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  1. im actually much more fond of trading for or signing a FA catcher than spending high first rounders on drafting them. they rarely become what they're touted as a prospect.
  2. sillyness. the angel at bat getting a hit will always benefit the angels. it doesn't matter who it is, there is no long viewpoint above that. if albert plays and hits, then great, but he doesn't.
  3. i'm so sick of pujols hitting in the middle of the lineup. also, for those who like witty corrections. i'm so sick of pujols hitting in the middle of the lineup.
  4. i got to watch the last inning and a third. good for the padres, finally got that off their back. they also had never hit for the cycle, until wil meyers did it for them a few years back or so. i think machado and maybe another may have done it since then in their uniform.
  5. that cishek pick off in the ninth was wicked. poor bastard was just standing there like road kill.
  6. i definitely don't think it's cheating. i also don't think people are upset with conforto, as much as they are the umps.
  7. that's actually an excellent post game presser.
  8. i think you're right, but i think he's being dead honest too. if i was a young pitching prospect, then i'd be like,"sounds great to me. whatever you want, skip." i'm a believer in being broken in as a reliever, although there are good counter arguments against it that i recognize.
  9. this is the worst thread on AW in some time. a guy retires from baseball and you guys project all your textbook narcissism at it. pretty poor showing, imo. you can't even make an argument that this is baseball and that's what we talk about here. it's a guy not playing baseball. people want different things. people do things for different reasons. debating the validity of his reasons for an action that has no impact on your life at all is a sad testament.
  10. they could just pretend that they drafted marsh or rodriguez with their 1st rounder, and then everything's fine.
  11. it's well deserved. i don't know if you're an actual lawyer, but that was an awful summation.
  12. somebody's been watching too many sports movies. they're high level management of multi million dollar companies in a multi billion dollar industry. i can say with a high degree of certainty that the wild west days of mlb are long over and this is not how their thinking works.
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