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  1. Covid sucks. My district is going virtual first quarter, which makes sense and I believe is the right thing, but virtual teaching sucks. It's nowhere near as effective. I also work with low income students and their families are hit harder by this. My daughter is also starting kindergarten and I don't know how I am going to teach and help her with school. Everyone is struggling, it sucks. I have a job though and so does my wife. We're lucky that money is not a problem.
  2. Fantasy baseball is shit this year.
  3. I hate teams holding players back because of service time. Can you imagine LeBron James playing in a development league to save his time.
  4. Are these prorated this year? Let's say your contract vests if you have 500 plate appearances, is it reduced this year (As in you only need 200 plate appearances)? Same question for contract bonuses. Like a 100,000 bonus for 20 games started. Can a player still get a prorated bonus?
  5. I read something that Cozart might be the highest paid player this year. He was cut before Coronavirus so his contract is full and not pro rated.
  6. I always see people tout the high Hispanic rate in baseball, but I think that's mainly foreign players. I don't think there are many US born Hispanic players out there (in any sport). I think baseball is just flat out failing in low income areas. A lot of it is accessiblity, the specialization of the sport has killed its growth. Year round play, travel teams, coaches, batting cages, "nice fields". It's no longer enough to throw 4 makeshift bases in a grass field and play with your friends and everyone shares a couple bat's.
  7. Yeah that's cool. They should do it for homeruns as well. On a side note, some of those fall balls are hard, it might take out a couple cut outs.
  8. Granted it's only a cutout of their faces! https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/112048368
  9. Apparently Bruce Sutter had a good setup as well. Instead of 4.8 million he got 1.3 million for 30 years.
  10. Maybe they are trying to make it closer to the NFL and NBA models. I don't know a lot about development in baseball, but why do you need so many levels? Maybe with less rounds and players in the minors, more players will stay in college making the competition greater, eliminating the need for so many minor league levels. Couldn't baseball also have a league for rookies like the NBA summer league where teams can look at undrafted players etc.
  11. Not playing for 1 year plus I imagine is going to hurt a players development a lot. You can BP all you want, but you need real pitching at some point.