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  1. My wife wouldn't touch them that way. For her they can have no lumps and need a bit of garlic and gravy for her to eat them. Her mother served some sort of potato, mostly just boiled, almost every night for dinner so she balks at eating them. Me, I can eat them a dozen different ways and properly prepared skin on is delicious. So I either have to wait for guests at dinner or order at a restaurant, which most are crappy at preparing them.
  2. Nobody wants to drive through any part of Arkansas if they can avoid it.
  3. The patients were coughing up blood, not dicks.
  4. Some grow out of it. Others have garage bands into their forties.
  5. This is an example of how the "genius" Maddon looks more like a Madman when you see how he manages your team rather than just looking at box scores from his games with the Cubs or Rays.
  6. Like having Jay on the Taxi Squad and now in the lineup, Maddon goes with veterans just like Scioscia did when there were changes in the roster. There really wasn't anyone after Walsh that slotted into the 4th hole as well as Pujols and Maddon did split the lefties up in previous outings. This was not outside of his roster playbook.
  7. Hey, you guys don't want the royalties, fine.
  8. Nachos originated in the city of Piedras Negras, Coahuila, just over the border from Eagle Pass, Texas. Ignacio "Nacho" Anaya created nachos at the Victory Club in 1940 when Mamie Finan, a regular customer, asked if Anaya could bring her and three other women a different snack than usual. It's definitely a Mexican thing. Kind of like the Caeser salad that was first introduced in Tijuana but was created by an Italian immigrant. It's still Mexican in origin.
  9. I think Maddon wanted to separate the only two lefties in the order by one more batter. Originally Upton was penciled in 4th.
  10. For long-term signings the roster is going to be completely Minasian. He will let Maddon have his bench guys but Minasian isn't risking his career on a player that a manager with two years left on his contract wants. Please remember, Maddon isn't his guy. He didn't hire him and he will certainly replace him if the Angels aren't in the playoffs or if Maddon goes rogue and refuses analytics advice from the front office. Minasian is going to still be here in 3 years, Maddon may not be.
  11. You make mashed potatoes with the skin on?
  12. Their game plan for tomorrow is if Perez is playing don't pitch to him.
  13. Completely forgotten in tonight's loss is Shoei Ohtani kept the consecutive game home run streak alive. Vasergian made a big deal about Trout doing it last night but it seemed to be less of a talking point tonight.
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