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  1. The way I look at the draft Rakell Terry Lundestrom Steel Jones Volkov ???? I'm almost thinking the 7th is Henrique. I know he is in the doghouse, but he's still one of our leading scorers. I think if he's available, the Kraken take him. Defense is where it gets tough. I'd go this route, because if you are in a rebuild, you protect the young, not old. And Fowler above the others, because he's the only one that has shown he could actually skate out of the zone. Fowler Larsson Mahura And I think you have to go 7/3 a
  2. Are you going through a VPN? Heck, it could be the tv, it could be the internet connection within your house (depending on if it's wired vs not wired), router, etc. Part of the problem with sports, is it's live. There is no buffer like movies and tv shows. With movies and tv shows, it will download as much as it can to create a buffer. So that when your internet goes wonky, you won't see any difference because you will start going into the already downloaded content. With sports, there is no such buffer, so when your internet or the feed or the Rona trying to eat your cables happen
  3. Question is, whoever buys it, will they keep up the quality of the previous guys? Thing I liked about arclight, sound and picture quality were always top notch. Tickets were probably 2x what AMC was. But the other benefit of the high prices were it kept out the teens and kids and even younger adults. Really kept it to the snobby I'm here to watch the movie I'll be quiet types. Also, since the Culver City rent prices were kind of leaked, they calculated how much yearly rent was for the Culver location. $2 million. And you look at all the Arclight locations, they are all in hi
  4. 6 out of 6.8 million doses. I remember when people were getting severe allergic reactions to vaccines, and dying, and it was phrased as within statistical norms. Those were the dark ages of 2020. Oh, and Cals. Women.
  5. Nice shutout by Stolarz. He better watch out, he might be auditioning for the Kraken.
  6. Well, that was quite a good first period. Comtois is looking like Perry with all his goals around the net. And that Russian is trying to make a statement that he's an everyday player.
  7. Problem is, our RH are Drysdale, Shattenkirk, and Manson. 2 of which absolutely suck.
  8. Wow, this one sucks. Not surprising though, considering things have been shut down for over a year. Arclight Cinemas And Pacific Theatres Won’t Be Reopening; Parent Company Decurion Hands Keys Back To Landlords
  9. Southern California's 6 pack of peaks, from Mt. Baldy. In this photo, The right peak is Iron Mountain (not one of the 6 packs). Off in the distance to the left, it's hard to see but that is Mt. Wilson. The highest peak in the middle is Cucamonga Peak. To the right of there, the highest peak in that flat section in the middle is Ontario Peak. This one is kind of hard to see. But in the distance. Right center, way off in the distance is Jacinto Peak. If you follow that left to the big peak, that is the highest peak in Southern California Mt. Gorgonio. If y
  10. Latest Hike. San Antonio. AKA Mt. Baldy. Will post a video later.
  11. So what I found on Fleury. This trade does seem like a solid one, even though I was high on Hakanpaa. When he was drafted. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2106231-haydn-fleury-prospect-profile-for-carolina-hurricanes-1st-round-pick 2019. https://cardiaccane.com/2019/01/31/carolina-hurricanes-should-move-haydn-fleury/ 2020. https://cardiaccane.com/2020/06/24/canes-haydn-fleury-will-earn-top-spot-against-new-york-rangers/ https://www.canescountry.com/2020/8/16/21371243/carolina-hurricanes-haydn-fleury-rod-brindamour-stanley-cup-playoffs
  12. Yeah, that's a pretty big fail on the chicks part. I'm sure the US will be calm tonight.
  13. And the finale is probably one of the best, complete, absolutely perfect endings. You definitely won't get to the end, and think they should have done this, or this was just lame.
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