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  1. Biden already decorating the office with family photos.
  2. They’re anarchists. They want anarchy.
  3. Last time I saw a video of Phil Collins it didn’t look like he was going to be around much longer.
  4. Damn that sounds good. Spicy Italian sausage?
  5. There was only a shortage in N95 masks. I never saw anything about a shortage of surgical masks.
  6. Antifa.com seems to have changed lol.
  7. Leftovers at the office. Hitting the workouts hard the next few weeks so I'll some stamina when I go snowboarding in Tahoe. Still consuming those sweet delicious IPA's on the weekends though.
  8. That's why those mayors want to open up!
  9. It must be. Cuomo and Lightfoot are saying it's time to open up.
  10. Some artists and their work aren’t appreciated until years after their deaths.
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