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  1. No, he hasn’t. Eppler hasn’t spent over $400 million in free agency, Dipoto has.
  2. Oh ok, so it isn’t free agent dollars spent, got it.
  3. I was simply using your words. You said free agency so I used free agency as my guideline. One took over a good team with a decent farm, the other took over a bad team with a nonexistent farm.
  4. My concern is process. Arte will meddle no matter who is in charge.
  5. No, chance the wins per million favors Dipoto. Dipoto is still getting loses on Albert. So every loss on Eppler for Upton and Rendon, Dipoto is still getting those losses based on Albert. Every loss through 2017 with money going to Albert and Hamilton is on Dipoto if that how you want to grade this. In free agency Dipoto spent $450 plus million on Wilson, Albert and Hamilton. Eppler spent $330 million on Upton and Rendon. Plus all his ugly 1 year pitching contracts.
  6. The good news is there are plenty of people that fit this description.
  7. If I was a woman, and a man was a bitch and a victim, I too would expect him to pay for things, because, well he is a bitch and a victim. I’ve been married, twice, divorced once, pay a ton each month in alimony, and I still laugh at when guys come across as victims because they have to pay for stuff on dates. “I’ve invested too much to not get married”, anyone with the frame of mind is a gigantic douce bag and deserves anything that comes his way.
  8. 911-“What’s your emergency” AngelsWin-“I would like to report a murder”
  9. Additionally these guys who talk about player development taking years and years assume that the players we have in the minors now are shitty players that won’t benefit from the player development improvement.
  10. Every GM that was mentioned is a young GM. Most young GMs are process guys. You seem to think most young GMs are lap dogs. Dombrowski is the only one mentioned (and not be Moroso) that is a seasoned GM, but in his last gig he wasn’t a process guy unless you think going for it all very quickly is a process.
  11. It’s almost like other teams have bad games, even though we are lead to believe the Angels are the only team that makes mistakes.
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