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  1. One of Marsh or Adams is my guess. No way he trades Adell at his low point.
  2. https://www.mlb.com/news/j-t-realmuto-likely-free-agent-destinations We are 3 on this list. I've said it for awhile now I think Arte's big splash this offseason will be Realmuto.
  3. What depressing comments from Arte. I am finding less reasons every day to stay a fan of this team. I'm actually jealous of the Mets now. Cohen has said all the right things so far for them. Doesn't want to get involved in baseball side of things, doesn't need to make a profit, etc... The polar opposite of our owner. Sad times.
  4. Chris Archer is the type of guy who would end up retiring after spending a year or two here but end of a Cy Young candidate if the A's or Astros sign him.
  5. Artes plans are easy to figure out. Take a look at the top FAs, disregard the pitchers. The top 2 position players are guys who Arte will target. He's all about the big name splash! The only other spending will be scrap heap type pitchers who once showed promise but have been "down on their luck" or just come back from their 12th TJ.
  6. What we need: lots of pitching Who we most likely sign: JT Realmuto is my guess Splash!!
  7. Your mom should be fired.
  8. Now do the Rays, best record in AL and second best in MLB.
  9. Every year we want to buy at these FAs absolute peak. I'm all for signing a #1 or #2 but let's not try to only sign when they hit their absolute highest peak imaginable. I don't know the solution but we need to somehow find more Bundy's too.
  10. It's all about drafting and developing but also winning on trades. This opens many doors. Look at the Rays for example. Most people couldn't name 3 guys on their team yet they had the 2nd best record in baseball and almost made the World Series last year. They have a line of young guys waiting to come in and be productive. Also, everyone knows you rarely win a trade with them.
  11. Did I read it right that we silently extended him a year over the summer and now he’s a goner? Lol
  12. Teheran will be a Cy Young candidate next year with the A’s.
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