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  1. That required two errors for the Ray's to win. Lucky bastards.
  2. Wait, I thought this was more like a eulogy or something where we say nice things because that person is gone forever and they can never use that against you if you call them a dick. I think I need to go back and edit some posts.
  3. And if we have millions of Federal Employees we are doing this government thing wrong.
  4. First time in the playoffs in 13 years and they make cuts to player development. Seriously, WTF is wrong with this franchise?
  5. See, that guy isn't getting anything because he is not a professional. The correct response is, I look forward to exploring the opportunities of all three. Professionalism leads to success.
  6. It will a playoff on President Harris.
  7. We never say no to either accounts receivables or accounts payables.
  8. Tank, this is a highly charged subject that people are very decisive on. Too much for simply the hangout forum where people would say go commando.
  9. One of these countries are going to say, fuck it, they want to die we can help them. Then roll the streets with gatlings mounted on armored personnel carriers and start mowing the grass. I'm thinking Somalia goes first.
  10. How in the hell was that expensive to make? Get a few Dodge Polaris and some LTDs to drive around in then use leftover sets from some Women Behind Bars porn shoot, wardrobe from any Goodwill or Ross and your ready to roll camera.
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