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  1. Non tendered by the Cubs. Good player a few years ago and still young. I'd take a shot at him.
  2. I'm just implying based off WAR. Underrated for sure, but not a HOF in my book.
  3. Fangraphs loves Martin. 55 career War. Borderline HOF
  4. He's played in 63 more playoff games than Trout, that's worth something! I track the start of the Angels failures right when they traded Napoli.
  5. To be fair wherever he went teams won. He became labeled as one of those "winners" as the years went on.
  6. At least we got Trout. Can you imagine how painful these years would have been without him.
  7. This would only work if there was max contracts like the NBA.
  8. Greinke sure is effortless. He doesn't have the tenacity of a Verlander or Scherzer but his career is just as valuable as theirs.
  9. Maybe Samardzija can play wide receiver for the Chargers.
  10. I'm not as optimistic Trout will win. Looking online and seeing podcasts it seems like bregaman has plenty of support.
  11. Bregman finishes the season with an 8.4 BWAR, which leads the AL.