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  1. Our local Del Taco tonight had all the lights on, including the drive thru menu board but nobody working there, no closed sign either. People were lined up in the drive thru thinking it was just really slow service.
  2. People who never follow the minor league transaction wire are now reading tweets from reporters that have never followed the minor league transaction wire and suddenly its an OUTRAGE!
  3. At this point you guys should realize this is just an entertainment business. They are making profit and loss decisions not anything more.
  4. No one told you it was mandatory to order the shit sandwich. So don't complain when it's served not to your liking.
  5. Yeah, like Lou at The Hat this afternoon at 1 pm.
  6. I had The Hat last nigh for dinner. No protest.
  7. I went to IHOP this morning. They still won't let you and @Adam on the premises.
  8. So you can't remember back 6 years ago in Ferguson? Talk about tunnel vision politics.
  9. We assigned you a public defender, did he not contact you about the plea bargain?
  10. "He didn't know whose window he broke and he got his ass whooped."
  11. Yes, most covert spies are that way on the surface.
  12. It would be poetic justice if all of the ANTIFA participants and organizers caught it but that would just mean 3 more months of lockdowns.