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  1. god, i love baseball talk. it's so refreshing to get away from work.
  2. i'm just chillin'. i don't get worked up over baseball. if the angels are shit, then what's changed? if they get it together and are good again, then that would be more fun. but i'll be honest, i do enjoy watching people lose their shit on message boards, when the topics are meaningless. my opinion is that the angels are going to do alright with their pitching acquisitions when it's all said and done. i'm liking perry so far. so, i'm optimistic. if it turns out to be misplaced, then i'll watch this place burn down, and skip the games.
  3. ok. you glossed over the important part, which is regardless of "wisdom of contract", and as of today 2 of the 3 big contracts on the book are worth it, no other owner has spent as much on big contracts.
  4. from my recollection, and i'm virtually 100% on this, the angels have 3 of the largest contracts in mlb right now in pujols, trout, and rendon, and no other team has more than two. perhaps that's changed, but it was true very recently. when or if the angels sign bauer or realmuto, then they would likely have four. it's a very unfair criticism of arte to lay spending as one of his faults. criticizing bad spending is not the same argument.
  5. you're missing my point. you devalued your own message by including stroman who accepted a QO. your message is stronger if you just say snell and darvish. the angels theoretically could have got either of them, where it's a fact they could not have got stroman.
  6. i can't believe the friggin angels didn't sign stroman! it's typical angel management to not sign the guy who was never available to anybody.
  7. the answer is definitively yes. the manager and general manager have both publicly said so. there you go. you should feel better now.
  8. yes it does. don't get me wrong, i'm cool with people wanting movement. i've said before, i'd feel much better if they had locked in a solid #2 FA SP already, just so they don't get squadoosh like last year. but the logic does fall apart in that moment where you're like, "sign or else." the player/agent is like, "or else what? i'll sign with another team. i'm still gathering information, negotiating, weighing offers, etc. i'll sign when i'm comfortable signing." there's not a whole hell of a lot perry can do about that. as he said, he's been active and he's been talking with FA's an
  9. this is where the logic falls apart. the player has an agent, and their job is to maximize the contract primarily. minasian can't force them to sign. they're going to have their preliminary discussions, then the player/agent dictate their timeline. the team can only put pressure on signing by pivoting to another player/agent who are at the signing phase. even with that scenario, the original player/agent most likely have numerous other teams to negotiate with still. the threat of signing another player doesn't really leverage the player/agent side. it simply removes your team as one of their o
  10. i'm not invested either way. i was just highlighting some of the many ways non-journalists could have "inside" accurate information in this era where everybody has a voice to reaching the masses. i don't necessarily agree that sports journalists have learned to be more responsible in their reporting. i haven't noticed any change in that regard, but i have noticed that they are sure to share credit with eachother in this twitter age. "blah.blah.blah. as first reported by @????? and @??????, the angels are interested in blah, blah, blah." i doubt that's done in altruism or professional
  11. i think these twitter handles have some inside knowledge based on their job. my cousin used to be one of the department heads of payroll for the padres, and we would talk about trades being discussed that were never completed because they would send him over the financials of player salaries, etc. nowadays, anybody who has a job that pertains to the behind the scenes moving parts could have a secret twitter handle quite easily, or i could as my story pointed out. i could've dropped some hot takes, and i would have looked like i was wrong sometimes just because the trade wasn't finali
  12. somebody wrote about it, so... also, the gm rejection. i'm not a conspiracist, maybe it's just as he said. family, yada, yada, yada.
  13. with victor out, i'd replace the whole booth, not a fan of gubi. and i agree with the consensus, victor was good at his job. bummer to see him go, but i'm not surprised he definitely has other interests he's pursuing. i wonder if his apparel company was seen as a bad look after the dodger's championship? i wouldn't be surprised if that was an issue behind the scenes.
  14. appearing in the world series, much less winning it, is hardly a foregone conclusion, regardless of any trade.
  15. if i were in minasian's shoes i, personally, would not have given him the kikuchi contract. his results and pitching repertoire match kikuchi's results in japan and kikuchi is younger by several years. that looks to me like a "let's see" type of contract, not a big money contract. kikuchi has been roasted by mlb hitters. i would have liked his potential on a team friendly contract, but i'm perfectly fine with minasian not doing a deal that i wouldn't have done myself. i'm curious to see if/when he opts out next year, if his opportunities will be any different. i can see his american
  16. i really don't see it as a missed opportunity if the contract demands were so high that not a single mlb team was willing to meet them.
  17. i'm all for guys getting paid, but these reports are turning me off to him, and they seem to be accurate based off the fact that he hasn't signed. if the blue jays have a "bullish" offer on him, which i'd bet is more than he's ever made per year before, but it's still not good enough because he has a certain need to make what a countryman is making, even though he'll make less by returning to japan. that tells me he's not the kind of player i'd be interested in. that starts raising "already paid" alarms in my head. if true, then no thank you, sugano.
  18. this tool really needs to be weighted against actual trades that are made this year to see if it has any real world application. it would be cool if it did, because it really helps to define value, especially when contracts are a factor. having said that, it's funny to me to see this thread where people are laughing at the ridiculousness of the "trade" from both sides of the aisle.
  19. i'd probably hang out with him at somebody's house, but not his and definitely not mine.
  20. seems like you could have him for 4/36. i'd be happy with the angels signing him for four years.
  21. i have read that sugano is looking for a four year deal between 9-10 million. so, if accurate, he's looking for 36-40.
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