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    Are cals and KC the same person?

    Defund @EnglishCop!
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    Thanks, yk1961
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    I've come to the decision that I don't care if baseball is played this year.
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    No games for me

    at this pace, neither will anyone else.
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    As many of you know my grandson Kason was born with Dextro-Transposition of the Great Arteries or d-TGA which is a birth defect of the heart in which the two main arteries carrying blood out of the heart – the main pulmonary artery and the aorta – are switched in position, or “transposed.” Because a baby with this defect may need surgery or other procedures soon after birth, d-TGA is considered a critical congenital heart defect (CCHD). In a baby without a congenital heart defect, the right side of the heart pumps oxygen-poor blood from the heart to the lungs through the pulmonary artery. The left side of the heart pumps oxygen-rich blood to the rest of the body through the aorta. The aorta is usually behind the pulmonary artery. Kason came out of surgery healthy & healed, some three + weeks after he born on July 7th, 2019. My daughter, Trinity Richter wrote this song and performed it a year after birth at his birthday party. Here are the lyrics. A Heart Healed: Don’t be scared little one Don’t you cry son Hold on to my voice And keep holding on Your heart will strum on Like a beating drum And when you see the light And your mamas smile And your papas arms Hold on And when you feel the sun Pressing on your face And your holding someone’s hand Hold on Listen to this song Find the strength to carry on Fight this war son You’ll be okay Kason It’s been one year now I love to hear you laughing about The way you smile The way you love The way you healed Is what beauty is all about A heart healed Outdoor version Indoor version I'm so proud of my daughter. In addition to this song she wrote, she's got nine other originals that she wrote. She's gone from being the lead singer of an 80's/90's cover band since she was 12 to writing her own stuff now. She just picked up playing guitar a year ago and has really taken off over the past 4 months!
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    The Ghost of Bob Starr

    Mike Trout

    I don’t think Maddon is talking about Trout. I think he’s saying that if you’re going to be a shithead and not follow the rules, don’t come here.
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    That depends on how is cap wearing
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    Happy Father's Day AW members!

    Here is a pic of me and my dad a few months before he passed away. This was about 6 years ago. When I have some more time I will share some stories. Simply put a man of integrity.
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    Inside Pitch

    Let Jo Adell play

    Yes -- waste a year of service time on a meaningless season.... or you know, wait a couple weeks and retain his rights for another full season.
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    Opt out questions

    There is a lot here to unpack, but I'm gonna try. "Fix all of the off-field issues" - you know in your heart that there is zero chance the owners and players would take six months to carefully fix these issues. Zero chance. "no fans" - I don't know why you are fixated on this. PGA is playing golf tournaments and the golf is real, with real weekly champions crowned. There is something called The Basketball Tournament going on (its several years old) and I was watching with interest yesterday. It took me about five minutes to remember that there were no fans in the stands. And it didn't affect my enjoyment one iota.
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    Inside Pitch

    Mike Trout

    Not as much as his wife and child. Which is why he's Mike Trout. Years back when Tim Salmon's wife battled cancer he openly said that it he had to choose between baseball and being there for her it was an easy choice. Best players in franchise history both had their priorities in check.
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    Mike Trout

    Mr. Trout: You are the best thing to ever happen to this organization and us fans. If you want to punt on this “season” for the health and safety of your wife and unborn child, after prioritizing the organization for the last 11 years, we are in no position to take exception to that. We look forward to seeing you in 2021.
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    Mike Trout

    Yeah, baby due next month. Take care of your growing family first, Mike. I think we’d all make the same choice.
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    SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19

    @calscuf and @wopphil are ready to work with some of y'all. Maybe @Brian Ilten can put you two on retainer.
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    I don’t know how anyone can be on one side now. Both sides just look like clowns now
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    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    My sister and brother-in-law took the family to Chic-Fil-A the other day. Brother-in-law is San Diego swat. Chic-Fil-A saw his badge and cut their bill from $30 to $15. My sister has been struggling mentally with the public vilification of police officers (while her husband has been working 16+ hour days for several weeks in a row now due to the rioters). So acts like Chic-Fil-A’s send an important message beyond merely dollars.
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    I'm on team "I don't give a shit about either side" I'll watch baseball when games are played again. Until then, I'll find something else to do.
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    Let Jo Adell play

    Though called killer whales, orcas are not whales. They are the largest dolphin species.
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    Mike Trout

    Why is he playing rock, paper, scissors
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    SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19

    New York is the poster child of missmanagement. They allowed mass transit to continue, did not issue stay at home orders, delayed social distancing rules, did not shut down nightclubs or restaurants while the virus was spiking and sent COVID seniors back to senior centers to infect entire facilities. They have nearly 400k confirmed cases and over 30K in deaths, 18K in New York city alone. California in comprison has about 260k cases and 6,300 deaths, only 3,400 in Los Angeles county. The death rate in California is .024, New York is .081. You are so badly missinformed.
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    Can this trend be reversed? SJWs

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    BLM protests and police strikes

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    Mike Trout

    The world needs more males accepting the long term responsibility to be loving fathers.....I have no problem with Trout or anyone else taking the season off for the health of their family during this time.
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    Mike Trout

    This is dumb.
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    Welcome Back to Quarantine

