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  1. he pitched as much as a reliever does and he has a shoulder injury. i'll temper my expectations.
  2. 4 if's and a might should tell you everything you need to know about the angels chances next year.
  3. that's funny because i'm the exact opposite. this is the only attention i give to the angels at all. i'm just waiting for them to be good again, while reading a message board about baseball.
  4. i thought he sucked as an angel, that's about all i have to say about him.
  5. there's a lot of sore buttholes in here. the A's own the angels, especially this year.
  6. i'll bet we haven't seen the last of petricka in an angel uniform.
  7. maybe it's just me being negative, but i so clearly see spring training next year where he ends up getting the surgery that he possibly should have gotten this year, and it's another lost year of trout in his 30's.
  8. i have zero expectation that scherzer would even consider the angels beyond the obligatory "suitor" stages. he's not coming here. i expect him to stay with the dodgers. the only caveat being how the bauer money works out.
  9. it was a horrible experience. it was like watching pearl harbor live on TV. i remember telling my wife that we were going to war. when the towers fell, i said that 50,000 people may have just died. in all the horror of that day and the significant loss of life after that day, we are very lucky that significantly more people didn't die on the spot. it's terrible and the memories really haven't dulled at all in twenty years.
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