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  1. herd immunity is becoming increasingly more unlikely as even a "viable" strategy, if we consider a million+ dead americans as viable, because there is more research available now which is telling us that the antibodies don't keep in our system long enough for herd immunity to even be realistic. i think it's going to be vaccine or bust on this because i have no faith in mankind to evolve and behave in the manners necessary.
  2. anybody whose advice to a person concerned about their family is that they should move out, is a retarded idoit and should be forced to wear a protective helmet. that's the most ignorant shit imaginable. how much money someone makes isn't even part of the problem or the solution. imagine if trout or wheeler play and their wife gets sick. imagine if they lost one or both of the wife and baby. how do you think that would make them feel? how would that make you feel? it's an idiotic suggestion at best. i'll tell you right now, if i had trout's ear i'd tell him not to play. it's not worth it. if my wife or baby died, i might die with them.
  3. you should have left zimmerman out of your blatantly idiotic comment, he destroys the falsehood you tried to perpetuate. zimmerman specifically opted out because he has a newborn child and his mother has parkinsons or some such devastating disease. you and rendzone make the same mistake, you presume to subscribe your own meaning to another's actions. also, i love when dudes do the whole, "angelswin is dumb. you all have low reading comprehension because you don't agree with me" schtick. here, i'll get down on the level that your comment operates at, PWNED!
  4. i have customers that are ultra wealthy. i'm talking hundred millionaires and billionaires. the people that have the most money drive volvos, etc. people with money who flaunt it are compensating. this is 100% true all the time. the idea that money removes you from day to day life is a falsity. they do everything we do. do they have maids, etc? sure they do, but they still clean, etc.
  5. all of you who are reading this as joe maddon covertly calling guys pussies or whatever are so far off. it's like you have no concept of who the man is. he's quite literally saying, if you don't feel the protocols can make you and your family feel safe, then you should not play. also, you can bet your ass he's talking about trout and any other player who may feel that way. joe maddon is a trickster on the field. he's as straight a shooter as you'll find off of it. he wears his heart on his sleeve. big ol' dumb hippy.
  6. two points. firstly, you don't develop minor leaguers in the major leagues. it's not simply "live pitching". you take a player and drown him that way. if it's a minor leaguer who was on the cusp, then sure. secondly, ettin is right. MLB is antiquated and dumb. they think they're geniuses for making fistfuls of money, when they should be making bags full. i don't remember which GM said it, but he nailed it on the head when he talked about the career minor leaguers who go on to be coaches, etc. doing more for the game than any 20 year major leaguer ever could.
  7. 99.8% chance is not accurate. politicians and media are throwing false numbers at you to serve their own ends. an accurate picture of the virus isn't found in the total number of people who have the virus. the picture is found in the people who had the virus. those who have had a resolution to their case. they got better or they died. i've been tracking those numbers from near the beginning. at the height of the global pandemic the death rate in closed cases was 21%. that's a significant number. now, it's logical to predict that the death rate would lower as more cases closed, stress on hospitals eased, etc. as of today that number sits at 9%. so let's be factual when we talk about this pandemic, because there's still 3.7 million people in the world who know they have this virus. will 9% of them die, i doubt it, but it's not .2% either.
  8. i see it in writing, and that's good enough for me. let's get this on fox news statum, doc.
  9. that's not in the spirit of what i asked. i'm not asking if the owners are cheap, blah, blah, blah. i don't find that conversation very interesting. i was just looking for an act that wasn't solely for profit, which the pujols signing was as well.
  10. when was the last "good look" for owners? fair question, i'm sure there's something, but nothing comes to mind.
  11. i understand what it is to hope for something, but do you actually think a collective that can't get a season played when it has unilateral authority to implement a season is somehow going to maximize their "idle time" to fix everything that's wrong with MLB? i'd think not. nothing will get fixed and manfred certainly won't be fired.