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  1. Either one, but he is has been injured several times and he hasn't played above average defense in center field in three years. Time to move.
  2. Marsh needs to be the starting center fielder next year. Trout needs to move to left field. Let's hope Adell can be league average in right.
  3. Eddie Murray. Raul Mondesi. Andres Gallararga. Ricky Henderson. Cecil Fielder. Jack McDowell.
  4. MVP winner to not win the Cy Young, but still place in the Cy Young voting.
  5. Good thing we didn't sign him. He was just placed on the 60 day DL.
  6. If a catcher could play defense and hit, they wouldn't be a backup.
  7. Baseball has way to many minor league affiliates. Cut more teams so players can actually make a living.
  8. We're just stuck with Rendon instead.
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