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  1. It was unlikely Bernie was ever going to be in a position to force a brokered convention, even if he stayed in. That is why people were asking him to drop out. The big question is going to be if he continues to be the petulant narcissist he has been or if he will dial down the attacks and unite behind Biden. The Bernie Bros are the Trump supporters of the left, they will do everything they can to sabotage Biden.
  2. I voted absentee, our Mayor asked us to switch to absentee early, before all the chaos really broke out
  3. Yeah, I know, and the editor in chief got blasted by 200 evangelical leaders. So either Evangelicals are morally bankrupt and selfish like their leaders, or they are too milquetoast to pick better leaders.
  5. No, but Evangelical leaders are Republicans.
  6. Just pointing out Christians obsession with Trump and his corrupt policies. Yeah, lets think, blue states have all delayed their elections for the safety of their residents. The Republicans in WI aka Evengelical leaders, fought against delaying the election. Nice try though with the "they all do it argument"
  7. It is true, there are only 5. Here is one of the local news anchors talking about it.
  8. Evangelicals love spreading deadly viruses and voter suppression.
  9. CJ Wilson was a girl and walked at least a few batters on four pitches.
  10. Wrong dude buddy. And I make sure to remind everyone what Evangelicals support since they are the main portion of Trump's base.
  11. Evangelicals are all about revenge against people who do the right thing.
  12. I would think most of them came with STL and Houston. The AL being the ideal league to get a lot of PH opportunities...
  13. I remember seeing Bourjos get at least two hits.