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  1. Netflix: The Take 1 1/2 hour movie on Netflix. A cop/crime caper. Idris Elba stars, so it's worth a watch. It was entertaining and a good time killer. Seems like a one off movie.
  2. Netflix: Enola Holmes A 2 hour movie on Nexflix. Kind of a Sherlock Holmes spinoff. It was entertaining. It's pretty much banking on being a sequel, which it might just as well have done. It's worth a look.
  3. And because you go back, the lib governors know they can do whatever they want.
  4. I don't think the bubble cities will come into play until the playoffs again. Teams will probably play in their stadiums. Fans is the big issue, because the NHL relies on attendance revenue. This point actually might be the reason if they cancel the season.
  5. This tells me, Disney doesn't think they will open any time soon.
  6. 8 in the west is going to be the hard one. Colorado and Dallas. And either Nashville or St. Louis. But travel wise, the Canadians and West are going to be the hardest hit.
  7. They aren't sure. Either December or January. They are working it out with the Players Union, in addition to whether to have bubble cities, scheduling etc. My thoughts are, they might have a region specific schedule like how MLB did it. Of course the big elephant in the room as far as the NHL goes is how to deal with Canada. Since they have a strict quarantine process. It may very well come down to a temporary redrawing of the divisions, where all Canada teams are put in one division. Which would mean 7 teams in Canada. So maybe you see a team temporarily locate to Quebec to make
  8. Ducks Need to Pursue an Eichel Deal I wouldn't mind Eichel at all. But Zegras, the number 6 and the number 27 + some seems a bit much.
  9. This should help. 1 in 3 parents won't get flu shots for their child during Covid-19, study finds
  10. Just because he separated himself from his businesses, doesn't mean he still isn't making some form of income. Whether it be stock dividends or interest, etc.
  11. Netflix: The Good Place Season 4 Didn't think it was as strong as previous seasons. But it had some good laughs. I thought it got more touchy feely and tried to go more spiritual than comedic in the end. But worth it if you have watched the previous seasons. It's a good safe family friendly comedy.
  12. MAPLE LEAFS BEING LINKED TO HUGE TRADE WITH NEW JERSEY OR ANAHEIM And BTW. the Maple Leafs pick is #15. And most of the mock drafts have the Ducks picking Drysdale. Who is a RD that can be point. So that makes Manson very expendable.
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