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  1. how much of that WAR was accumulated in his first year of that contract? ellsbury had a good first year with the yanks and then tanked off the chart. i'm not interested in making the case for hamilton's value to the angels, fuck that guy. also, are fWAR and WAR calculated differently? aren't they from two different sources?
  2. he's a worse signing than hamilton.
  3. i'm not one of those people who likes to shit all over other people's ideas, but this is awful and would devastate the angels for years to come.
  4. WTF? that would be f'in brutal. that's like the vernon wells deal twice in one offseason. i don't want price or kimbrel for free.
  5. so in his mind schwarber and adell have the same value. that makes sense. /s
  6. i'd estimate the chances the angels sign moose at right about 0%.
  7. guys, they haven't even declined their qualifying offers yet. talk about impatient.
  8. that's not what we're talking about though. you guys are listing the top pitchers and some combinations. i just said, you're forgetting madbum.
  9. i wasn't implying that he isn't a good agent, quite the opposite actually. he amuses me because he puts together amazing manipulations of stats and pedigrees to promote his clients as the next mickey mantle or bob gibson, but then uses the most transparent quotes. take this OP quote for example he's putting words in arte's mouth and legitimizing it by implying that it must be true because they had lunch.
  10. there are different combinations, but madbum has to be in them.
  11. i think this will be pretty severe because opposing players and organizations will be pissed. this isn't using pine tar for safety.
  12. i knew someone would post this, but it is true. if you don't use technology to card count, then you've broken no laws. the casino can refuse to offer you the game, but you haven't cheated, they just don't want to play with you.
  13. boras cracks me up. he's so transparent to me. his strategy to negotiations is well thought out, but his tactics are often so obvious they cross the border into comical.