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  1. Piling on to how deep this lineup is... After a slow start to the season, Jose Iglesias is now hitting .319/.333/.447 for an OPS of .780 over the last 12 games (batting .200 after the first 9 games of the season).
  2. On Rojas.. 5 of his 7 hits are doubles now. Gap hitting ftw. He really legged it out today to get into scoring position for Bemboom to bring him around.
  3. Your observations are correct. His fly ball % + pop up % are about 2x what they were last year (though not as drastic to ‘19 - 1.3x). Last year, his hard hit GB’s were unreal though.
  4. He’s chasing at the same rate as prior years, but making contact more often, likely producing poorer solid contact. I was thinking this same exact thing yesterday, but figured it’d catch major ridicule here.. but really, who better to choose to get on base right now (not named Trout).
  5. Looked into Fletcher's stats yesterday, and it was interesting to see that his launch angle has increased to last year (highest since 2018) along w/ a dropoff in exit velocity (80.5mph this year vs 83.8 career). With this, his flyballs / pop-ups have been 31.6% of his batted balls vs. 15.2% in '20 and 23% in '19. Granted, it's a small sample size for sure, but if its due to a swing change (haven't looked at video vs last year), it's not a great trend when the most success he had in prior years came off of hitting on top of the ball vs under it. Found this article that talked about his suc
  6. Sounds like we’ll see Ohtani pitch on Tuesday
  7. Dont think theyve announced publicly, but have also heard this from internal friends
  8. If his side session goes well tomorrow, they’re going to have Ohtani pitch Tuesday.
  9. Think they give Rojas more time, but call up Ward and Schebler for Jay/Mayfield. Rowen probably goes down once Peña is ready to go.
  10. Trout has been swinging at a lot of first pitches. 20% this year vs 14% last year
  11. Cobb looks sick.. who else do the Orioles have that can go from dud to stud?
  12. Will robo umps get to make base path calls too?
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