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  1. Right? I think it just doesn’t work right. Kind of like McCain’s
  2. Lol, that’s not what he’s doing. He’s talking about the prince and his wife being insufferable douche bags to their family.
  3. In my defense I’ve always maintained that I have no problem wearing a mask. I just don’t like mandates and double masking is laughable. Also, most of the mortality from the disease is not from young and healthy people. That’s all. Of course it’s me, me, me, me. That’s because people only care how THEY feel and not about what the data says (about anything, not just Covid).
  4. Hey, here in America we are driven by feels! Forget the stupid data
  5. Lol at “the guy that runs that outfit”
  6. Cheong should have just left it at "Biden is lame for wearing two of them".
  7. I'm with you on the playoffs. Baseball still makes it tough for teams to make it in. The final week of the regular season is pretty exciting as a result. Not only that, you truly have the best teams in the post season as it is now. I do not see the positives in expanding it.
  8. Well in about 30 years you can throw a lemon party and make it as awesome as you want it
  9. Bigger idiots that follow those guidelines
  10. Correct. The article he posted states that as well. Last year the IRS tried to keep them from getting the checks but they were sued and the courts ruled that they get them. So stupid
  11. Let us know when you’re going so they have a chance to clean up before we go
  12. Disneyland without foreigners would be interesting
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