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  1. That would be a horrible trade. Now those two for Castillo now you’re in the ballpark.
  2. No not thrilled but they’ve said all along they will get two starters.
  3. Much rather trade for someone that is Sonny Gray or better than sign Odorizzi
  4. So sometimes you are rational enough to deal with then you post troll ass shit like this.
  5. You speak like the off season is over.
  6. Because she’s tired of you saying you want Lou Gossit Jr on your hoagie?
  7. I love how everyone just now believes he doesn’t want to come here when it’s being said by the same reporters that have been wrong all off season.
  8. Odorizzi Saga day 93: Edge: Killibrew
  9. I read the other day that Luba worked for MLB prior to becoming an agent.
  10. It’s words chosen to incite clicks or drama because that’s the world we now live in.
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