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  1. If ensuring the safety of the staff and players is a determining factor for Trout, then I definitely don't see this as being a good sign....
  2. The Angels join the A's and Nationals as teams reported to have had trouble with testings
  3. If he can just add a tick or 2 to his fastball and sit at 93-94 I think that would make a world of difference. I love that he seems like a gamer on the mound. I saw a game where he was near the end of his start at about the 6th or 7th inning and he was reared back and hit 95. I honestly think his changeup can be better than his curveball from what I've seen, too. I've made this comp in another thread but I see a lot of Jose Quintana in him but I think Detmers already has better stuff. Quintana has been a solid 3 with some 2's sprinkled in his entire career so I'd be stoked if he saw the same type of career.
  4. Same here. I always thought he could sneak into the top 50 prospects lists with a healthy year. Thinking of my favorite pitching prospects I'm actually pretty sad just realizing we could be missing out on a developmental year from Jack Kochanowicz.
  5. all my dodger buddies have been posting this and it's so annoying
  6. Imagine going through all of this just for Mike Trout to opt out lmao