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  1. First one of Trump's lawyers being sued by Dominion admitted in her deposition that you had to be really stupid to believe the lies she was making about the election, and now Ted Nugent proving that Republicans really just are that stupid.
  2. Also important to not have a deadweight (Ausmus) or a neanderthal (Scioscia) at manager that can actually work with the information.
  3. This is one of those threads where you are happy to see you never posted in
  4. Lets be honest, the Angels haven't had a good pen since Scot Shields retired. Then again, the Angels haven't had any good pitching since then.
  5. I heard it form someone else, haven't verified. Articles I have read just say that Sutton will call the majority of the games.
  6. So Vasgersian is only doing 50 Angels games? Is it just a temporary thing and he goes full time next year?
  7. Really stoked that they are keeping Gubi, was worried. He does a really good job.
  8. Ready to build a new computer but parts are so hard to come by right now, ive been on newegg the second new stock drops and by the time i add to cart it is already sold out. If anyone comes across a 3080 or 3090 at retail and a 5950X hit me up.
  9. Kazmir signs deal after five year absence Sadly, the Giants got to him before the Angels could...
  10. Arte is a scumbag, just sell the team already.
  11. The Asus ZenWifi AX mesh is the best there is IMO https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B083Q45V1V/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  12. That would be a full 100 point increase in winning percentage over last year. How have they gotten any better? Seems to me like they have gotten worse if anything.
  13. Third seems pretty optimistic to me. I see the Angels Ceiling at about 75 wins. Seems like 4th is more likely.
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