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  1. Honestly if they take one game from the Dodgers it'll be a win. The last 20+ years they've just been cannon fodder for the teams we all hate.
  2. So looks like it'll be Dodgers vs Astros/Red Sox. Again. Baseball is quickly turning into NBA/college football where the same 4-5 teams dominate every single year. At least the NFL is back so I don't have to pay attention.
  3. Not to mention pull someone with that kind of technical expertise away from the myriad Silicon Valley jobs out there that pay 3 times as much. I've heard baseball analytics jobs are notoriously low paid.
  4. As much as I root for the Braves, that's a free pass to the WS for the Dodgers
  5. Rengifo is the new Cowart. Has had parts of three seasons to show he belongs and he's been consistently bad.
  6. It's no surprise that the two teams known for cheating are leading their series. It's almost like they're continuing to cheat since the MLB showed they won't punish them.
  7. Mark DeRosa, that's a name I haven't heard in a while. Remember watching him with the Braves growing up
  8. It is interesting how natural immunity is completely ignored. In Germany, and I imagine a lot of other countries, there is accommodation for successful recovery/antibodies when making policies. But then again, catching COVID, experiencing light symptoms that don't require treatment, and recovering naturally requires the least dependence on the healthcare system and is therefore the least profitable, so it makes sense.
  9. Absolutely, but the narrative that I've heard at least has been exclusively "haha horse dewormer what a bunch of idiots lol." I've yet to hear "Ivermectin may help but make sure to seek the advice of a doctor who can prescribe it in the proper dose." So it's just low-effort talking points from each side. It would be nice to actually be presented with information and allowed to make the decision ourselves, but instead we have both sides going nuts followed by mandates. Yes the majority of people in this country, regardless of political affiliation, are complete idiots, but for the remainder it would be nice to have some autonomy.
  10. Always has been about the money. The whole vaccine vs. vaccine alternative debate has always been a battle over market share, since it looks like COVID will be around for a while and represents a massive cash cow. And there is certainly no guarantee that the most effective treatment will win, as is the case in any other industry.
  11. Debatable. We'll see over the next few years/decades where this actually goes, but it quickly gets into an argument over the subjectivity of morality, etc etc. Banning junk food and soda would be pragmatic as it has no value whatsoever and having a healthier populace would benefit the greater good, but that's not happening.
  12. Which is ultimately being very heavily pushed by the government, which in turn is in the pocket of big pharma, who benefits directly from having people as dependent on the healthcare system as possible. And is the mandate for organizations over 100 people not a thing anymore? Honest question.
  13. Yeah I'm from the Soviet Union and this sort of rhetoric raises some considerable alarm bells.
  14. Not a fan of government mandates, regardless of which side they come from (vaccines, abortion laws, etc). Usually this stuff originates from the corporations that have the politicians in their pocket, and we all know corporations have our best interests in mind.
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