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  1. Ok, so its been a while since I posted... been even longer since I started a new thread... but after hearing our Tyrant in Sacramento today, I am at my wits end. For those of you who do not know, today Gavin Newscum talked about phase 3 and 4 of reopening the State. I won't go into the fact that following his numbers we will never even have a phase 3. What's most concerning is that he said very clearly that there would be no phase 4 (500+ people) without a vaccination. That whole notion is absolutely ridiculous. They still don't have a vaccine for AIDS, the SARS vaccine didn't work, and the annual flu vaccine is anything but reliable. But no, we are going to put off sports until the "miracle" vaccine is found. So whats my point? Arte, the other owners, MLB, hell the NBA, NFL, & NHL, they need to step up and file a serious lawsuit on behalf of their sports, their fans, and themselves (they do have a right to the pursuit of happiness), to stop the overreach of some of these tyrannical Governors. Throw the weight of the sports world behind it and maybe these @ssholes will stand down.
  2. There were no regular "Fanfests" even during the Golden Decade of the 00's for the Angels. Its not a priority for Arte.
  3. Been through this way too many times as a long time fan of this organization. When does it stop? Condolences to his family and the entire Angels Family.
  4. Now why go and screw up a totally great thread? Somebody send him a warning.
  5. Please don't tell me you are still playing the "dense" card.... I thought the exact same thing when I got the email.
  6. Very proud of AngelsWin. Congrats on ESPN picking up the story.
  7. I would love to know what the "Angels Way" is... outside of the obvious - with their heads up their collective asses.
  8. You can't craig yourself if its buried in another thread. Amazing... I wonder what other rules have changed around this place... check that. I don't wonder.
  9. Once again the Angels miss the boat. Cubs get better. Angels get their cast off. And some of you wonder why we don't come around that often anymore.
  10. You are correct. El Catorce LEAVING suddenly makes the Angels a good ball club. ...just sayin'