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  1. I'm guessing the thought behind that is that once a starter has been pulled, the relievers rarely stay in long enough to get an AB. Not saying I agree with it, just that it seems like what they might be thinking.
  2. In 2018 Cahill was better than both Bundy and Teheran in 2019. Harvey wasn't. I exaggerated a little bit but not much. This lead me to do a bit more research on Teheran. In 2019 he had seven games where here gave up five or more ER (two of those were in his last three games). He had 20 games where he gave up 2 ER or less. I can see taking a shot on him and I was glad the Angels signed him. That said, my expectations are in check.
  3. I get that. However, to me our starting staff right now isn't much better than it was last season, and at the very least it has as many question marks. It looks like Heaney will be our #1 starter, we're hoping to get 100+ innings from Ohtani, and it just gets more questionable after that. I hope I'm wrong, but it looks like this season could be a repeat of last season for the starters. Terheran and Bundy could be Harvey and Cahill, or they could be a decent improvement. Sandoval could get better, but he also could flame out. Just so many question marks again, and we did sorta the same thing we did last offseason.
  4. Other than MLB network I don't listen to sports talk radio but damn, do I mss Hacksaw. Dude is a legend in my book. Fuck the haters.
  5. The players are what ultimately draws the fans into the stands. If a team lost a significant amount of their star players for an extended time, it would hurt that team's bottom line. Losing a manager and GM hurts but the team is still intact and can earn money. It's a way to be serious but not too serious.
  6. In before some dumbass says they'd rather have signed Donaldson than Rendon, because that person is a dumbass.
  7. It's 2020 and so far we've added Castro and Keller. The Reds haven't done anything this year. What team is really committed to winning?
  8. Probably #2, but since you asked a specific question with established parameters, let me now modify it... Just kidding. I hate that shit.
  9. God dammit. I was going with: This sounds like...(puts on shades)...a Wise move. YEEEAAAHHHH!