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  1. Whelp, there goes all of the toilet paper, again.
  2. Oh fuck that. That was a complete fuck up by the 1st base umpire.
  3. Someone needs to score Karl Douglas to that.
  4. Maybe in the child's mind Jesus looks like he does and in another's Jesus looks like someone he recognizes. Odd that you would bind the son of God to an ethnicity rather than embracing his true being of all races.
  5. That job posting almost announces the Angels are so very far behind the analytics curve and Minasian said: Enough of this bullshit, get me a guy to get this team moving forward instead of playing like it's 1985.
  6. Stroman: That's a nice offer sheet but I have one question. Who is the Shortstop this season? Minasian: We are staying in house with a young rookie. Stroman: Is he good? Minasian: We have Trout and Ohtani hitting back to back. Stroman:
  7. Every rotation in baseball needs that guy. Good luck beating out 29 other teams for Stroman.
  8. Scioscia's contract ended. He wasn't forced to do anything.
  9. The cream white unis always look like they ran out of bleach.
  10. Pale as any out there. Her husband was a nice guy. Took care of his kids since she wasn't. Eventually took a position in Denmark with Federal Express.
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