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  1. Going to get the game today. I need my baseball back in my life in some capacity so I'm pretty stoked
  2. I have never played OOTP but was a huge fan of franchise mode for The Show. I'm willing to join an AW league if we can get one going!
  3. Our failed trade for Stripling and Pederson would be quite the 360 if the season was cancelled
  4. Is it possible to do some sort of fantasy draft for an online league or do you take over existing rosters?
  5. I've always wanted to give this game a try. Just might with all the free time I have now.
  6. Good move. As solid Barria has been so far, Barria and Sandoval have shown better stuff and results in Spring and have a much higher upside as well.
  7. Sandoval and Suarez above Barria on the depth chart?