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  1. The two way player rule is one of those rules made up to solve a problem that didn't exist.
  2. No. He is an elite defensive outfielder and there is no value in putting him on 1st base.
  3. You sonofabitch I'm trying to take a shit in the company bathroom and now you've got me laughing. You cannot explain this joke to a bunch of libs while on the can!
  4. No where near as bad as Vegan. Local bakery makes a Keto cookie that is almond flour based and uses coconut oil to make it moist. Pretty good but they want $3 per cookie.
  5. For my birthday I said FTW and had a donut, hamburger, cake and a pizza all on the same day. Last night I had to gobble handfulls of antacid becuse of all the grains and carbs I injested. I'm back on the diet and it is going to be a two week reset for all the damage I did in one day. I won't miss the antacids every night that I was using before I went Keto.
  6. One of the reasons you like AOC. She is short attention span socialism.
  7. The dissengenuous argument of targeting billionaires is the asumption that that money is liquid, as if that's in their checking account and they just use it for personal pleasure. The fact is it is wealth by investment in the industry of their development. The workers are just parasites of the body corporation, feeding on the life of that corporation but willing to move on should they kill it out of their own insatiable greed. They did not create the corporate body but they are part of it voluntarily. So the health of that body that feeds the workers has to be of the utmost importance to the host, it is the only entity with true investment in staying alive. Taking more for oneself over others is not necessarily greed but rewards for being the sucessful steward that provides for others with less responsibility. I don't begrudge billionaires for making their money in the short lifespan they have. All corparations reach a position of success and then eventually fail. What reamains a constant is those that never achieve any real success in business but want the rewards. That would be socialism in it's simplist context. And OAC lives in her world of simplest context.
  8. I think Verlander is still too pissed about Erick Aybar bunting on him in the 8th inning of his no hitter bid, obviously breaching the ethics of sportsmanship in baseball, for him to have an opinion.
  9. The cheesecake was excellent. The chocolate cake, not.
  10. He's a teacher so he is more financially bankrupt than anything else.