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  1. Considering the overwhelmingly negative response against the Astros, would the players union really have defended them that much? I don't think the union would unilaterally defend players over any issue, especially one that benefited a small group of players at the expense of the rest.
  2. This. And his surliness and righteous indignation after the punishment was announced only made it worse. Choosing to grant immunity to Astros players while threatening measures against any opposing pitcher who threw at them is ridiculous
  3. Pretty much. Rightsaidfred continues to assert himself as the worst sports commissioner of all time. I'm sure he's eagerly rooting for suspension of this season so he can celebrate the lifting of all bans next year.
  4. No, just no. Stop trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. No one wants to watch some XFL version of baseball
  5. 4 am starts, 3 v 3, first run wins. The season will be over within a week
  6. We moved apartments this week, which was thankfully uneventful. Otherwise I'm getting crushed with work so I don't even have time to drink, pay attention to the news, or lose my mind
  7. The whole handling of this by the MLB is utterly laughable. If the season is cancelled they'll probably both be back next year and there will be no repercussions whatsoever
  8. I think trolls are great, the best actually. Totally unbiased opinion here
  9. No, I fully expect him to have worked out any kinks and be in mid season form after 10 at bats. That's more than enough of a sample size
  10. Yeah I'm gonna pass on the whole "lesser of two evils" nonsense. This is precisely how the Dems keep pushing out progressively worse candidates and forcing us to hold our nose and keep voting for them. Hillary was bad enough and now we get this senile boomer.
  11. Biden is a truly awful candidate and I'll have to find reasons to vote for Trump if he actually gets the nomination. Hell even Trump doesn't actively antagonize younger voters.