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  1. It'll probably be the most action his nuts have seen with the kid around.
  2. He's constantly been wrong throughout this whole thing. This guy is such a doofus. The science behind it is not wearing two masks. The science behind it, is if you wear a single layer mask, it will protect about 70% of the particulates. Double layer mask about 80%. Triple layer mask about 90%. 4 and 5 layer masks about 95%. This isn't brand new science like he is touting. I've linked a number of studies in the past, around the middle of the year. Hell if that moron listened to science back then, maybe we wouldn't have been in this crapfest we are in now.
  3. That's good news. hopefully the track will let customers in soon.
  4. Sign Tanaka ($16.69 million), Colome ($7.88 million), Soria ($6.07 million). Total $30.64. (Numbers from spotrac) If Tanaka is ungettable or the total is too high. Sign Walker instead for probably 6 million less.
  5. I disagree. I think expectations were too high. Let's face it. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were already going to be flawed in the distribution as they have a very short shelf life, and require specialized equipment for storage. Plus they are limited in the amount that they can produce. Once the Astra Zeneca and Johnson and Johnson vaccines get approved, it's going to be a lot quicker. Not only can they produce more quantity. But you won't need the specialized equipment, as most fridges should be suitable. And you won't have the 12-24 hour spoilage once opened. So you wil
  6. But that's the thing. There are not more people being vaccinated. The elitist jerk offs just took the spot of the elderly person.
  7. There are plenty of people ready to get vaccinated. This is about saying fuck you to them, and skipping the line altogether. It's one thing if a vaccine was going to spoil, so you get people vaccinated to avoid the spoilage. It's another to say hey, you guys can skip over the elderly who can't even get an appointment to get vaccinated, sign up and we'll get you right in with the first responders.
  8. South Bay hospital won’t receive more COVID-19 vaccines after it allowed affluent school district to skip the line
  9. How bullshit the Calolfornia Covid response has been. California governor expected to lift stay-at-home order Monday
  10. Lol. What a dumpster fire. NewsConference: LA Prosecutors Question Directives of George Gascon
  11. That's pretty bold of you to hit on Tank's wife like that.
  12. It helps when you are on the right side of the scoreboard.
  13. Spotrac has Hands value at $8.4 million. So $10.5 million is quite a bit of a premium. Although, sportac also said his market value was for a 2 year, $16.8 contract. My thoughts are, there might have been a bidding war for Hand, and a premium was needed to land him.
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