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  1. my cat's weapon of choice is vomit. they are insidious bastards.
  2. Been following this fire closely since I live in Arrowhead, so unfortunate it couldn't be stopped at the 38 near Forest Falls. Sounds like last night it spilled over the ridge near Angelus Oaks and they are expecting it to run up to the 38 again further north. Seems like this could get real bad if it gets established north of the 38 toward Big Bear or into the Santa Ana River drainage toward Running Springs.
  3. "Hubby" has to be at the top of the list.
  4. They think the same guy killed an attorney up here. Similar details in both murders and strange men's rights / anti-feminism court cases that link them. https://abc7.com/crestline-murder-may-be-linked-to-shooting-at-nj-judges-home/6326666/
  5. i vaguely remember hearing about the "guy on 2nd to start extra innings rule," but i definitely wasn't aware that now if the 10th ends at 3-1 you gotta just keep playing.
  6. hopefully people will get creative with this
  7. Had a similar experience camping at Whitney Portal last year. For a month before we went my wife was in a panic about bears because of what she read online, I kept teasing her about it because, though I know there are bears all over these camp sites, it's not like you hear much about bear attacks. Anyway, first night, just after sunset, I'm a few whiskeys in around the campfire and my wife suddenly grabs my arm and a huge bear emerges out of the woods about 10 feet from us. And it just wandered right by me, sniffed the bear locker, then went on to the next site. By day 3 it was as scary as
  8. The man knows the bible inside and out, credit where credit's due. He's keenly aware he couldn't enter the church for the photo op due to Deuteronomy 23:1. No man whose testicles are crushed or whose male organ is cut off shall enter the assembly of the Lord.
  9. Crazy that he wrote These Days while a student at Sunny Hills. I went in the 90's and there was an English teacher still around who had him as a student.
  10. Though I thought the Pujols deal was bad business, as a fan I was ecstatic. Same with Hamilton. I figured with those two guys, we just needed it to come together for a season or two and we would easily make a deep playoff run, we'd end up with two bad contracts later but might be worth it. Shit was I wrong. I thought the Greinke trade was absolutely stupid.
  11. R0 of 2 does mean on average, each infected person will infect 2 more. What you are missing is the timing. It takes several days for the virus to build up in the body to the point where you are infectious, then several days to transmit to these other people etc. It doesn't double every day, I think in California the doubling rate was around 4 days.
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