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  1. 24 career home runs and 13 stolen bases. He was a complete player.
  2. If you include hitting and baserunning Greinke has a higher WAR than Verlander.
  3. According to BWAR Pujols defense netween 2006-2008 was better than any three years of trout.
  4. Didn't Pujols have one of the highest single season DWAR in history for a 1st basemen?
  5. It was never answered before, but do they still want Walsh to pitch at all?
  6. If Trouts atrocious defense continues he may need to move to first. -1.1 dwar now.
  7. Is Walsh still being looked at as a relief pitcher?
  8. Can't really compare anyone to Zobrist. He was arguable a top 5 player for a 5 year stretch 09-13. Zobrist would probably be better now than Thasis.
  9. We technically have multiple mvp candidates this year. Fletcher Tendon, Trout and Bundy are all top WAR leaders right now.
  10. I'll take credit for reverse jinxing Trout. You're welcome!
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