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  1. https://instagram.com/stories/baueroutage/2476550040637041263?igshid=xb9p4b0is7cc
  2. I hate it but my wife and daughter love it
  3. I'm an Aussie in Sydney have played my whole life and started following the angels in the 90s
  4. Trumbo just picked up an RBI in his last ab and an assist by throwing out kershaw at 2nd
  5. Went to the game the dbacks played the Australian side last night and was cheering for trumbo and the Aussies won 5-0
  6. It's live here in Sydney and can't wait to see my first mlb game tomorrow
  7. I've been involved in baseball in Australia for the past 30 years, played with grant Balfour and other guys when they were signed to go to the states. Everyone I know in the baseball community is pumped about this It's getting a lot of mainstream media over here and for greinke to say that I think he has alienated everyone and will cop it deluxe if he does pitch here
  8. Hey guys I live in Sydney Australia and have to rely on mlb tv and baseball tonight for my fix
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