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  1. That you probably can't tell your kids till they are 21, and possibly till after they are married.
  2. It's kind of like when people think that a huge judgement against a company is punishing the company (heard this on the news last night against Sempra and the gas leak). But the reality is, that "judgement" will just be passed onto the consumer.
  3. That's not what congress wants though. They want to suspend the debt limit till December 2022.
  4. @Redondo So, do you have this much dedication to nature? UPDATE: Woman Accused of Starting Fawn Fire Was Boiling Bear Urine to Drink
  5. So what happens when there is no debt limit? Because that's one of the big reasons why this bill is being blocked.
  6. To the strip clubs in Portland? Were they the nations best?
  7. You do know that most colleges and universities are non profits. They don't just simply increase costs because they know students can get loans.
  8. Walensky: 'We don't necessarily have the answer' for annual boosters
  9. Chuck surely feels differently that he's moving out.
  10. The station I usually go to was $3.99 for a while, now it's $4.09. The Costco I go to in Azusa to fill up was $3.79 last month, now at $3.85. On the bright side, only 30 cents away from an all time high. Garcetti and Newsom need to tax harder to make us safer.
  11. Yeah, looked for it this afternoon, but stupid marine layer. Watched the web feed of it. Weird thing was, as each of the sections were separating, I was thinking what a waste, if it was SpaceX those parts would be used again.
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