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  1. Do we really think Jones had much value? I haven't seen much to be worried about losing.
  2. A guy who goes and throws 7 and allows 1 regularly isn't as exciting as the guy who mashes a 450' dong every third game or so. -Arte
  3. I think it should be "aren't in on Bauer any longer". We probably were until the dodgers and mets started making offers.
  4. I hope we are giving Taijuan Walker a look. Anyone heard any news on him?
  5. Bauer is no Cole so I'd prefer Cole. Hitting isn't our problem, even without Rendon.
  6. This is like early days of the internet type trolling bragging about $, cars, women etc.
  7. The headline sounds much more sinister than what happened: Man gets caught trying to pick up prostitute.
  8. It blows my mind that these are the only two Iglesias to ever make it to the big show, we acquired them back to back, and they were born 1 day apart in Cuba, and are unrelated. This is some glitch in the matrix type shit.
  9. One of Marsh or Adams is my guess. No way he trades Adell at his low point.
  10. https://www.mlb.com/news/j-t-realmuto-likely-free-agent-destinations We are 3 on this list. I've said it for awhile now I think Arte's big splash this offseason will be Realmuto.
  11. What depressing comments from Arte. I am finding less reasons every day to stay a fan of this team. I'm actually jealous of the Mets now. Cohen has said all the right things so far for them. Doesn't want to get involved in baseball side of things, doesn't need to make a profit, etc... The polar opposite of our owner. Sad times.
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