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  1. She's consonant with success. NGL, a big miss
  2. I like the hire (partially biased as the Braves are my 2nd team) and hope he gets the people around him to succeed. Hopefully the focus on player development is a sign of that.
  3. Comes from a good organization and seems like a good hire, but of course it all depends on what he's allowed to do and what the organizational structure will be aorund him. So really, this hire doesn't mean much.
  4. "Lodge pointedly asked if the new GM will be given the "keys to the franchise" to make the decisions. Arte said no they won't be given the keys and that "the last few times they did that it did not work out"." So wait, the previous two GM's operated under a "hands off" approach? So even more meddling to come? Also the owner really shouldn't be dictating or even offering an opinion on what position a guy plays.
  5. Glad this asshole is no longer involved with the Angels
  6. True, the only reason I didn't mention that option is because I think there's a decent chance he's dead in 4 years. But whoever picks up the torch will have overwhelming support.
  7. The next four years will be much of the same, just without the bloviating and constant media insults. Wouldn't be surprised if the Repubs retake the presidency with a much worse candidate than Trump in 4 years.
  8. Could definitely see DeSantis. He's dumb, arrogant, and mean and every decent person here hates him so he's probably a lock to be President.
  9. Georgia would be very unexpected. No one in my family voted there, whoops.
  10. Or, since it's just a software displaying vote counts, it was easier for them to just update the Biden count in one large batch. Trump has also gained another 300k votes since that graphic. Pretty sure the update to the graph is not an actual reflection of how votes are being physically counted.
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