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  1. I wanted Poor Mountain. Too bad he's struggling right now.
  2. We're all mourning Slegers being optioned, give us space.
  3. I'm really liking this new trend of batting your worst hitter first. I hope we see Butera there soon
  4. Given that the underlying issue is ownership, we're way more than 3-4 years away and will probably need to wait for an ownership change and a broader generational shift in 20 years, when we draft another Mike Trout. Plenty of teams (Rockies, Pirates, O's, etc) go through extended periods of poor results and we're now firmly in that group. Minasian definitely isn't the issue here.
  5. Or, he should try getting his ERA under 6
  6. Jack Flaherty Colin Burnes Gerrit Cole Shane Beiber Joe Blanton
  7. Ah yes the old unwritten rules. Maybe if you don't want a guy to hit a homer there don't fall behind by 10 runs and send out a 300 lb guy to throw 40 mph pitches as a joke.
  8. so basically the rest of the season, given typical baseball injury timelines. time for ohtani to carry the team to 75 wins and win MVP i guess.
  9. This is what I don't get. Spending millions on another hitter for 5 minutes of gratification followed by years of disappointment? Totally fine Spending a fraction of that on scouts and other staff for long term gains? Absolutely not. Arte is exactly part of the instant gratification generation that he hates so much
  10. The players, GM, manager, and owner all suck. And the fans too. Just take the entire organization out back and put it out of its misery
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