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  1. I thought voter fraud was a made up thing
  2. True but I feel like that we are just postponing the inevitable. We all agree that we can’t stay locked down forever but how long can we go on with the social distancing and mask wearing? I believe that if everyone wore a mask and distances themselves we’d see a huge drop in cases but the day we don’t do that it will come roaring back.
  3. I believe enough is not known about the virus yet and the distancing and mask wearing may not even be enough to stop it. It may just be part of our lives now and we’ll have to live with that fact. People forget that we have all kinds of viruses and bacteria that we can never get rid of and we live with. This is no different as this is how they operate.
  4. My brother is a chiropractor and he said they furloughed a few office staff and then called them back when they reopened. They told him no thank you as they were making more on unemployment. He told them not to call him back when that runs out
  5. The only time I’ve really listened to her was on Rogan’s podcast. It got a little heated between them
  6. I guess it depends on the return we could get
  7. Especially for ugly singles looking for love.
  8. As far as the book cover goes, I’m assuming the image he showed will not be the final one before the book is sold. If the Dems were smart they wouldn’t have said anything about the typo and just let him send it to print like that.
  9. Some of us have fat fingers making typing on a phone very difficult so I accept a certain level of typos