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  1. I’m convinced Marsh will have a higher OBP and OPS than Fletcher next season. I wouldn’t be surprised if Adell does as well.
  2. It doesn’t go back to college. His injury is in his back. In college it was in his arm. And of course he didn’t pitch a lot of innings in his first two big league seasons. You have been championing the Angels to pitch Ohtani less. Why wouldn’t you be ok with them easing an even younger pitcher into the bigs?
  3. We are forgetting that Matt Wise was the Angels bullpen coach last year. It is a natural progression to go from Major League Bullpen Coach to Major League Pitching Coach. With the uncertainty of what was going on with Callaway, Wise was the obvious choice. If it wasn’t Wise then it was going to be Butcher, but even then you are bringing someone in that has no knowledge of the pitchers he is working with, oh and doing it either right before the season starts or early in the season. I think there is a really good chance that since Butcher is with the club now in some consulting role we will see him back as pitching coach next season. If he isn’t and it is Wise, then the team thinks he did a good job in the role. They would know better than we would know, since we literally are going off of results and not the process.
  4. I’ll be honest, I had no idea Austin Warren was somewhere else last year, I assumed he was in our system. I also get him and Wantz mixed up, but again, I have no idea if Wantz was with another team last year or if he was in our system.
  5. Except the people over 50 are probably the ones offering jobs to your generation, which means they probably know quite well what the job market is for younger people.
  6. The next owner will pay more than 10x what Arte paid for the team. They’ll also have to pay Arte rent since I highly doubt Arte sells the stadium land. The owner will still have the same tv contract, still pay into revenue sharing, still have the Trout, Rendon contracts to pay out. So unless you find a Balmer type, the very richest of the rich (unlike Arte) they will undoubtedly take on debt and will certainly be at a disadvantage compared to Arte.
  7. This thread is about his offense. His offense this year is far from special. Also it was just more facts from bref pointing out his poor season. He has the same OPS as Albert as an Angel this year.
  8. OPS+ 71 League average OBP .316 Fletcher’s OBP .300 If you aren’t going to hit for any power you have to be well above league average in OBP.
  9. You asked a question I gave you an answer, I even stated there were lots of things to be disappointed with as fans. But since I don’t think this is the single worst entity ever in American Sports as you do then I can’t be on team Soto. You haven’t liked the team for 10 plus years, so you can fuck off amy time you’d like.
  10. I said don’t trade for Castillo if it costs arms just to save a few bucks versus signing free agents.
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