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  1. The rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated. This is a bummer. The hits, they keep on comin'....
  2. Ok, so its been a while since I posted... been even longer since I started a new thread... but after hearing our Tyrant in Sacramento today, I am at my wits end. For those of you who do not know, today Gavin Newscum talked about phase 3 and 4 of reopening the State. I won't go into the fact that following his numbers we will never even have a phase 3. What's most concerning is that he said very clearly that there would be no phase 4 (500+ people) without a vaccination. That whole notion is absolutely ridiculous. They still don't have a vaccine for AIDS, the SARS vaccine didn't work, and t
  3. There were no regular "Fanfests" even during the Golden Decade of the 00's for the Angels. Its not a priority for Arte.
  4. Been through this way too many times as a long time fan of this organization. When does it stop? Condolences to his family and the entire Angels Family.
  5. Now why go and screw up a totally great thread? Somebody send him a warning.
  6. Please don't tell me you are still playing the "dense" card.... I thought the exact same thing when I got the email.
  7. Very proud of AngelsWin. Congrats on ESPN picking up the story.
  8. I would love to know what the "Angels Way" is... outside of the obvious - with their heads up their collective asses.
  9. You can't craig yourself if its buried in another thread. Amazing... I wonder what other rules have changed around this place... check that. I don't wonder.
  10. Once again the Angels miss the boat. Cubs get better. Angels get their cast off. And some of you wonder why we don't come around that often anymore. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/cubs-continue-coaching-carousel-more-181928849.html
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