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  1. Title says it all. Apparently West never even umped for Wagner when Lo Duca batted. https://sports.yahoo.com/umpire-joe-west-awarded-500-234254066.html
  2. I found the answer from FanGraphs WAR "If a player has played multiple positions, you simply calculate the adjustment separately and add them together." So I guess they have the stats from when he pitches compared to when he DHs and they just add them.
  3. But you would think they would have a formula to do it by exact games at a position, not a flat out position for the whole year. Like a different formula for when Ohtani bats as a DH and when Ohtani bats a pitcher. I imagine it would be the same thing if Fletcher batted as a Shortstop, Second basemen or a third basemen. Maybe not, but I was curious.
  4. But why would it credit it as a DH when he was the pitcher that day? Is it because the Angels would have to give up the DH to have him bat?
  5. I think we need more time to see if it succeeds or not. We were in the same boat a few years ago and his arm went out. Also I see he is now credited with a triple on Baseball Reference for that 3 base error the other day. His OPS is over 1000 now.
  6. I was curious if WAR will differentiate when Ohtani bats as a DH and when he bats as pitcher. I know his stats as a pitcher would be more valuable than when he DHs. For instance Zack Greinke has a 5.1 career offensive WAR with a career 600 OPS. This is because his stats come as a pitcher. If Greinkes stats were from DHing it would be much lower.
  7. Did they change the Abreu error to a triple for Ohtani?
  8. Francisco Liriano was released today. Maybe the angels pick him up.
  9. Tayshon Prince played with Chandler at Dominguez too.
  10. Steven Wright signed a minor league contract with the Pirates today. There is still some hope for the knuckleball.
  11. I remember Wade Boggs striking out Todd Green with a knuckle ball.
  12. Don't draft 18 year olds. Problem solved. This would make college players more attractive.
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