    Yeah let's blame those who went to the bar, a couple that had a meal at the restaurant, a guy fishing out in the middle of the ocean or kids playing at the park. Never mind the outrageous protests of hundreds of thousands of people. Obviously you're going to have more positive cases with more testing, but I haven't seen a single comment by Newsom or our own dumbshit Gov. Jay Inslee to put the blame squarely where it should go and that's on these protestors and those at the George Floyd memorial. You know, it's OK to memorialize one man among hundreds of thousands of people, but it's not OK to have a memorial for your loved ones that were lost during the pandemic. I feel bad for these business owners who just opened up after nearly going bankrupt, only to order a bunch of supplies and food to accommodate their in-person visitors, only to shut down again because of irresponsible protestors and spineless city & state politicians -- all democrats.
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    Anyone of any race who trusts politicians on either side is a fucking idiot
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    I agree, Taylor
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    AOC Thread

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    It's essentially like saying that everyone in the division is tied through the first 102 games. Our record for the last 60 games of 2019 was 19-41. 19-41. We had a 5.39 era during that time with a rotation of Barria, Suarez, Peters Heaney and Sandoval. With a sprinkle of Canning. Assuming health (heh), the rotation will be Ohtani, Teheran, Bundy, Canning, and Heaney with Sandoval, Suarez and Barria filling in where needed. Trout and Ohtani also missed most of Sept at the dish and we didn't have Rendon. Do you know what our catchers did over the last 60 games? Garneau hit .188. Bemboom hit .102. Stassi hit .094. Kevin Smith hit just above .200. And now we have Castro. Even if he hits .230 and plays solid defense, that will be a big add. Wilfredo Tovar played in about 30 of our last 60 games and had a .492 ops. Calhoun is our only loss and he wasn't great over the last 60 games. with a .216 avg and .735 ops. Goodwin had almost the same value as Calhoun last year. So it's basically like being tied for the division lead at the deadline and adding Trout for an additional 20 games, Ohtani on the mound for 60 games and at the plate for 20 more games, Teheran and Bundy to the rotation, Castro at C and Rendon at 3b. Oh and a fully recovered Keynan Middleton. and Canning. and it's likely that Thaiss and Sandoval are better. We could easily go 40-20.
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    BLM protests and police strikes

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    how is cap wearing

    Some people have a way with words. Other people not have way.
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    Yes, guess they modeled it after the Fullerton Home Depot.
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    2020 Election

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    Victor Rojas lets ESPN's Linda Cohn have it.
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    People need to just accept that there is a lot of unknown about the virus. They say one thing and then a couple of weeks later say a different thing. It doesn’t mean there’s malice. It means that we don’t know everything and shit is confusing. Wear a mask. Avoid large crowds. Particularly indoors. Don’t be disgusting and properly clean. Live life with the pandemic with reasonable precautions and be conscientious of others. If everyone would just accept the masks in some necessary scenarios the transmission would be dramatically slowed. Necessary scenarios: indoors among others where good spacing is not possible at all times. It’s not complicated.
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    My father was a solid sports fan. First Halos game in person with him was late in the 1968 season against the ChiSox at Angel Stadium. First Lakers game was January 1967 against the Baltimore Bullets (now Washington Wizards) at LA Sports Arena (pre-Forum days). First Rams game was 1971 against the Saints at the Coliseum, where Willie Ellison broke Jim Brown's 8 year-old NFL single game rushing record. First Kings game was early in the 1967-68 expansion year (early November) against the Black Hawks at the LA Sports Arena, and just remember being in awe of the speed of the game in person. Nearly got into a verbal altercation though with a childhood friend who wanted to record icing as a penalty in his scorekeeping book. He even got into the WWE (okay, sports entertainment) for part of 1988. He passed away from a stroke 14 years ago. R.I.P. Dad, thank you for the memories.
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    Lost my father to liver cancer last year. He was my season ticket partner for 18 years and in that 18 years, I can only think of a handful of games he missed. He absolutely loved the Angels, wasn’t afraid to be critical of management, and could probably tell you off the top of his head what Don Baylor or Bobby Grich did in game 78 of the 1979 season. I can say that what’s going on right now would probably piss him off, but he would understand as he would have been in the “underlying health” category. I miss him everyday, especially when it should be baseball season.
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    I don't see nothing wrong with a little Trumpygrimes.
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    Maybe its my imagination but is this like the third different thread you've written this in?
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    Down to the wire

    The thing I hate most about this is the delay in shitting all over the Astros.
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    Vegas Halo Fan

    Clean jokes thread

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    Happy Father's Day AW members!

    An Angels story I’ll never forget. My uncle for years had two season tickets to the Angels. He shared them with a couple of his friends so every 3 or 4 games he’d go. In 2002 the Angels happened to be in the World Series. I was 18 or 19 trying to figure out a way to sneak in or do something w friends to see a World Series game thinking they Angels my favorite team would never get the chance to go back there. My uncle asked my dad to go which I had no idea about. The day before game 2 of the World Series. My dad called me up just like any other day we talked we laughed it was normal. Till the end of the conversation he asked what I was doing the next day and I said oh just school and gonna watch the Angels World Series game. He in only the way he could says well would you rather go to the game instead? I was confused wondering how this was happening. He said he’s already been to a WS game when the Dodgers played in one back in the day so he offered me his ticket to go see them. He always put my brother and I first. Angels went on as we know to win that World Series. And that game was such an absolute blast. Seeing Barry Bonds home run which I’m still not sure if it’s landed was just nuts. Happy Father’s Day.
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