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  1. Sounds like you want to give her the Rona.
  2. There have been much worse words used on these forums.
  3. Well, Henderson is hoarding all the stuff. Just don't shop in North Las Vegas. They get squat.
  4. @Vegas Halo Fan
  5. LA Has The Cleanest Air In The World, Report Says If people are interested in saving lives, guess we should have this quarantine forever.
  6. See Supreme Court thread. It's all addressed in the article there. Oh and nothing about religion at all in the article.
  7. Supreme Court votes 5-4 to halt order extending absentee ballot deadline in Wisconsin
  8. One glaring thing that came out of this also is that while the whatever act that Trump enacted to make companies produce. You had 3M then go out and sell those supplies to Canada. So that has to really be looked at. Also the states competing against each other was happening and I think is still happening with respirator machines. This is more difficult, because NY obviously needs more of these. But in some areas, like rural areas, one machine could go a long ways. And if say California blows up, then those that go to NY, the people in CA will say we want ours.
  9. People are dying from taking fish tank cleaner. From all the tests, there hasn't been one case of someone dying from taking hydroxychloroquine from a doctor in prescribed amounts.
  10. Supreme Court sides with police in traffic stop case