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  1. It’s a go to when they do not have a counter argument. Also he said transgender dudes shouldn’t be fighting chicks. That’s probably it
  2. I’ve listened to a lot of his stuff and he seems pretty liberal to me. Not sure why they are painting him this way. It’s this exact kind of shit that will guarantee a Trump 2020 victory
  3. I read some some shit on Twitter today where people likened Schiff's speeches this week to MLK's "I have a dream" speech.
  4. The long term fallout from a TBI can be awful. i hope they are OK and do not have too many issues as a result
  5. Identity politics is not just reserved for the left. Evangelicals that vote Dem is like a black dude voting Republican. As a Christian I do know that God doesn't care what political party you affiliate with
  6. I'm thankful we have the luxury of not turning on the TV
  7. I heard Bernie was sucking on mints and then reading the tin they came in. He also fell asleep. Many of these dudes are just old and that shit has to be very boring
  8. Cassidy said all senators know they can’t bring outside drinks on the floor. But once there, sparkling water is also served in addition to water and milk. He said snacks and coffee are available in the cloakroom but the coffee is “as a rule awful.” “It’s miserable coffee. You would wish it on a Democrat but no one else,” he said. “Just joking.” How are they keeping it cold? If they are drinking room temperature stuff then that is grounds for immediate removal from office