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  1. All this talk on Callaway's potential affect on the likes of Canning, Sandoval and Suarez I keep overlooking the impact he might have on someone like Shohei Ohtani.
  2. Also was 3-5 with a double the game before.
  3. This is turning into an overplayed cliche but we are forgetting that if we sign Cole we won't just be getting just one potential top-of-the-rotation pitcher next season.
  4. 3 or 4 weeks of Gerrit would contribute more than any member of our rotation last season so I guess that's good enough
  5. Wow wasn't expecting this kind of conversation when I opened this thread but it also doesn't surprise me
  6. Maddon also said they have more interviews for the position of pitching coach tomorrow. He mentioned how a potential spot on this coaching staff has become a popular landing spot for many people around the league .
  7. Arte Moreno said the Angels’ payroll will go up this coming season, though it doesn’t sound like the club will approach the luxury tax.