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  1. Do they think the season starts tomorrow? If this is our team on April 1st then they have some room to talk.
  2. Maybe he is Cozart. If I was an MLBer I'd definitely gain some reddit karma this way.
  3. If he ends up getting Price & Ryu right he'll be 5 for 5. With Price and Ryu being most impressive since this was a couple of days ago.
  4. launching MLB the Show... Who would we have to package with Simmons to get Lindor + Kluber? Marsh? Or more than just those 2?
  5. I suspect LaStella will be packaged up and sent away for some pitching now? I really want to keep Fletcher. LaStella is in the last year of his deal if I recall.
  6. Fuck yes. Who needs pitching if you can score 10 per game
  7. Random dudes posting on twitter shouldn’t be trusted.
  8. You think we'd go 0-18 in those games with a pitcher other than him?
  9. 3.90 ERA and >200 IP last year. Leagues better than anything we had last year.
  10. The thing that worries me most about losing out is now we might empty the farm a bit to land some pitching.