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  1. Agreed, especially the "stand by" comment but it's stupid that he keeps getting asked to do it when he already has. It's been a talking point for a long, long time.
  2. He's done it several times in the past. I'm not sure why they keep bringing it up. Just this past week he declared the KKK as a terrorist organization.
  3. Angels always seem to settle for the alternatives
  4. Babylon Bee has a podcast?
  5. Lowering the bar for Biden as much as he did was a mistake on Trump's part. The only thing Biden did well was not have his routine brain farts. If there is another debate I'd like to see specific policy questions and have these two jackasses focus on those. No pointless questions about tax returns, white supremacists and Antifa
  6. Like I said, it should be looked into as opposed to being spread as fact
  7. Could you imagine if he tried to do the travel bans and shutdowns during the impeachment debacle. The left would have had a shit fit
  8. If that’s you, I’m seriously impressed and have a few questions
  9. Imagine the look on all the dudes with man buns and chicks with hairy pits faces when he said that
  10. Had Trump not interrupted so damn much it would have been obvious to everyone. The interruptions were a major distraction
  11. So Harris supports the Green New Deal and Biden doesn’t?
  12. I don’t recall exactly what thread. It’s possible I’m wrong
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