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  1. Musgrove no longer an option... granted I don’t think we wanted to cough up the prospects necessary
  2. What a tease picking red balls and wearing an Angels hat. Hopefully this is his way of telling fans where he’s going
  3. I agree. He’s lost some velo, and is frequently injured, which is worrisome. There’s definite upside here though, especially taking him out of Cincy.
  4. I say that cause I’m sad to see him go. I thought he was a great GM and just needed a couple more years to turn us into a sustainable playoff contender. I hate to see him do that for another team when I feel like he could have done that in Anaheim
  5. Billy Eppler a candidate in Miami. I wish him well if he gets that job, but it would hurt to see it
  6. Not what you want to see out of your best prospect... 3 k's and a really bad play defensively.
  7. Yea! He should openly criticize our best prospect! What a loser!
  8. Shift on with a guy on 2nd, no outs. Why not go for a slap hit toward the gap in the infield. I like the shift, but maybe not in such a crucial situation.
  9. No doubt Bergman was feeling a little more motivation after seeing Middletons tweets
  10. This is incredibly frustrating to watch... season looks so bleak after one series. Down goes Simmons
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