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  1. i think you are seriously underestimating the nba and nhl desire to play. the point being once any sport can realistically justify playing, then they will do so. the calendar means nothing at this point. billionaires don't leave money on the table.
  2. no chance of this monopoly. if baseball is playing, then you can be damn sure the other leagues are doing the same, whether that be regular season, playoffs, draft, etc. there's no scenario where baseball is the only sport playing.
  3. my emphasis to your comment was on regarding her age.
  4. this is not correct. obviously a young healthy person is significantly more likely to have less complications, but we have seen very healthy people have very serious problems from this virus. she needs to remember the best advice that any doctor has given in this time which is, don't act like you're trying not to get it. act like you have it and you're trying not to spread it.
  5. this comment reminds me of conversations i've had with my dad. i'll preface by saying, eat whatever the hell you want. my dad loves dollar menus. the cheaper the food, seemingly the better. my point to him is: it's literally the fuel you're putting into your body. how good could it be if they're willing to sell you a whole hamburger for $1? just speaking for myself, i don't care how cheaply BK or McD's, etc. want to sell their food for. i don't want it in my body. i don't make a habit of eating hamburgers, but when i do, then i'd happily eat a DD with fried mustard, pickles and heavy chilis. that's how i do it.
  6. i think this probably goes without saying, but never the less, in a rush to treat/cure this virus there will be mountains of data that will conflict with each other. the reason isn't fake news, but rather the simple truth that this virus is being researched in the public realm. usually this stuff is worked on in labs behind closed doors and we never know of their successes or failures of hypothesis or trials. that's just a reality that we need to deal with and adjust as best we can as new, and hopefully, accurate information comes in. one thing that is unchanging in all of this and can be counted on to help you and others is to wash your hands constantly and stay the hell away from other people right now. i'm still working and i can't tell you how many people just come around me and expect me to come inside their house, as if everything is normal. it's about to get real bad in this country and every single one of us will have our lives touched in a very impactful way, and i'm not talking about the financial impact.
  7. it's going to get so much worse for far longer than what people are being told. i'm curios how it's going to affect the lesser populated areas of the country, but we haven't even seen the new york thing happen in any of the big cities yet. the cousin of a friend is a mother of two in her 30's with double pneumonia and they sent her home because she isn't a priority. i think most would feel as i do and be a little concerned at that treatment plan. i have a feeling that my wife and i may have had the virus early, but i won't know that for sure until there's a test for antibodies available.
  8. this makes a new contract for eppler a foregone certainty.
  9. we may as well discuss my plan for threesomes with the wife because it has a statistically better chance of happening than boras' baseball plan.
  10. he didn't start the topic.