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  1. Who the hell is running their social media?
  2. But I still want to argue!
  3. In a country of almost 1.4 billion? The horror.
  4. Why would the counter protesters be afraid though? Nobody was threatening counter protesters. There were a few there btw.
  5. I hope she shows dem titties after she loses her next election.
  6. Protect themselves from people who wish to harm them. There were 25,000 people at that protest and it was as peaceful as any protest possibly could be. 90% of the people there were armed and yet there was no violence. Maybe legal gun owners aren't the problem?
  7. Gun owners want to be able to protect themselves. It's pretty simple. You suck at fishing.
  8. Counter protesters would think twice about confronting 25,000 armed men. That's why it didn't look like Portland.
  9. Northam made himself look like a complete pussy.