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  1. Didn’t mind Eppler at all, but his lack of execution in fielding a pitching staff for so many years was inexcusable. There is a ton of interest for the Angels GM door—for obvious reasons. I do wish he would have stepped down to Assistant GM because he would have been perfect for that. Insert Dave D.
  2. Adell is the real deal. This entire year is nothing but a warm up for next season. A lot of you are exposing your lack of baseball IQ in this thread.
  3. Adell getting more and more comfortable out there. The real deal.
  4. I just don't see a team willing to throw out what he currently makes out to him in FA. I feel like you offer him, have him reject it, sit in FA when nobody gives him 10+ a year then sign him back for 3 years 24 mill.
  5. He's toast. Watch us end up with Dombrowski.
  6. Could have got more if he put him on waivers last week. We just can't find a GM that can get shit done. Good grief.
  7. This is like being proud of still holding AT&T stock after you bought it in March 2019.
  8. Logged into OOTP21 just to fire Eppler. What a terrible move. He should be nothing more than an Assistant GM.
  9. The Angels don't have a choice--they have to trade Simmons for pitching.
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