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  1. If this is true wow that’s awesome. With the money left after Albright I thought for sure we wouldn’t be getting Silseth AND Henley.
  2. Great start to the season for one of our UDFA's (Kenyon Yovan) from this year in High-A Tri-City. He is 4-6 to start with 2 doubles and 2 walks
  3. Edgar Quero had a walk off 3 run bomb today. Also am I the only one that thinks it’s cringe to call it the CPX? Why not just keep calling it the AZL? It’s not like they aren’t in Arizona anymore.
  4. Taylor Ward was pulled from the Salt Lake game in the 3rd inning.
  5. To be fair their unranked guy would probably be like #15 in our system and their #17 would be top 10.
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