewhat obtuse.
  4. It wasn’t for Black Friday, but I have been in the market for the same Prx racks. Shopped around and went with the Rogue setup. My house is older and the ceilings lower and I was concerned the PRX folds upward. The Rogue folds into the wall. Ordered and received in about four weeks and took me a couple days to set it up. i have a few more things to get but really enjoying it.
  5. Literally could be any reason, from protecting his professional interests, to injury, to family illness (COVID, or otherwise). Hope everything's okay in his world.
  6. Are there any brown people there? How is the Mexican food?
  7. Does Barreto make Rengifo available in a trade for a part we really need?
  8. So it seems like Hulu + is the way to go if I want to watch Angels baseball. Is this correct? Thanks!
  9. 1. Ensure Arte Moreno stays far, far, far away from any player-based decisions. 2. Cut Albert loose. 3. Play the kids. Trade off any assets for anything (even salary). Screw the playoffs. Gotta know if Ward, Thaiss, Rengifo, Adell, Jones, Marsh, et. al. are going to be anything. (It's fourth, but imaginary fun option: Go back in time and hire Andrew Friedman when the Angels had the chance.)
  10. That whole oil/gas crisis thing. Long lines. Lots of big cars. Mustard colored plaids with brown slacks thing. Looked it up cause I couldn't remember the year. 1979. I was nine.
  11. i agree. Debates are stupid in their current format. I'd rather see the candidates debate an agreed upon topic with knowledge ahead of time so that they can prepare with facts and research to support their position. The current format allows for deception, buzzwords, and theatrics, none of which tell me a thing about how intelligently he/she would approach the work of the presidency.
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