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  1. The pen just had a good week of games and today had a shitty game. Even if we built a pen thru free agency (which is just a horrible way to build a pen) Middleton and Buttrey would still be in this pen and if Maddon is anything like Scioscia, and he is, they’d be pitching in a game like this down a run.
  2. My year book from Corona High was signed by a lot of people I don’t remember and quite a few asked if I remembered being stabbed with a pencil by Mr Tindall. The answer is yes, I remember being stabbed with a pencil by a teacher.
  3. I believe his entire point is not that he was better it is that I am worse. In other words, hes a troll.
  4. I still think blown saves is a garbage stat.
  5. I can’t wait to get old.
  6. He also made a play last night when the game was still close that I doubt any first baseman on our roster could make.