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  1. Yeah, losing Payne Stewart was definitely tragic.
  2. Great article here. I had really enjoyed his detail segments on ESPN+ and having a 12 year old daughter, I also really appreciated how much of an ambassador for women he was, especially female athletes.
  3. Please keep personal attacks out of this thread as well as attacks toward the deceased. Had to hide too many comments here
  4. what? Anyway, F the Astros so hard.
  5. This sucks so much, Kobe was the Mike Trout of the Lakers once Magic retired. Nobody was more electrifying and exciting to watch.
  6. Trump is so pre-occupied with winning his little tiff with Iran he is underplaying the 34 traumatic brain injuries suffered by our soldiers. Good job Evangelicals, Jesus is so proud!
  7. Plenty of everyone didn't vote.
  8. Judge people by their actions, not their words
  9. probably should re-think the cult you are a part of
  10. His biggest base are evangelicals, they absolutely love him. Basically being an evangelical means you are a morally bankrupt, xenophobic, violent homophobe
  11. Evangelicals love criminals that brag.
  12. There needs to be more elite pitchers that feel disrespected instead of all these position players.
  13. I am absolutely blown away by how many people on this forum believe that it is not an abuse of power for a President to threaten to withhold foreign aid to a country unless they open an investigation into one of his political opponents.
  14. Again, this is the country that had the most 9/11 terrorists.