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  1. Keep in mind a few years back Chuck thought we were about to get our 1 billionth post until someone with a calculator let him know that wasn’t true.
  2. Angels skipping Teheran’s start tomorrow.
  3. Now I would give a guy like La Stella for him. Maybe add a minor leaguer if they eat some of the contract.
  4. I wouldn’t give up 5 years of Rengifo for one year of Samardzija.
  5. Yes, we did. It is the collective we that didn’t include me. Sorry for the confusion.
  6. Or he beats out Goodwin, shows he can hit at the major league level allowing Adell to develop for the first 2-3 months then we actually trade him for something of value.
  7. Yea, well it was going to be that way anyway. We only heard the Rengifo part, not the prospect part.