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  1. Speeding up pitchers is a big one for me. Nothing is worse than a guy who takes forever in between pitches. And if I never see the Manfred runner again it will be too soon!
  2. So there was so concern that Trout wouldn't be ready for Spring training? Nearly a year after his 60-90 day injury?
  3. I find it weird that Greinke was on our team for a bit.
  4. New relationship honeymoon period. He didn't have that with us because we got him in the offseason so the honeymoon wore off by opening day!
  5. They should do exploratory surgery now and get it over with. I have a feeling he will "feel something" in ST next year.
  6. I never understood booing your home team and/or players. Do they think adding insult to injury is going to make them perform better?
  7. Ok this is getting ridiculous. Do our trainers suck? Or is it our doctors? Or who? Something is obviously off here for quite awhile now.
  8. Yes! Thanks. Couldn’t remember his name. I wonder what he’s up to?
  9. Whatever happened to the guy we signed and released about 3 times in one year back in maybe 2018/2019? Let's give him a ring.
  10. Maybe he should buy some Nugenix that Big Frank is peddling? Or maybe some of that crap Tom Brady's company is selling?
  11. Cubs are pretty much a AAA team at this point so this doesn't mean much. If he rakes in the majors then we can all bitch.
  12. No point in coming back this year at this stage. We all know it's coming so let's just get the announcement over with.
  13. Can't wait til "Tio" grounds into a game ending DP in the World Series and they start hating him.
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