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  1. I think we are looking at a guy in AA and about 25 years old for iglesias. Keep him if that’s what people are offering.
  2. Surprise! Minasian isn't sleeping. Our pitchers with expiring contracts just have little to no value.
  3. Arte for not allowing the GMs to do their jobs and signing "big splashes/names" rather than focus on building a team that can compete.
  4. New Era have to be trolls. But the worst thing is all these wacky ideas they do sell out fast at $40 a pop. Here's some others: https://www.neweracap.com/Sports/MLB/MLB-Double-Logo/c/SPOMLBDOU https://www.neweracap.com/search?q=all+over+flag%3Arelevance
  5. The Yerminator went from player of the month to retired in a few months
  6. We already know how this offseason will go. Sign a big bat. Get turned down by all the big FA starting pitchers, sign a few starting pitchers who had tough luck/injuries the last few years, and throw together a bullpen with the remaining peanuts we have.
  7. We'd be insane to not give him a look.
  8. I would like to see 2 of the best players in the game make the playoffs. To do so we need some of our starters to step it up and be more consistent. We need a big 2nd half from Heaney and Cobb in particular.
  9. Not sure it's possible to develop 2 way players like this. He's a freak of nature. There's a reason there's only been 2 players be successful at this in over 100 years.
  10. Bundy is lucky he isn't released. No one would take him for anything of any value.
  11. Did Girardi really call out Mad Max to a fight mid game because of a stare down? Girardi abusing the new rule already.
  12. Adell is hitting well down on the farm.
  13. If he keeps hitting a dong every day he should move up the list quickly. But right now he's against some bigger names.
  14. Quintana should be on the world's shortest leash with how Sandoval has been performing. Suarez too.
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