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  1. Baseball has way to many minor league affiliates. Cut more teams so players can actually make a living.
  2. We're just stuck with Rendon instead.
  3. Thanks, I got it now. It's a NL only award.
  4. Why would they create a new award. Where does it say the silver slugger for pitching has to go to a NL pitcher?
  5. Maybe @Jeff Fletcherknows the answer. Does the pitching silver slugger have to be a NL pitcher?
  6. He'll have as many at bats as a pitcher as any other NL pitcher.
  7. But Ohtani does bat when he pitches. I just don't see see where it says it has to be a NL pitcher who wins the award. Ohtani has a 875 OPS as a pitcher.
  8. Does the silver slugger for pitcher have to be a NL pitcher? I just figured an AL pitcher hasn't one it because they don't bat.
  9. Can he win one as a pitcher even though he is in the AL?
  10. What are Ohtani's stats when he hits as a pitcher. Seems like he really doesn't hit as well when he pitches.
  11. Ianetta was just as good as Molina. I think Molina was a bit over rated. Look at his WAR, nothing special.
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