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  1. Trout/Rendon/Ohtani/Adell is gonna be ridiculous
  2. Not my money. He's a beast and would be a huge addition regardless of cost.
  3. Yes pls. And I hope we keep Fletcher, he's the kind of player this team needs
  4. If we can get him without losing Canning/Marsh you absolutely do it
  5. Adell for a nice pair of Cole Haan's definitely
  6. I ran it by Pujols and he confirmed the results
  7. I ran this through my regression model and got a perfect 100% correlation between poster and post content. The Condescension Factor was an astounding 99.46%.
  8. The third option is to develop talent in house, but it remains to be seen if we're capable of doing that. Ultimately the free agent route is only a temporary bandaid and used to supplement an already robust internal talent pipeline, like the Yankees have.
  9. He's on the decline. He's also better than anyone else we have so I say sign him
  10. love you too buddy. Got a nice bottle of wine and a bouquet of roses waiting for you when you get home. Muaahhhh
  11. Not really. The results are always the same. Zero playoff wins and one playoff appearance since 2009. But at least we're trying or something
  12. Yeah usually we don't even enter the sweepstakes and go straight to the Tier 3 and 4 guys.
  13. I mean we spent a nonzero amount of money on Holby Milner and Arizmendy Alcantara so it's not wrong