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  1. Horrible news. The day after LeBron passed him too
  2. Nobody else is confirming it but TMZ is usually first
  3. Is this a joke? Anderson was good, but he was nowhere close to HOF. He had some counting stats and that was it. Edmonds is borderline with Abreu and Andruw Jones. Walker was even better. Kenny Lofton got passed over on the first ballot and he may have been the best of all these outfielders.
  4. Just saw that he retired. I felt he was under appreciated for his short stay here. One of the best second baseman of his generation. Hopefully our trade with the Red Sox starts to pay off more this year.
  5. I don't get this comparison at all. Harvey has sucked for years, hill has been lights out the last few years.
  6. I know he is in the news now, but I wouldn't mind if the Angels took a flyer on him. He has #1 stuff if healthy, which is a big if. 1 year 10 million with multiple incentives. I think he would like to stay in Los Angeles.
  7. Sign Rich Hill, at least he was good when healthy.
  8. Wasn't Finley traded for Alfonzo, they can't be on the same team.
  9. Non tendered by the Cubs. Good player a few years ago and still young. I'd take a shot at him.
  10. I'm just implying based off WAR. Underrated for sure, but not a HOF in my book.
  11. Fangraphs loves Martin. 55 career War. Borderline HOF
  12. He's played in 63 more playoff games than Trout, that's worth something! I track the start of the Angels failures right when they traded Napoli.