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  1. Sounds like Fiers decided to keep his mouth shut now out of blackmail perhaps? This is a real shit show all around.
  2. What a fucking douchebag. Says Fiers broke a code. Says no one else will come forward again based on what’s happening to Fiers. Almost sounds like he’s sending out a message to keep your mouths shut or else. This is the furthest thing possible from an apology.
  3. Taijuan Walker should be given a shot. But I feel it would have been done by now if we were serious.
  4. Anyone in the Astros / Redsox path those years has as much claim to the titles as do the Dodgers.
  5. Bregman has the most punchable face I've ever seen. I love that the Astros hitters are going to be under such a microscope this year. Everyone is looking to see if their production drops. The instant any one of them has a slump, everyone is going to jump on them. I love the pressure it puts on these asshats. I'd love to see all their numbers plummet.
  6. The world will not rest until baseball is eradicated from the Earth!
  7. I’m an Italian from Chicago. I use ketchup for pasta sauce, I hate deep dish pizza, and I put ketchup on my hot dogs.
  8. What a fuckwad this guy is. I don't even understand his reasoning. He made it up to show us how things can be abused? Or something?
  9. So the MLB came out and said they looked for evidence of devices in their investigation and found nothing. So this was already on their radar weeks ago? And "Beltran's niece" claims to have a locker room picture of the device that she's not releasing yet?
  10. Mets didn't cheat or win a world series and they still lost their new manager lol