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  1. I love how payroll is used to determine whether he was good or not when so much of the payroll was determined before he took the job. All of Albert, he had 3 years of Hamilton, all of Trout, 2 years of CJ, 2 years of Street. On average he probably had 30 million to spend per year? Maybe $40? With holes in the pen, rotation, 3rd base, 2nd base, left field, catcher, oh and no farm to acquire anyone.
  2. Completely agree with that.
  3. It’s really crazy how so many people spend as much time on here and yet don’t understand these types of things.
  4. True but at the same time that Corbin trade happened over a decade ago. And it was to acquire Haren to team up with a really good team to make a push. If we had a team that good we’d want Perry to try to put us over the top.
  5. Did they? It was one guy who was very pedestrian at the time of the trade.
  6. Yes, maybe I typed it wrong but I believe it’s more likely Moreno is happy with Maddon than Minasian. It’s entirely possible Maddon and Minasian don’t exactly see eye to eye with player usage.
  7. Maybe Moreno but I doubt Minasian feels the same.
  8. Ok old man. You call out today’s players for not being like they used to be. At the same time you’d be embarrassing to your generation for whining incessantly online. It’s just silly.
  9. Probably, but I think it’s more about making a move or two early to acquire prospects to replace the prospects he will move to acquire ready talent.
  10. Or he knows he has a 4 year deal and can take a year or two and assess his system and wait for players gain max value before moving them.
  11. I had copied the Whit Merrifield tweet and was going to post it, but then saw that @mmc had the most recent post here and knew it was too late. It went from tweet to AW post in under a minute.
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