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  1. I don't see us targeting Bauer if Eppler stays on, which he likely will.
  2. Totally agree, we have too many players on the bottom end of the roster (as previously listed, Adell, Ohtani, Teheran, Robles, etc) who have just been completely atrocious. If we can apply a floor to the worst players on the roster (keep the bad hitters to a .200 average rather than .150 and the pitchers to a 5-5.50 ERA rather than 8 or 9) then we're likely looking at a playoff spot. Not sure how to accomplish that as it seems like every year the bottom quarter to third of the roster completely falls off.
  3. Also I'm really glad I kept this dingus over Tatis and Beiber in my dynasty league.
  4. True. Walsh is just now coming into his own at 27 so Adell has some time to go on a spiritual ayahuasca journey or something and relearn baseball or maybe just become an accountant
  5. Combined with our elite pitching we're poised to be WS favorites going forward
  6. He's getting phased out. At least Walsh has softened the blow.
  7. Sweet, now we can finally make the playoffs.
  8. Rich guy supports person who likes other rich guys. Scalding hot take. I personally donated $300 to Arte after seeing this thread so he can buy another yacht, seeing how necessary it is
  9. Validation! We have achieved victory tonight and retroactively for last night
  10. Even during the Astros series they gave up 5+ runs in each game. Unless they're averaging 8+ runs a game (probably all time great offense territory) this team doesn't really stand a chance
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