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  1. Good, the Pacer and Gremlin deserve respect.
  2. I would rather have Callaway as a coach than Bauer as a constant distraction.
  3. He would suck worse than Terry Smith doing play by play.
  4. It actually is. It's just not to your liking because you feel your side is under represented but this isn't a bunch of soccer fans at a bar arguing over yellow flags on obvious flopping. These are 9 judges that understand the responsibility they have over your demand for team recognition. So infantile.
  5. Bauer would be a good acquisition for 5 years at about $22 million per.
  6. FFS this isn't a static situation and it will swing the other way in time. You want to change the position of beach chairs for every wave that comes to the shore? Stop for a moment and ask yourself is the change you want to make today going to serve your needs in the tomorrow's ahead or are you only concerned about what is sand in your shorts now?
  7. This is childish. The Supreme Court is one of the checks and balances not a chess piece to sacrifice.
  8. Again, it's not your life on the line so your kids get a better education. You should treat teachers with more respect.
  9. Once vaccinated then the risk is mitigated. Until then the teachers have no reason to risk their lives for test scores.
  10. The Fed going to have to go to court on this. They reneged on a deal that is costing more than just jobs but money invested for future return. The companies involved are either getting their pipeline or all of their investments back with penalties. So Biden fucked up playing the 100 day game of looking presidential, putting his policy making into courts and costing taxpayers.
  11. Yeah, I went 80's Reagan wondering who would be the first to act like they just got electro shocked.
  12. They have only one negotiating tool. The shit that needs to happen is vaccination. It's pretty simple, coordinate a sensible vaccination priority and get it done. If you believe teachers back in the classroom are a top priority then put them in the front of the line. Otherwise don't put them at an unnecessary risk while the solution is there.
  13. And somehow you caught it. What a dumbness.
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