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  1. I've had him comped for fun as a Max Fried or Cole Hamels type if Detmers keeps going the way he has. I think it was @Dochalothat threw Julio Urias out there for fun as well.
  2. Looking at Rodriguez's pitch distribution this season kinda bummed me out: 64% fastball, 27% slider, 5% changeup, 3% slider Rodriguez has potentially 4 plus-pitches in his arsenal but was pigeon-holed into a two-pitch reliever in the bullpen. Thankfully, now he can get work in for all 4 of his pitches as a starter in for Rocket City.
  3. The inner fan in me wants Detmers called up to give me another reason to get excited but another part of me wants to see him keep dominating Double-A with his new teammate Chris Rodriguez.
  4. Me after reading the news that Rodriguez is being sent down to Double-A with the plan for him to be a starting pitcher. .
  5. Thank god. I was beginning to worry that Rodriguez might not ever get the chance to be a starting pitcher and Double-A is the best level for him to get that chance. Damn the rotation is gna be sick for the Trash Pandas too with Detmers, Criswell, Hernandez, Tyler and now Rodriguez (and possibly Daniel getting the call from High-A as well).
  6. Detmers' slider is already such a nasty pitch and he literally just started throwing it this season after working on it in the alternate camp. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/reid-detmers-works-on-adding-fourth-pitch/ Detmers reported to summer camp intent on improving his slider, a pitch he described as “more of a slurve” that sat 77-80 mph in college. He asked his new teammates what grips worked for them. He sought input from his new coaches. He began tinkering with different grips in catch sessions and felt something click with a “knuckle-slider” grip that has produced “more of a true slider.” Detmers took the pitch into his bullpen sessions and has been using it in intrasquad games. “It’s coming out like a fastball with a sharp break at the end, and it’s in the mid 80s now,” Detmers said. “It’s something I’m very proud of. It’s turned into a decent pitch.”
  7. Remember when people would bitch that C-Rod wouldn’t come in high-leverage situations?
  8. Wait we're only 3.5 games behind the second wildcard?
  9. I'm fine with it. Fletcher has played in 29 straight games including both games of a double header against Minnesota. He earned a day off.
  10. The funny thing was when I saw Shohei attempt to steal 2nd like 3 times during that at-bat I seriously pictured this in my head.
  11. Just got back from the game. Crowd was pretty good! Honestly I think the crowd got almost as loud for that amazing relay throw by Rengifo as the Ward grand slam. It was nice to see Rengifo have a great all-around game. He has all the tools to be a a great player but hasn't put it all together.
  12. Nvm I guess I'm going after all the girlfriend got tickets! Now I just hope Ohtani is somehow able to bat in the lineup as well.
  13. I went to opening day and I might be going to the game tomorrow!
  14. Damn what a start tonight by Cooper Criswell 6.2 IP 3 H 0 R 0 BB 14 SO 98 pitches (68 strikes) On the season he has 52 strikeouts in 38 innings with only 4 walks allowed.
  15. Tbh this isn't even a series where we were in over our heads against the division leader. These were both fairly competitive and winnable games. But in Angels fashion it's the way we lost these games.
  16. Which makes it all the more frustrating Rodriguez wasn't out there for a second inning. He threw 15 pitches...
  17. 15 pitches (11 strikes). Last time he was pulled after only an inning it was shoulder irritation. Honestly, at this point what's a worse scenario? Obviously the injury is worse but that's how frustrating it is if Rodriguez was actually only out there for one inning completely healthy.
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