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  1. A 15-Vehicle Crash On An Alabama Highway Has Left 9 Children Dead Horrible.
  2. I wonder if the downward trend is going to continue to past June 25th? Ethereum faces largest ever options expiry as bears appear to dominate
  3. Home in Englewood quadruple murder owned by CPD officer
  4. In the no shit news of the day. Although the video does reinforce everything we have suspected. Stores seeing spike in shoplifting
  5. Nice pics. Except for the 100 when it's still dusk part. I'm actually holding off my hikes for a few weeks because it's getting to be in the 90's in the foothills. Although a early early morning hike does sound good.
  6. @arch stanton does bring up a good point regarding the #3 pick, and no Zegras or Drysdale. So let's look at the #3, Steel, Silfverberg angle. #3 would be no Zegras or Drysdale. Steel is young, and promising. But Zegras/Comtois/Terry. Eichel/Ludestrom/Rakell. Getzlaf or Henrique/Volkov/Jones. nowhere for him to really play. Silfverberg. Eichel is owed 6 years/$9 million per. Silfverberg is owed 3 years/$5.25 million. So I'm kind of warming up to this idea. Probably needs one more player. Lindholm? That would actually then even out the salary for this year. Would give Buffalo someone they could flip for a pick and prospect. Would help the Ducks out in preventing BM from doing something stupid like protecting Silfverberg and Lindholm in the expansion draft.
  7. Dear Abbey: Grading Your Jack Eichel Trade Proposals RE: Ducks. Not sure I like giving up the 3rd overall with his neck injury. 2nd round maybe though. I'm good with Steel and Silfverberg though. Even though I do like Steel, but the way it's working out, he has nowhere to really play.
  8. Ducks are going to do something stupid instead of letting them have a junk veteran. NHL GMS REPORTEDLY SHOCKED AT SEATTLE'S ASK TO PROTECT PLAYERS IN EXPANSION DRAFT
  9. Ugg. Not a rumor I wanted to hear. PER FRIEDMAN, DUCKS HEAVILY PURSUING EICHEL; SOME MAJOR YOUNG PIECES COULD BE INVOLVED I swear, if we trade the #3 and one of Zegras or Drysdale. I might become a Knights fan.
  10. Once she entered, should have shot her ass.
  11. Wait till he gets his bill. ‘Woke up sweating’: Texas power companies remotely raise temperatures on people using their smart thermostats
  12. A Man Was Executed For An Alleged Crime When He Was A Teen. More Saudis Could Follow
  13. That's all right St1ck. I get you, unlike the heathen.
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