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  1. 60/162 = .37. 87*.37=32 wins. Should be enough for the playoffs.
  2. I doubt we see Adell this year. No reason to play him in a condensed year.
  3. Should just have one extra inning and then let the game end in a tie. Baseball plays so many games it is pretty ridiculous to have extra innings IMO.
  4. Also, look at these pictures and besides how white Trump supporters are, what else do you notice?
  5. Outdoors vs indoors, it is a pretty simple concept.
  6. Another GOP talking point failure, the protests are not causing a spike in covid.
  7. Just giving this some extra bandwidth Also rude as hell posting that gif @calscuf
  8. While the GOP are jerking off to statues of George Wallace...
  9. you confederate flag and statue people are really interesting to me. It represents people that kidnapped and enslaved hundreds of thousands of people and were fighting to be able to continue doing it. imagine if Germany still flew the Nazi flag because of "heritage"
  10. except they are also cancelling the funding to the states
  12. Trump using actual Nazi symbols for his campaign now. Trump nutswingers will... ignore it like they ignore everything else.