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  1. AMC is next. I tried to buy several stocks this morning but something went wrong with Fidelity. It was at 5 this morning. I bought one stock at 16.
  2. I wish I invested in gamestop lol. This shit is crazy.
  3. Schilling Visquel Rolen Helton Wagner Jones Sheffield Mark Buehrle because he made games more enjoyable by not taking forever to pitch.
  4. San Francisco on a minor league deal. Were talking about Justin Bour right?
  5. Jason Castro signed a 2 year deal with Houston. I'm surprised he got 2 years.
  6. Washburn was pretty good that year. Lots of innings pitched 7th in ERA and ended up 4th in CY Young voting.
  7. Thanks for the bump. Wife is much better. We obviously cancelled the trip but didn't lose out on much. All the hotels gave us full refunds and the airline gave us credit (minus 250 per ticket). We ended up taking a longer vacation that summer, we did France and Ireland. Now we have a kid and don't do shit. Thanks for the reminder.
  8. I'm glad they banned Trump. But how do Iranian leaders and China still have Twitter accounts?
  9. Mo Vaughn, Vlad, Colon. I wasn't as excited when we signed Pujols because of the length and decline. I still expected him to be way better.
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