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  1. Let's wait until Rendon actually plays. Glaus was great for a few years.
  2. White was pretty good looking at his stats. Some power and good speed and plus defense. Not much OBP though. Pettis, Fast and good defense. WAR likes him.
  3. Passan is slamming Arte as well. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29207203/the-clock-ticking-2020-mlb-season-talks-here-make-deal-work-fall-apart
  4. Another fun fact. Percival was a catcher his first season in the minors.
  5. Averill had a higher OBP than Rice. Looks like some guy named Ed Sadowskie was the primary backup.
  6. He only had 107 plate appearances.
  7. Iannetta wasn't that bad. 6 WAR with the Angels.
  8. For managers it's all about titles. In my life time I can only think of a few deserving. Tony Larussa. Bruce Boche. Joe Torre. Terry Franconia. Cito Gaston. Bobby Cox is a close one for me. Hopefully Maddon when he wins his 2nd world series with the Angels.
  9. And I disagree with them. If all it takes is one there is a HOF manager every year. I can't wait until Jack Mckeon is elected.
  10. I guess Arte needs to keep his yacht money. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29195640/angels-furlough-non-playing-employees-june-1
  11. I have a friend getting married in San Diego on July 17th. I haven't bought the plane tickets yet, not sure it will be allowed.
  12. I don't agree with Baines, but there is players worse than him in the HOF.