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  1. So how much money can I make if I want to gain some pounds? No really, I want to gain about 8 pounds and get me to a good 180.
  2. I still don't know how schools are going to do the social distancing thing. Especially the public schools with the average class sizes ranging from 20-30 students. To look at it like what is mandated on businesses, those class sizes would have to drop to 5-8 students. The average class room size is recommended at 960 square feet in Calolfornia (from the 2000 edition that I found). That's only a 30x32 room. That would mean we need a lot more classes and teachers to be safe from the Rona.
  3. Before people say they are going to vote for Biden. People should really wait to see who his running mate is going to be. This might be the most important vice presidency ever. With his age, and smelling leg hairs with boneless ice cream, there is a good chance the vice will take over. Lucky for Trump, he has someone that is more dangerous to the Libs than he is, so getting him out of office has really only been window dressing. Yeah, but they don't like Tulsi.
  4. Racist. I saw you blink your eyes, then rubbed them. You were making fun of Asians.
  5. Supreme Court Prohibits Mobile Phone Robocalls To Collect Federal Debt
  6. Supreme Court Rules State 'Faithless Elector' Laws Constitutional
  7. Which L.A. Neighborhoods Are Best—and Worst—at Wearing Masks? @Tank is a rebel.
  8. Suspected case of bubonic plague in China's Inner Mongolia The trifecta!
  9. Just got back from Vegas for the 4th. Here are my takeaways For a 4th, Vegas was pretty dead. Had breakfast at a local breakfast restaurant. Masks everywhere, they took out a ton of tables, and all tables were a good 6 feet from each other. Booths were every other. I'd say they were at 25% seating capacity of what they normally are at. Bellagio on Friday, barely anyone in there. No temperature checks. They had partitions on tables, and just turned off machines so that you couldn't play them. standard layout and occupancy. Venetian also on Friday. More people than Bellagio. They checked temperature when you came in, masks everywhere. no partitions on tables and turned off machines so that you couldn't play them. standard layout and occupancy. Strip itself on Friday. We drove down the strip. It was dead. Usually there would be tons of people walking in the morning when it's cooler, especially between hotels. Saw barely anyone walking. Southpoint on Sunday. They didn't take temperatures in the morning when we got there, but there was someone doing it later. tables were 3 people per. And machines were turned off. standard layout and occupancy. Silverton. Hotel we stayed at. I was actually impressed with them. 2 entrances only, manned 24 hours a day to check temperature. Masks on all the time, except when drinking/smoking. Everyone I saw would take a sip and put the mask back on. If you didn't have a mask one was provided, and compliance was pretty high. I didn't see anyone without a mask. Security or anyone working there got on anyone without a mask pretty quick. I.E. I saw the cocktail waitress reminding people to put their mask on. Pool area was the only place you didn't have to wear a mask. They had a security guard there counting how many people were in the pool, and limiting/preventing more from going in. Pool chairs were spread out. Housekeeping doesn't do daily room cleanings. Casino wise, 3 people per table. Tables were spread out. No turned off machines. They actually took effort to spread out the machines into carousels, so that no one was sitting next to each other, and distance between carousels were a good distance. All the restaurants had tables spread apart, and only every other booth was open. No buffet. Sportsbook was also only 2 per row, when it used to be 4 seats per row. Rumor is, casinos are closing back up this week though. At least that's what one of our friends who works at Bellagio was told. Drive wise, was a breeze for a holiday weekend. Made both ends of the trip in under 4 hours.
  10. They aren't even in the bubble yet. NBA announces 9 more positive COVID-19 tests among players
  11. Disney World’s Stupid ‘Athlete Bubble’ Is Already Contaminated NBA isn't going to happen. Rumors are, NHL is holding their tournament in Canada. Probably a smart move in light of how things are going in the States.
  12. In the LA area, they have stopped quite a few. Quite a few threats on facebook, later caught with a gun. Or trying to bring a gun onto campus.
  13. Yup. One school shooting away before the my poor kids comes out.