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  1. Dombrowski would be a disaster IMO. He absolutely demolished the Tigers and Red Sox. There is nothing that indicates that Scoscia A) has interest and B) has the ability to do the job. The Angels should have kept Eppler, and Carpino should be gone, but really none of it matters because scumbag Arte furloughed so much of the scouting and development staff that whomever takes over will be completely screwed.
  2. @Glen @SlappyUtilityMIF contrats, you win nothing because I am a stingy asshole and I don't care about you
  3. You don't have to try very hard against the Angels bullpen.
  4. I hope so. I think Detmers could even be here next season. Relief pitching needs to be addressed too.
  5. It doesn't matter because even with 100m to spend you can't fix pitching. Only way to do it is to grow guys in the farm and then just fill small holes with FA. Top that off with the Angels really hoping for continued performances from Walsh, Ward and Stassi. Just face it, this team will not be a contender until the farm produces more pitching.
  6. A bit harsh on Canning. Remember even Weave was real up and down his first couple years. Canning is still young, I think he will be at least a solid middle of the rotation pitcher for the Angels.
  7. I have a Ridge wallet too but keep it in my back pocket
  8. Can't blame him at all, no reason to risk injury or Covid in a lost season.
  9. My guess is Gardner and Wainwright make it because they are media darlings and/or Yankees.
  10. Future Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer
  11. After DeChambeau's meltdown with the rules officials a few weeks ago I always root against him. Reed is just a cheater and an asshole. If Wolff wins, I am happy for him, still would rather see X-man or one of the other vets win.
  12. Some of the putts that these guys have to make are insane. I love it.
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