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  1. I think it’s fine if the price is right and will probably depend on what other FAs they can sign
  2. It’s going to be weird when he’s rubbing your shoulders while examining your prostate
  3. Last year I went to my doctor and saw his new PA. She was kind of hot. I’m ok with it
  4. They disproportionately pay more taxes than everyone else. That is a fair share. Just because they make more money doesn’t entitle the government to take more of it.
  5. This is common knowledge so I don’t know why libs fall for the “fair share” talking point
  6. I have a co worker that lived in Idaho for a while and really liked it. He had a special needs child but said that finding the best health care for her was not available in Idaho as California had much more options. Unfortunately the care facility she was at here in Cali put her in scalding water, burned her and she died
  7. I think the rest of the world doesn’t give a shit about us like people think they do
  8. In the years before social media these morons would have been held accountable for their stupidity and wouldn’t have these jobs
  9. That’s because he criticized Trump.
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