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  1. Had a couple of Zoom meetings for work but otherwise I'm officially on administrative leave for the indefinite future. More thankful than ever for my job right now.
  2. People are always dying. Circle of life.
  3. Remember when we got excited about that? That was awesome!
  4. Just to give us something to talk about. Hell, even if he picked someone off of the scrap heap it would go 12 pages. Do something, Eppler! Even if you're quarantined your phone still works.
  5. I wonder what the cutoff is for the amount of regular-season games to still have a season. For instance, would they have a season with just 60 games?
  6. Not sports-related but I just started watching "Schitt's Creek" and man, what a great show.
  7. And you're based in Seattle, where the virus is feasting. Hilarious. Try not identifying as covid-positive if you get it for more yucks.
  8. Bidets are great. Your asshole deserves one.
  9. Thanks. It's a fun job. I will say that F-35s are better. Since I'm at work right now, let me clarify that F-35s are not better.
  10. I've been waiting 10 years for this! Since I'm at work right now, let me clarify that I have not been waiting for this at all and would never compromise security.
  11. 1. Yes, people are overreacting to this but that's better than ignoring it. It's good to be concerned for others who are more susceptible to severe consequences. 2. Not for me, but my wife has diabetus so that puts her in a higher risk group. And, our Alaska cruise that we'd been planning for a while is now off the books. 3. Sorta, but I was gonna do that anyway. 4. No, I can't work from home (F-22 avionics specialist) and our base is still working. 5. Yes, of course. I'm thinking by the end of April.
  12. Was he wearing a few chains with the top jersey button unbuttoned?
  13. With Maddon as manager, you never know. It could happen.