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    This makes me a little sad.
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    Until proven otherwise, I'll take the liberal approach (f'n libs) to this off-season: I truly believe that Arte is going to go "all out". I'm aware that he is a businessman, and a smart one at that. He didn't gain his wealth by making dumb business decisions. That said, the Angels are just one of several business ventures Arte is involved with. While the ultimate goal for a smart businessman like Arte is to turn a profit on his investments, I also don't believe he bought the Angels solely to make money. I do think he is a competitor and I do think he is willing to do what it takes to field a winning organization. I don't think he signs Hamilton or gives Trout the biggest contract in history if he wasn't. The Angels have their backs up against the wall right now. Getting Ohtani back on the mound is huge, but he's likely not going to top 140/150 innings next year. He's also going to lose at bats so while his value goes up, it's not as significant as it could be. Getting Upton back at full strength is also a big deal, but at most he's really only adding a handful of wins over last year. We need 3 pitchers and a decent catcher. And when I say "3 pitchers" I clearly don't mean Hamels and two reclamation projects. We NEED Cole. Adding a pitcher who can throw 200 innings and give you a 3.00 ERA is such a huge deal for this team. He alone will add 7-8 wins, or perhaps more, over last year's team. But that doesn't quite move the needle far enough, does it? Which is why we need a legitimate #3 starter behind him. Ryu or Wheeler probably push Ohtani to the #3 spot in the rotation, which is kind of ridiculous, but honestly given his likely innings limit isn't out if the question. Odorizzi is a nice option but I would be absolutely fine with Eppler not wanting to sacrifice a draft pick for him. Madbum is a nice piece but there are serious concerns moving forward. Ultimately, we really need a guy like Wheeler, who has his own concerns but has the talent of a Frontline starter. A 1-2-3 of Cole, Wheeler, and Ohtani is as good as any in baseball. Fight me. It also allows the back end to be questionable, with guys like Canning, Heaney, and Peters. But the point remains here: Arte cannot blow his load on Cole and think that's good enough. It just isn't. We also need to not only replace Skaggs (RIP), we need someone better. Mr. Moreno, you have Trout locked up for the rest of his career. Do you really want to be the owner who refused to surround him with enough talent to take him to the World Series? And yes, I use the word "refuse" because you have the money. You obviously want to win. Do what it takes. This is the time to do it. He's not getting any younger.
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    Sad But needs to happen

    This is really nothing more than the business of baseball. Calhoun is not a $14 M per year player. He won't come close to getting $14 M in the open market. And the Angels have Jo Adell to take Calhoun's spot at $570,000.
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    Yeah -- that one fits... Chuckles and his wife were in a child custody battle after he filed for divorce -- her lawyers argued that because his career had him on the road half the year the wife should be given custody... Fin retired in order to make sure he would gain custody. Dude manned up in a big way.
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    Meh Just go back to this jersey top... it's considerably better than anything else we've ever worn. The modern font is just an early 2000's take on this font anyway. They are similar enough that most people probably don't notice but this one is a more timeless look.
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    I really enjoyed watching the Nationals run to the championship. I was over joyed at seeing Howie Kendrick get a ring and doing big things in the postseason. But none of it comes close to how I felt in 2002 when the Angels won it all. I want to experience that again. I feel blessed that I got to experience it once - but it only made me hungry to experience it again. Eppler fooled me into believing that Harvey, Allen and Cahill could do the job. I was duped. I'm not going to fall for it again. I want to see a revamped, kick-ass, rotation with a hoss like Cole leading the way. I want to see some swagger. I want to know when I tune in or show up - I'm going to see a team that deserves my attention and has earned my patronage. AND I want to see it in 2020 and beyond. I live in So. Cal - I have lots of other options to spend my money and my time. Don't make me look elsewhere. I don't want to hear things like "bounce back year" or "upside" any more. I don't want to hear how "if everything goes right..." I want a roster that sets high expectations and then goes out and delivers on it. This team doesn't have the luxury of waiting for the farm system to solve all the problems. They need to spend. Arte needs to spend and spend big. I believe he will. He's done it before. The Angels just need to spend that money wisely and not miss. I know that's not easy, but it doesn't change my expectation. I don't often show it on AW - but I'm fed up. I'm glad Eppler is on the hot seat. He needs to make this the best off season of his career.
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    If Kean is Wong, I don't want to be Right
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    i love The Onion
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    ..... what the hell are they teaching you young kids in school these days?!?! You have some homework to do. Its the best christmas movie ever made.
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    This pleases me immensely. Cole's wife is like, win this World Series so we can GTFO Houston.
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    Angels intrested in Mickey Callaway

    i don't really care who gets the job as long as we get better pitchers for them to work with.
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    Coach Mike Napoli

