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  1. Such a perfectly titled Tdawg thread. Might as well lock it now, it's like the kids fingerpainted over a Da Vinci.
  2. And another blown lead. Yay. At least we got a point.
  3. They are entering the 20th century and putting in rail finally.
  4. It's like the crazy train of stadiums. At least though, this one is privately funded, so the taxpayers aren't on the hook for it. Anaheim should pay attention. Cost of L.A. stadium has mushroomed
  5. You know it's a bad law when the CA supreme court even washes their hands of it. California high court strikes down state law targeting Trump tax returns
  6. Steyer, Gabbard and Yang shut out of early minutes of Democratic debate
  7. It stuns me that @Spirit hasn't linked the nude chick in Santa Clarita that crashed and killed her two kids.
  8. Dang, at this rate, the Derby will need more than it's 20 starting gate slots.
  9. If Biden were 10-15 years younger, the #metoo movement would eat him for lunch. He'd no longer be the "oh he's from an older generation and that's just the way he is" perv, and become associated with Epstein type perv.
  10. This should be fun to watch. Considering their last money grab for the kids went down in flames.
  11. Well Duh. We are on a site called Angelswin.
  12. So you are a pawn of the Chinese, 同志.
  13. Get out the popcorn. US Senate unanimously passes Hong Kong rights bill, sending legislation to House
  14. Nearly All Mass Shooters Since 1966 Have Had 4 Things in Common