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  1. What is the real problem? Californians all seem to be wearing masks yet here we are, shut down.
  2. Play a song for me. In the jingle jangle morning I'll come following you.
  3. The plan is to keep the raping the economy until election day.
  4. Well people have been wearing masks here (besides riots of course) and we're still fucked.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I would think my son's school will handle things in a similar fashion.
  6. I fail to see where people aren't wearing masks. Everywhere I go people have them on.
  7. Might as well chalk that up to a lost year of education. Online is dogshit for elementary school.
  8. Deceased cat gets voter registration application in mail Ron Tims said he checked his mail Wednesday and found a voter registration application addressed to Cody Tims — his cat, who died 12 years ago. https://apnews.com/fbcec393dc652a9ccdb2cc8aacb15895
  9. What's the plan Tank? Staggered school days/hours?
  10. @mymerlincat posted it first but that one is a gem. If it only takes a tear gas canister to the face to quell a riot, then this might not be as big of threat as I thought it was lol.