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  1. This is a deal that doesn't need to be before the deadline since neither player would be considered playoff eligible.
  2. You would expect to Google Angels Team Bus Crash and find the story behind it.
  3. Come the playoffs that worst pen guy comes in only in a blowout. They will ride their three best relievers to the end, the fringe guys don't matter as much because they will probably move a 5th starter to the pen. No team is going to give up really good prospects to rise the floor of their bullpen on a rental, that's dumb.
  4. To whom that needs a second tier pitcher that loses focus when the game isn't on the line? Let's be honest, he's not that good so you have to find a team that wants what he is. Now look at the rosters of contending teams and ask which need a reliever or second tier closer as a rental. Dodgers? Nope, they are stacked in relief pitchers. So are the Padres, Giants are in great shape, Brewers are in good shape, Mets are ok but not great, the Reds bullpen is bad but they are a bottom feeder wild card team. So you have the Mets as a possible in the NL. Red Sox are set, Rays are awesome, White Sox could raise their floor but have 3 guys better than, A's are good, Seattle could use help, Yankees over paid for Heaney, Blue Jays could use a second tier reliever but they have as much chance at the playoffs as the Angels so they are not taking a shot at the dark. You really want to you could put Houston in the mix. So you really only have the Astros or Seattle that is fringe competitive. So really only one team in the AL. When you boil down who needs a rental you basically have two teams, the Mets and Astros. The Mets blew their trade chip on Javier Baez because they are the Mets. The Astros picked up Phil Maton for their bullpen, kind of a silly trade. So all the talk of trading Raisel is like mice agreeing they should put a bell on the cat but no one has a plan to do it.
  5. I just don't get the crying about what Minasian didn't do when no one can pinpoint a plan that is better. Just saying, trade players x,y,z, doesn't constitute a plan.
  6. What is so bold about trading two guys on expiring contracts? Who are you trading them to and for what players? Or are you just making noises to have something to post?
  7. By the way, Cobb never would have passed a physical. It's not a shock he went on the IL after the trade deadline. Minasian was probably looking to see if a team would take damaged goods but had to be truthful in the negotiations.
  8. What bold move would you suggest and what is the payoff?
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