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  1. So why is voter fraud by mail a partisan issue?
  2. So I missed this entire event, who were the commentators? If I am reading correctly it was Barkley and Justin Timberlake?
  3. My in laws have boats, but we literally go out there most of the time to relax in the pool and drink all day long.
  4. Extra points for anyone who knows what that is from
  5. I’ve never been to that one. My favorite restaurant is right by there.
  6. I go out there maybe 6-8 times a year. I’ll be out there twice in the next few weeks.
  7. So People are upset that a bunch of other people got on boats and were out in the water having a good time? Silly. Most boats out there have 4-6 people. Very difficult to be within 6 feet of other boats. It’s also an area that’s probably 100 degrees. Seems pretty damn safe to me. The biggest threat is drinking and driving a boat. Also I’ll be relaxing in a pool for a few days in Havasu next weekend.
  8. It’s called business. And all Southern California teams are doing this.
  9. @Inside Pitch what are area scouts doing right now when no baseball is being played? Are they the scouts that would watch private work outs? Or are private workouts attended by guys higher up the food chain? Could they be the ones counted on to create relationships with the players in order to entice them to sign for the $20k, or is that ground work already laid?