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  1. Sell sell sell!!! Angels shit the bed against every good team, especially in the division. They are going nowhere but mediocrity again.
  2. Make sure the vote passed. I will never do it again
  3. I was 100% sober when writing that post, however definitely delirious from 5.5 hours of that shit.
  4. Recently there has been a ton of crazy shit happening with our school board. First, a super rich guy ran for one of the spots and spent more on a school board campaign than the state congress people spend. He won and then started a campaign to impeach the rest of the school board so they could completely take it over. All because they didn't like making the kids wear masks. That same group now started going on about Critical Race Theory and that the teachers are liberals that don't like people who aren't. All of that leads to today's normally irrelevant board meeting where they approve the budget that was already drafted by them but with public comment. Normally 30 minutes, it went on for 5.5 hours. The first woman that got up, said, and I am not making this up, "the budget includes $42k for blacksmith consulting, proof right there that they teach critical race theory. Our tax money is going to that, think about it" - Actually, shop being remodeled, it includes equipment and installation. It got crazier. We had the voter fraud accusation for the budget vote, "kids are voting and people are voting double". We had the birther - accusations that one of the board members didn't live in the district. We had the middle aged woman get up and tell them all that if they want leadership, they wont find it within themselves. The antimask guy with the fake news accusations said one of the meanest things I've heard not on television. "Matt(principal), when i emailed you about masks, you responded that it was not up to you but the county, well I checked and the guy making the policy has a computer science degree (lol, how funny would it be if this dude thought he was researching the guy making the guidance and instead was researching the guy that published it to the website), that is who you are listening to, but I don't even blame you, I blame the board because it is up to them to put someone competent in charge" But still with all of that, the whole thing opened up with the masterpiece, the Mona Lisa, the blacksmith.
  5. You mean the guy that is widely acknowledged as the greatest PBP guy ever is the gold standard? Don't think Waltz is losing any sleep over not comparing to him, lol.
  6. Angels found their guy, he is excellent. Doesn't do the fake excitement crap that Vasgersian and Sutton did. Excellent TV voice and strong knowledge. Also gets along well with Gubi.
  7. Arte is such a disgrace, he really needs to sell this team.
  8. For the last five years of his Angels career he had to be one of the top 3 worst managers in baseball.
  9. This is for the best, he was really awful. Way too much of a homer and lots of dead air. He acted like the Angels were the best team in baseball for every single play even when they were down by several runs. The Trojan is just as bad, hopefully he can go back to ESPN or MLB or wherever he is from too.
  10. Still not at all bothered by this. The moron that came after him was just as bad, but nobody could possibly be worse.
  11. Does he know your parents are also cousins?
  12. Fixing pitching through free agency is pretty much impossible. Both starters and pen. You can maybe add one piece to shore things up, but you can't fix the gigantic gap the Angels have in both the rotation and the pen. You can't even really do it via trade because the cost is going to be too high. It is the same crap we have been dealing with for a long time now. Angels stopped developing pitchers, either because any talent was traded away, bad draft strategy, bad org management, or all of the above. It is another reason that it sucks the Angels have been in this playoff purgatory for so many years. Not high enough in the draft order to get the baseball equivalent of a sure thing, but also not making the playoffs. IMO it still all goes back to the Reagins era and then Dipoto finishing it off. Any young pitching talent was traded away, and scouting and player development were "overhauled" to be much worse.
  13. I was tempted to say buying a back of the pen type with control isn't bad either, but the nature of relievers is so finicky it just doesn't make sense.
  14. Sellers. I think you have to look at Oakland and Houston in division and think it is unlikely to overtake one of them, and then look at the AL East. Only time you buy now is if you get a chance at a top of the rotation pitcher with multiple years of control.
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