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  1. His status as an oft-injured starting pitcher seems to make him an obvious choice for the Angels.
  2. Way too early for a big trade. Wouldn't happen until the owners meetings
  3. It also drives up the price of the remaining pitchers though. The demand is > than the supply
  4. Angels really missed out on this one.
  5. When it comes to FA and off season trades, parsing the words of GMs, agents and players is utterly pointless, they are not going to play their hands. The negotiations happening are completely private and at this point extremely preliminary. GMs are not going to give away their strategy, they are going to say things like they are "casting a wide net." They have a plan and a host of contingencies when the plan doesn't happen. Agents and reporters are going to report insane numbers that they are asking for. Players are going to answer questions as if they are politicians "I love the west coast, I also love the east coast, midwest and the south!" Do yourself a favor and relax. The words that are spoken have absolutely no impact on anything. Just like "turning the page" or "one game at a time," the only thing that matters are the results, and we wont really know the off season results until spring training and if it worked until the end of the next season.
  6. Nothing big will happen until the owners meetings.
  7. Cubs have a nice stable of catchers as well.
  8. To me the most incredible thing isn't even the phone call with Ukraine. It is that the president's personal lawyer is completely circumventing the state department and representing the president when it comes to foreign policy. That is the pinnacle of corruption IMO.
  9. Hey, it was an unbearable sacrifice to fake shin splints to avoid the draft.
  10. Going to be a lot of dudes having angry sex with their cousin under their MAGA blankets tonight in Alabama.
  11. I don't think anyone expected FA to move quickly.