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  1. Because Cole is a great pitcher and he’s 29. Grandal is a good catcher who’s about to exit his prime. I could be wrong obviously. You extend your budget for premium players.
  2. I really like him but he’s only a fan favorite here and he’s not getting 4 years from us. If he’s still available at the end of January I could see him returning on a two year $10 million deal.
  3. I would overpay for Cole, but obviously there is a limit. To me that limit is anything over 8 years and anything over $270 million. I think he will be an Angel at around $245 million. If the White Sox give him $300 million then so be it. Crazy thing is they could totally do it. Hell they might be able to give him that contract and still keep their payroll under $100 million.
  4. Says the guy that thinks Kole Calhoun will get a 4 year deal.
  5. So if you are willing to pay $35 million for Cole you might as well may him $38 million because it isn’t a big deal? How do you know when you’re bidding against yourself.
  6. Ok but it had little to do with Eppler and more to do with your lack of common sense on this subject. I’ve agreed with you a lot lately, but this one is pretty bad.
  7. Ok, so if Eppler wanted him and lost out on him it is Eppler’s fault? So it isn’t possible he would want him at a certain price point but if it went above that he no longer saw any value in that type of deal? Yea bullshit. So he targeted a guy and didn’t get him and the only answer is he failed. And yes paying a guy $3 million more per year is a big deal.
  8. Correct just as you and others don’t know if players go to the highest bidder. It’s your typical projecting.
  9. Yea, I agree. They are our biggest competition for Cole because if any team was to blow away the competition with a contract it is the White Sox.