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  1. https://homeplateview.com/2021/03/04/chris-rodriguez-shines-after-long-battle-with-back-pain/ A great article on Chris Rodriguez by Taylor Blake Ward, explaining his journey so far. Chris Rodriguez Shines After Long Battle With Back Pain Chris Rodriguez, at 20-years-old, struggled to arise from the floor where he spent the night trying to sleep, heading to the restroom thinking, “Damnit. Let’s see what I can try and do today that’s gonna make this help.” At the end of the 2017 season, Rodriguez — one of the Angels top pitching prospects — began lifting weights with the menta
  2. Exactly. I tweeted Fletcher to see if he knew when he was going to see some playing time but no answer.
  3. Has Jose Alberto Rivera reported to camp yet? Or is he still having issues with his visa?
  4. I remember 5 years ago being able to bulk by working out then eating a a chorizo burrito with carne asada fries.
  5. Apparently lost weight for this season after struggling with the extra weight last season. So the guy is probably leaned out and shredded.
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