    Damn. Those are big glasses.
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    Lyft overcharge

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    I love that Bumpy threw out the crickets gif after 58 minutes on a Tuesday (@ 2:00) the cons were working, dummy.
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    I think this past minor league season felt a bit underwhelming for many, both Angels fans and in prospect circles..... Then the AFL started up and pretty much everyone they sent has performed welll.... now it seems like the tenor has shifted. It's nice to see, even nicer to see the players made everyone take notice of them. Has anyone in the minors done more to raise his prospect status (in AFL), than Brandon Marsh? It used to be Adell, Adell, Adell... Now it's Adell is great, but have you seen Marsh!?
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    The Irishman

    Tyler Perry's The Irishman. I'm back in.
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    Instead of the rocks, install a surf machine in centerfield. And orange trees. And female ticket takers/vendors in bikinis.
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    You are looking at it exactly backwards. The more money I earn the MORE I want to control where I live and where my family lives. And if I am going to earn “stupid money” I would rather earn slightly less stupid money and control my own life. What good is money if you can’t control your own life?
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    Thoughts and Prayers

    Utah Jazz game?
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    THE Official 2019-2020 Hot Stove Thread

    I agree that Hamels would be perfectly fine as a "3rd" addition to the rotation. If the choice is between Heaney or Hamels I'm choosing Hamels all day every day.
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    2020 Democratic Field

    I think this place brings out the best in me.
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    Congrats Howie Kendrick. You earned it.
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    1. Steal underpants 2. ??? 3. Profit
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    Just putting it out there that Rendon is almost certainly not an Angels FA target.
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    You should have photoshopped more likes
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    Pirates to interview Stubby Clapp

    already said that
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    Wait, Jeff said Scott Botas, who is the lesser-known agent of Alex Wood.
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    Man watching all the videos being posted where there are audible bangs and clanks.... They are so done...
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    Ultimately the funds were released and the request wasn't complied with. This is all just typical shady authoritarian political shit. Man I hate to agree with Scott Adams but...
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    I think a sitting Vice President blackmailing a foreign leader for personal gain or something like that is important regardless of when it happened. I think a concerted effort by political opponents to create a Russian collusion hoax is important too. We all know what the intent was but it doesn’t really matter because the evidence isn’t there. And Let’s be real all foreign aid is quid pro quo. Trump is a dick. He sucks. Dems should run someone who can beat him
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    I get this sentiment, but there is no way we're acquiring 4 or 5 of the most sought after players in one offseason.
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    The Irishman

    Luckily Kevin Hart was in a car accident or he would have found a way to be in this
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    True Grich


    Makes sense. He has 1,051 followers. That should do it.
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    RIP Deadspin. Perhaps my favorite moment of theirs.
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    Fletcher's payroll summary

    It will take more than just Cole for the Angels to be successful in 2020. They need to add another guy like Wheeler, Ryu or Odorizzi. Arte already knows Pujols and Cozart is dead money.. He won't extend Simmons because of his age, so we save money there. Plus we have some infield depth too. Upton will be above average for offensive minded LF's for us. He's so worth all of that contract because of that. Or like @VariousCrap said in another thread, use the money that would go to Cole to guys like Wheeler, Odorizzi/Ryu andHamels and say a guy like Tehreran/Miley/Pineda if they're cheap, + a Grandal at catcher.
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    still one of the best lines ever written in AW history.
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    Hey, you don't go to a beach club to sell snow boots.
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    Umpire news

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    How bout Shoemaker as the 3rd arm which gives you possibly enough to upgrade at catcher as well.
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    Dodgers lose an elimination game at home because of Kendrick's grand slam. Yankees get walked-off (walk-offed?) and eliminated on an Altuve HR after tying the game in the top of the ninth. This is beautiful.

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