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  1. Baseball ops should be. But apparently they’re not being fully utilized.. something that will hopefully change next year.
  2. Surprised Bundy wasn't covid related. He looked like he was sweating a gallon of water every 2 mins.
  3. How much more time does Rengifo have before he’s considered a true bust?
  4. I hope Upton breaks out of his funk and finds his timing again, but until he does, he needs to move out of the 4-hole. Every out he’s made in the last couple of games he looked like he was on the brink of a nervous breakdown - the anti-Rendon mindset.
  5. We must have cashed in an IOU from the Giants stemming from the Will Wilson trade…
  6. This is pretty close to what I’ve heard from a couple friends in the org in regards to Heaney being the main push, and less motivation to move Cobb/Raisel.
  7. Must not have noticed the 8 gold chains Barria was wearing today.
  8. I’m good with this new guy. Good contrast to Gubi, and I like the more traditional approach to the game call. Cuts down on the corniness we’ve had to endure the rest of the season from Sutton.
  9. Barria had a quick second, but his stuff is not looking that impressive right now. Hopefully, he finds a bit more for the top of the order.
  10. A batting lineup with no Trout + Ohtani, while not having Ohtani on the mound sounds pretty much like forfeit at this point. Seems like a good time to test him getting some exposure to RF should the Angels ever miraculously make the playoffs one day.
  11. At least the Twins are currently a bigger disappointment vs expectation than us
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