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  1. No, but I would love to. Just with modified golf rules, like unlimited mulligans and a pallet of golf balls. It is a beautiful course. There are a bunch of nice courses nearby with the exposed lake breeze that can be a real asshole.
  2. It is like $1/month for 50gb storage and 5/month for 3tb or something. It shares with the family. the 3tb is included in the apple one + family thing if you end up getting that, although unless you will use fitness+ and apple tv the sub isnt worth it.
  3. We got the same, although I have the 12 512 and I don't even use 100gb of storage with spotify and icloud now. Will probably save and buy a smaller storage option next time.
  4. IMO if you are part of the apple ecosystem, it is nice to have the iPhone just because everything integrates so well. Ultimately it is all personal preference. We got an iPhone 13 for my wife, arrives today. I have a 12 so expecting it to be pretty similar. I have no complaints, occasionally come across an app that might be android only, but my understanding is that there are apps that are ios only as well. I think no matter what you are pretty covered.
  5. Couldn't get tickets, waited in their queue forever and the only thing available were like full week VIP things for $6500 each minimum of two. Tried finding tickets for my dad and I over the last month and everything was just insanely expensive, and then my dad had hip surgery last week. Short answer, no, and I am really sad about it. Watching on TV just makes me want to be there more.
  6. Scherzer is the best pitcher of this generation by a pretty decent clip. Would have loved to have him on the Angels but his next contract will certainly not be worth it.
  7. When I saw the pitching staff going into spring training.
  8. nate


    never ended up getting a new one. got a racing rig instead
  9. I will be happy if we never see Thaiss on the big league team again.
  10. I remember that one time he pitched well, and then the next five games where the shrunk into an out of control pantywaste that was afraid to throw strikes.
  11. Sell sell sell!!! Angels shit the bed against every good team, especially in the division. They are going nowhere but mediocrity again.
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