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  1. just going off memory, but i think the bullpen was worse than the rotation last year after a horrific start to the season.
  2. it's not a fact that the angels SP sucks. it's an opinion. it's a fact that bauer would improve the rotation.
  3. just want to point this out in regards to the angels quintana signing. quintana is a full 8 months younger than garrett richards.
  4. i don't expect many to agree, but i'd take happ over richards this year.
  5. personally, i think quintana actually has the higher upside because he's done the #2 thing before and for several seasons. richards doesn't have any results as a pitcher that are better than quintana. richards only attribute is "stuff".
  6. isn't that a long way of saying no one's going to pay him 10 million this year?
  7. hopefully, so. i'm neither going to crown minasian or throw quintana in the trash heap. like i said, all teams do this, the angels have had a run of shit luck on signing pitchers for a good while now. i don't even put it at eppler's fault entirely, sometimes you just run bad, and sometimes you compound that by letting it affect your decision making. to be honest, i'd have liked the angels to sign paxton. i realize the need for innings and his shortcomings, but these short term deals, which i think is what paxton will get, really pay off when you go for homeruns. paxton has a lot of t
  8. jesus you guys. none of teheran, harvey or cahill were 3 or 4 guys. they were absolute horse shit. if quintana ends up being terrible as well, then all of you sky is falling gloomers can go on and on. but no matter how it turns out the angels and other teams are always going to sign journeyman pitchers to one year contracts in an attempt to fill out their rotations and bullpens. you might as well accept it and hope that you're getting one of the ones more likely to succeed.
  9. i actually would have liked a two year deal on quintana. 2/16-20, would have been fine with me.
  10. god, i love baseball talk. it's so refreshing to get away from work.
  11. i'm just chillin'. i don't get worked up over baseball. if the angels are shit, then what's changed? if they get it together and are good again, then that would be more fun. but i'll be honest, i do enjoy watching people lose their shit on message boards, when the topics are meaningless. my opinion is that the angels are going to do alright with their pitching acquisitions when it's all said and done. i'm liking perry so far. so, i'm optimistic. if it turns out to be misplaced, then i'll watch this place burn down, and skip the games.
  12. ok. you glossed over the important part, which is regardless of "wisdom of contract", and as of today 2 of the 3 big contracts on the book are worth it, no other owner has spent as much on big contracts.
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