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  1. See this sort of thing at virtually every organization, including many I work with. Spend a ton of resources to bring in a flashy C-level hire to look good to investors, then promptly handcuff their budget and skimp on supporting staff. A handful of talented individuals can't run an organization by themselves
  2. Are we going for the record of most diverse range of reactions to a single post here? If so I'm in
  3. Before Trout signs extension: "Trout would never sign with the Angels! He's going elsewhere!" After extension: "um...uhhh...Trout's gonna request a trade any day now!"
  4. This is all building up perfectly for our signing of Tommy Milone
  5. Cool. We were never really going to compete with that. Doesn't make a difference until we start hitting on our pitching prospects regardless
  6. Wouldn't be a proper Angels offseason without signing some aging vet that'll get 400 AB's and bat .200. It is what it is, as long as the other 8 guys in the lineup hit
  7. We need to sign Calloway to an extension while his value is low.
  8. AOC would be perfect. Would probably flip some tables and publicly chew out players on Twitter after a bad performance, much to the delight of Angelswin
  9. Jon Becker says we have a lot of explaining to do. We're in big trouble you guys. Just wait til his brother Boris gets word of this.
  10. Crap for crap deal. Ideally we're not in a position where he has to start too many games.
  11. In a cruel twist of fate, the Angels never lose consecutive games but finish 81-81
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