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  1. Damn, I had Ohtani for the 17th of September on my Angels Injury Bingo card
  2. Hard to choose between 1986 and 1995. The only time I ever stopped following was like the last week or so of the 1995 season and, as mentioned, at least 1986 ended with a division championship (though I couldn't bring myself to watch a recap of the season or read/watch anything about those '86 playoff games until after they won it in '02), it was just the playoffs that were disappointing.
  3. I hope that is not a recurring problem
  4. We've been promised the hitting will outscore what the pitching gives up before. Never seems to work out that way.
  5. What this team needs is....more MLB caliber players.
  6. You do you. As for me, I will take what I can get, and enjoy it.
  7. That flute guy who played for Oakland. I think they called him Nectarine.
  8. Spring training in late June/early July. Play July through October. Then playoffs. Playing 75 games at 6 a week would be 15 weeks. Play 6 games a week, that would take 12-13 weeks to play 75 games. No make-ups. Try to keep playoffs playing too deep into November.
  9. 1. keep the 3 divisions per league, 5 teams per division. 2. teams play 60 games in division, five 3 game series against each other opponent, 2 home, 3 away-or vice versa, and 15 games out of division. 3. since there are 5 teams per division, they obv can't play all games within the division without weird days off. 4. so, each team plays a 3 game series against the other league's same division (al west plays nl west etc.). 5. each league gets 6 playoff teams, 3 division winners and 3 wildcards. 6. top 2 division winners in each league get a bye and the other 4 teams in each league play off in a 3 or 5 game series 7. remaining 4 teams in each league playoff in 7 game series 8. world series
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