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  1. That's always been my opinion. If they are going to go robot, they have to make the strike zone standardized across all players. None of this somewhere around your knees and between the belt and chest subjective zone for each player. A foot and a half and 4 feet above the plate for instance as the standard zone for every player.
  2. Not sure if this was posted before. But this part really struck me as odd, and might be why the Doggie players are so quiet. *edit. The next line was also interesting. A former player of a team would know. And one player does come to mind, who was on the Doggies.
  3. Yeah, I don't see it either. And I've never seen Cot's wrong on a contract.
  4. See, the Stock Market gets it. They know this is actually how the China Virus will spread.
  5. He's a vegetarian. He is automatically morally bankrupt.
  6. I don't think I would trust anything from a source called the post millennial.
  7. Not Lol Angeles. But Lol Angeles County. I guess spending $100 million on a system only gets you 4 names at a time. Beverly Hills Might Sue Over LA County's New Voting Machine Design
  8. Coronavirus hits Washington first. Then Texas. Chuck went from Washington to Texas. Chuck is patient Alpha.
  9. I listened to about 20 minutes of it during lunch. Boring is an understatement. Actually hearing the Dem speak, it sounded more like they were trying to prop up Hillary and were preparing her for her 2020 run.
  10. Looking at Sallie Mae. I wonder, of the % that are crying for loan forgiveness have subsidized loans. And what % have unsubsidized loans. Because looking at the unsubsidized loan terms, man it can add up quick. This is where institutions can really take advantage of those that go to college, even if they can't afford it.
  11. The problem I'm seeing with these trade schools is that most, if not all, are for profit, and more than likely unregulated. There have been a lot lately that have gone out of business, and left students with a lot of debt and no real transferrable credits in hopes of learning a trade. Begging for debt forgiveness. But I do agree with you. Many should go to trade schools. Construction workers, many in the entertainment industry, even computers don't need a college degree.