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  1. exactly right, and they have a name for it to mark it's uniqueness. it's called the "rookie of the year". clearly, adell has much to improve on. it's been said countless times already in every adell thread this year, he wouldn't be up here in a normal year. he needs more time in the minors. the real problem is now they've started his clock when he pretty clearly needs two years in AAA, and at the very least, one.
  2. this is the biggest load of pseudo scouting. i'm sure adell is really hoping he can take advantage of both his last opportunity to change your mind and your incisive scouting.
  3. that's never been my understanding of the purpose of the AFL, at all.
  4. alright, this has clearly flown way over your head. you haven't even bothered to look and discover if i'm quoting incorrectly or not. so, we'll just go ahead and end it here. good talk.
  5. i guess you'll just have to trust me. and they're never joking. it's classic end justifies the means.
  6. feel free to peel this thread back a few pages or so where people are saying directly that or alluding to agreement with that same sentiment. you can also double back on those pujols threads and find their like. it's not a straw man at all, btw. that requires distortion of the quote, which i didn't do in the least. a straw man would be quoting some of the posters in this thread that were for keeping eppler and saying that they were fine with losing. that's probably somewhere around these parts too, i'd guess.
  7. no, but my wife lived there for a good bit and when the internet began she chose that as her screen name and i was using it too. that's how old this screen name is. the continents were still cooling.
  8. shut the fuck up, i'm trying to talk to stradling.
  9. i love how the angels are somehow guaranteed to win 1-2 rings if they decimate the farm. i kind of remember how albert was going to be great for the first half, then be a burden in the end, but it would be worth it if the angels won 1-2 world series. i also really enjoyed the 1-2 parades we had under dipoto when he torched the farm system for the major league club. having said that, i've personally seen the marlins do it twice and the padres almost did it in kind of in 98. at least the marlins were smart enough to sell everybody off after each championship. i suppose we could d
  10. if you get a ring, then all roads lead to rome. however, if can easily get worse. we could go round two of decimating the farm system.
  11. missed opportunity. angels need new uniforms! also, they need to be black so we don't look like the same ol' pussies!
  12. it's gonna be la russa as president and dombrowski as gm, then they're gonna go pure old school and this board is going to collectively shit on it's own face.
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