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  1. Ignoring the fact that it’s Bauer (and the potential theatrics that come with him), and ignoring the fact that covid has potentially made all owners question their revenue over the next season, can we really see any other stars taking a deal like this vs just going for a longer deal with guaranteed money like 5/175? How often would that happen? In what semi-real-world hypothetical do we think this could be manipulated further? Maybe a star pitcher in Free Agency coming back from TJS? Because of the question marks surrounding Bauer (or because he wanted a short contract) he didn't hav
  2. Wasnt Jared Walsh turning it up? He was hitting .333 in Sep w/ a 1.110 OPS.. why put Thaiss out there when Walsh was starting to feel his swing?
  3. If he keeps up this approach at the plate vs his pull-happy, HR-hungry version last year, then definitely need to re-sign him as long as its not too hefty of a price or more than 4 years (at most)
  4. The article created a lot of confusion.. Angels are not doing fan cutouts.
  5. It’s really going to be odd if LaStella is sitting all the time considering how he hit last year (if that continues). Not sure why they haven't given him some kind of chance at 1B yet. All-star and back to a platoon player from one year to the next.
  6. Adams could be smart for them if theyre considering Mookie doesn’t stay passed this year. Would need a stopgap for a few years though
  7. Guess is it is Stripling due to the question marks around his health. Think it could mean Sandoval or Soriano moving to add back to their depth.
  8. It was 100% Arte driven. A person in the FO told me Billy spent the weekend trying to dissuade Arte.
  9. No doubt Simmons is the best and smartest defender in our infield.. however, when we think about modern roster construction, it’s hard to continue to carry three infield regulars (not including catcher) that aren’t likely to slug .400+ (Fletch, Simmons, Rengifo). Now, obviously there’s arguments favorable to each (Simmons the defense, Rengifo the offensive ceiling and low salary, and Fletch the best mix of the two with low salary), but it seems like one of them will need to be decided on in the next year to move (or let walk in Simmons case). Let’s not forget that La Stella could regress
  10. There was a game about 1.5-2 weeks ago where Ohtani hit a weak grounder about half way to third and got thrown out only because he didnt run full speed (ball was bobbled iirc). Gubi/Victor even called it out that they didnt know what he was doing. I think this does speak to a larger attitude he has right now.
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