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  1. Damn the defense always seems to play shittier than usual when Cobb is on the mound. Poor guy lmao
  2. And I think Chattanooga is the only team in Double-A that does not have broadcasts of their game. Damnit.
  3. After that gut-punching loss I can't wait to hear about some minor league ball tomorrow.
  4. It's the second time through the lineup that Sandoval usually struggles with if I remember correctly. He's going to have to start utilizing a third pitch 2nd time through.
  5. Sandoval I'm begging you this is your audition for the rotation and please take it and have the breakout season we've been waiting for.
  6. I'm sure Shohei's scouting report is as simple as to lay off the splitter. Sometimes you guess wrong when the guy is also throwing triple digits.
  7. I really liked the James Hoyt acquisition and thought he should have made the team out of spring so please prove me right
  8. That may be true but I'd argue he has come through for the offense a lot more than almost every other player in the lineup.
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